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New York mayor Bloomberg lashes out at protesters

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New York : Peace group protestors and members of Occupy Wall Street stage.

The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests are gaining momentum and have spread to more than a dozen cities across the US. The protesters have come under attack by politicians, with NY mayor Michael Bloomberg claiming they are trying to destroy people’s jobs.

Helicopters and heavy police presence have been brought to keep the turmoil under control in New York. According to NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, the protests have already cost the city $2 million in extra security costs.

Raymond Kelly said that the vast majority of people protesting were peaceful, but there were groups of people who tried to charge police barricades and who “want to have a confrontation with police.”

“They’re going to be met with force when they do that,” Kelly said, as cited by DNAinfo Manhattan local news. “Physical force is going to be used. This is something this core group obviously wanted to have happen.”

Activists say they are fed up with worsening unemployment and the rule of Wall Street bankers and blame them for causing the recession.

This comes as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg severely criticized the activists and claimed that the failure of banks will only lead to more people losing their jobs.

“What they are trying to do is take away the jobs of people working in the city, take away the tax base that we have,” Bloomberg said during his weekly radio show on Friday. “We’re not going to have money to pay our municipal employees or anything else.”

Bloomberg also attacked the labor unions, which joined the protest this week, saying that “their salaries come from the taxes paid by the people they are trying to vilify.”

‘It’s all about corporate greed’

­But “Occupy Wall Street” protests are more than just a citizen standoff against the big banks.

Some of the Wall Street campaigners accuse American news outlets of peddling a view of the US that bears no resemblance to the reality lived by millions of Americans.

“People are standing up against corporations that actually run the media,” says campaigner Travis Pinion, “if there is no freedom of press there is no democracy.”

“Benito Mussolini defined fascism as a collaboration of corporations and government – welcome to America guys,” he says.


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  • JanB

    Destroying the jobs of banksters, speculators, HFT scammers and their corrupt ratings agencies would be a blessing to mankind. Mayor Bloomberg obviously favors the Wall Street casino where nothing is produced but misery for mankind at large, if just because Wall Street drives up prices (without adding any physical value), even if it causes famine.

  • WashingtonianUSA

    If our government would tax that % of Americans making over 250,000 a year at the same rate the rest of Americans are taxed, we’d be able to start coming out of debt and jobs outside of Wall Street could be created!!

    Tax that 1-15% already!!!
    Greedy bastards!!!

    • Mitchell Ennis

      My god, you have no idea what you are talking about

      • WashingtonianUSA

        Our parks, schools, roads, public officals and most of our CEO’s are paid through taxes!

        How is it that the poorest of our nation is expected to CONTINUE to support all these entities while the rich pocket what they make and most of what they make is through TAXES!!!!

        I know what I’m talking about because I WAS a middle class American that now fits into the level of POVERTY!!

        Tax the rich as the rest of the nation is taxed.
        How is that not fair??!! The breaks they were given did NOT create jobs, they took those jobs to foreign countries for cheap labor and then allowed a flood of illegal immigrants in to fill our labor jobs for a cheaper wage than we’ve fought for to get them at a livable wage!!!

    • Sovereign

      Taxing the “rich” who make a mere 250K combined is NOTHING with todays dollar devaluation!

      It’s because of NAFTA and GATT, along with the removal of Glas-Steagal that has caused all of this. That coupled with the bullshit banker bailouts, which are all part of the same system that now controls the government and white house is the reason for the rising prices. The exporting of millions of jobs to China, India and other counties is where most of the American Jobs have gone and THAT is why people are protesting Wall Street.

      Obama got more donations from Wall Street than any other candidate. So while the lying mainstream media tries to tell people that it’s Obama’s failed policies that are to blame, that has nothing to do with it as these things were started in motion long before Obama got into the White house.

      Presidents control nothing and are merely front men puppets for those who really control things behind the scenes, the shadow government of corporations, bankers and wealthy elite who are all at the core, illumaniti Satan worshipers. Stop spewing media talking points in an attempt to “sound smart”.

      That solution is like telling the Captain of the sinking Titanic, we don’t need to repair the whole, just increase the voltage on the pumps to pump out more water and we’ll be fine. It’s a very tiny band-aid at BEST that merely buys a few more minutes while ignoring the multi-layered real problem!

  • Epitaph

    It is a shame, the smear campaign that is being waged on the movement. Read the new ebook, “American Epitaph”, if you would like some true incite into where the movement is from, and why it exists in the first place. The book changed my life.

  • Baron Gifilte

    The learned scholars of Oxford in both town and gown say that these positions of spending another peoples money take the form of a Round Robin within the ethnicity that is highlighted by the likes of Bloomberg.

    They seek to own more of Oxford,driving out the shoppers is one technique,withdrawing the provision of public conveniences was a noticeable technique for seizing control,they employ others of course such as favourable and unfavorable contracts.

  • Mitchell Ennis

    Thee people need to be protesting in Washington. The policies of the present administration are whats destroying any recovery of our economic system.
    Greed is present in every part of Government, corporations and individuals. Nothing is immune, that is why its one of the 7 deadly sins.
    Get to washington, tell our criminal in chief to step down with his administration and find a president that understands business rather than handoouts.
    Companies that employ people are supporting this country, not the government.

