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Nigel Farage: 'United States of Europe' Insane Politics

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Slovakia’s opposition leader says the deal to approve expanding the EU bailout fund has been reached and it will be voted in later this week. Earlier, the country’s parliament voted against it, which caused the collapse of country’s ruling coalition. Slovakia was the only member to say ‘no’ to increasing the facility, which already got the green light from 16 of the 17 Eurozone members. RT talks to British Euro MP Nigel Farage.

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2 Responses to " Nigel Farage: 'United States of Europe' Insane Politics "

  1. Ferrarello says:

    The NWO wants a world war and the rest of us as slaves before we demand the money they stole back. These leaders just pretend to be incompetent….they know exactly what they are doing.

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  2. JanB says:

    The Wall Street and London City casino surely have made huge bets on the collapse of the Euro, are profiting from “privatization” (euphemism of buying public assets for pennies on the $ like in Greece) after forcing austerity programs on innocent civilians.

    As especially in Ango-Saxon countries the politicians are bought by those casinos (like the war criminals Bush and Blair), they represent the voice of the banksters who profited from the 2008 crash and would like to profit from the crash of the EU as well. That the situation in Euroland is not what is suggested by Anglo-Saxon MSM, in this (well referenced) article:

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