    • WashingtonianUSA

      Most of those people probably can’t AFFORD to protest in Washington DC!!!

      You are very much out of touch with reality or at least the reality of what is taking place in the USA!!!

      We have several companies that do NOT support this country because MANY of them hire illegal immigrants thereby NOT paying taxes or bothering with American CITIZENS!! Other companies have CLOSED down or MOVED to foreign countries!!

      TAXPAYERS support this country!!!!

      • Mitchell Ennis

        Well if they can spend day after day in NYC, first they are probably unemplyed second if they can’t afford to protest how can they be protesting.
        THAT IS MY POINT. By the way I live in rural upstate NY in a county where the average income is 30,000 per year. I have three children and a wife in graduate sdhool. The protesting in NYC is just going to increase ny NYS taxes to pay for the extra cops needed. If you think I don’t know what its like in this country you are mistaken.

        • WashingtonianUSA

          The problem is across our entire nation!!

          All those bailouts to the banks are from funds taxpayers pay or are expected to pay into further generations!

          Don’t you see that the banks are ripping the nation off beginning with the loans on homes that shouldn’t have been lent all the way down to the newly added fees to access our own money via bank cards!!

          Meanwhile those bankers/CEO’s are raking in millions they don’t pay taxes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WashintonianUSA

      Actually our president does understand business and he’s supporting those businesses that rake in the most money, specifically wars, banks and oil!

      Google the 10 most profitable companies in the USA and you’ll find they ALL have something to do with supplying wars. The emphasis for the current war we’ve been engaged in for the last 12 years is all about controlling their major resource (oil). Funds are being cut to support the bailouts of banks in the area of tapping into our own resources like the windmills that began going up, so those banks can stay open.

      Meanwhile people like you refuse to see how that 1-15% of the nation not paying into our system via taxes at the SAME rate the rest of us are is literally draining Americans!!

      A civil war here would only create MORE funds for those already profitting off wars via the private armed forces Bush initiated which literally took jobs from OUR men and women in the military!!

      We don’t have enough public servants/cops to control the #’s literally being screwed and IF the rich would step to the plate, the protests would end.. or rather if Obama MADE them, the protest would end and funds would be available to create more jobs and stay on the agenda he promised during elections!!!

      Instead our rights to voice our opinions and anguish are being shut down and our real journalist are being murdered.. all so the rich can keep as much as they can while the common person becomes a literal slave!!!!!

  • WashingtonianUSA

    Oh, so continuing to tax the poorest of our nation is okay but leave the rich alone.

    This country survives on taxpayers!!!
    Our roads, public officials and yes, our programs for the poor are ALL paid through TAXES!!!!

    Call them “handouts” but it’s the way most of American runs.. on TAXES!!!!

    • Mitchell Ennis

      Our corporate tax is the 2nd highest in the world, second only to Japan. Are you suggesting that we raise it somemore?. That would be the best way to keep jobs in this country?
      As you know you can’t keep borrowing 1.5 trillion+ every year and stay afloat.
      Have you not noticed in the last two years what has happened to the value of the dollar? Do you buy anything, food, gas etc.
      Stupid failed liberal handouts (Solardyne for example). This is what has been happening, because our government is being run by idiots that don’t give a damn about the people they represent.
      Government is the problem, protest in Washington not on Wall Street

      • WashingtonianUSA

        That is the tax paid to have a corporation here, not the taxed amount on wages the CEO’s of those companies and others make! Those tax issues are two different issues! I agree that tax amount to establish businesses here should be lowered NOT to confuse it with the WAGE amount the CEO’s are making!!

        The “value” of our dollar is nil and has been for several years now, it’s a RESERVE NOTE with absolutely no value created by the private bankers of this nation! It’s ONLY value is the amount of TAXES being paid into our system by the common wage earner!

        IF the 15-99% quit paying taxes, this country would cease to exist!! The PEOPLE are the colleral behind that Reserve Note and as such, we should ALL be paying the same % tax on wages earned as we ALL already pay that same food, gas, etc. tax!!

  • Baron Gifilte

    You Federal Reserve notes are actually fraud,we are all caught up in their fraud as they ARE the bad apple.

    • WashingtonianUSA

      The fraud didn’t begin in the USA, it began in England through corrupt bankers (or the “elite”) who made their way here and on into other countries.

      Those printing the reserve note here are doing the same thing to other nations as well, it simply is called something other than a reserve note yet is administered the same way.

      The whole federal reserve system came in under fraudulent means and many of our past presidents fought against it and were assisinated for their efforts.

      This is the beginning of the NWO mentioned by Bush Sr and spoken of in a speech by JFK!!

      • JanB

        The fraud began much earlier, with the issuance of debt based fiat money. It is created out of nothing, when someone needs a loan. That requires payment of interest which has to be created out of nothing as well. The Ponzi scheme keeps running as long as there’s a growing demand for loans. It’s why the religion of modern economics also requires eternal population growth. But in a scenario where resource depletion starts to bite, there’s no interest in loans and subsequently the debt based (Ponzi) system starts to collapse. Of course all those banksters knew damn well in advance that was coming (it’s their investment job) hence it’s likely the 2008 crash was an inside job, to be repeated because the banksters were nicely rewarded with taxpayer’s money. Concise history of fiat currency:

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