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Mars: Consider yourself at home

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The population is due to hit 10 billion in just a few decades, bringing thoughts of colonizing a new planet.

On October 31, Earth’s 7-billionth inhabitant was born. The population is due to hit 10 billion in just a few decades, bringing thoughts of colonizing a new planet. But which one? Mercury is too hot; Pluto is too cold. Mars? That’ll do nicely.

As the population of Earth passes the seven billion mark, some have suggested the Red Planet as a replacement for our current blue one. However in these times of tightening purse strings, the cost of getting to Mars could be a problem.

“A one-man expedition to Mars and back would cost, it is safe to say, 100 billion roubles,” says Igor Lisov, an expert from the Cosmonautics News magazine. “Preparing for these flights would cost about 30 or 50 times more than a two-way ticket. In other words, we are talking about colossal expenses.”

Regardless of the price, those who have been into space say the time is right for mankind to boldly go where no-one has gone before.

“Everybody realizes that it is time to reach out and explore the universe beyond low-Earth orbit,” says NASA astronaut Mark Polansky. “We have for many years – ten years at least – been on the International Space Station in low-Earth orbit which is very close, and we haven’t been anywhere else with people since the lunar landings which ended in 1972.”

There is no shortage of takers to be the first to set foot on Mars, and wannabe Red Planet trail-blazers have started their training young.

Sergey Davitaia is still just a teenager, but he is putting in the hard yards in the hope that he can help create a potential new home for humanity millions of kilometers away.

“I want to be the first to travel to Mars and to other planets as well – to the moons of Jupiter or Saturn,” Davitaia says. “They say we can live there in the future.”

We are still a long way from science fiction becoming science fact with humans setting up home on the surface of Mars. Even if we put the huge cost of a Martian settlement to one side, there are some serious hurdles to overcome. Not least, we have no idea if life existed there previously, and if it did, whether whatever killed it off could be dangerous to us.

And why should we even think about finding a new home?

“Earth’s resources are finite, therefore we will eventually have to either restrain population and production growth, risking losing both, or we find footholds on other planets no matter how much it costs us,” explains Igor Lisov.

With the retirement of NASA’s space shuttle, the only way for people to get into space at the minute is the Russian Soyuz rocket. Currently, with the science available, our chances of a global relocation any time soon are pretty much zero.

However, tucked away in central Moscow, the Mars 500 project is simulating the effects a mission to Mars would have on a crew in search of a new home.

“There is one obvious reason why the experiment has been so popular,” explains Igor Ushakov from the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems.“The world is still a place for dreamers who dream of exciting projects that unite people – international projects.”

As it stands, we might have to simply learn to deal with the soaring global population. But young Sergey will keep on training hard in the hope that he can bring the dream of a new, inter-planetary home a little closer to becoming a concrete reality.


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4 Responses to " Mars: Consider yourself at home "

  1. Franklin says:

    Maybe there is no need to worry about the population, aliens have an agenda to depopulate the earth. Many believe it has already started.

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  2. Matej says:

    Aliens are demons – http://www.jeffersonscott.com/nonfiction/ufos.htm

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  3. Shadowhand18 says:

    Aliens are not demons for these beings are purely man made by our primitive ancient ancestors. I am sorry, but the heavens and hells often mention by falsely taught individuals and the christian religions have not and do not exist. There is only the fine material world and billions of spirit forms when you die. You have the choice to return to earth in a newly created body, or stay in the fine material world were you will learn and evolve further in knowledge. Everything thought and action you have in this life, is a prerequisite of what your next incarnation will be.

    There is not an alien agenda to take over earth, for if this was the case earth would have been theirs long ago. This outrageous claim is also man made and created out of fear like many who believe the world is going to end. The world is not going to end because by the time mother earth starts to die out, it will happen when our sun burns out in the next 5.6 billions years from now and we all would have made homes on other planets and solar systems and mastered interstellar and dimensional space flight (The preliminary actions are set in motion as we speak).

    Millions of years ago, there was once life on Mars. These beings destroyed themselves by warring, disease, and other forms of degradation just like here on earth. Some of these beings came to earth to repopulate, most of them ventured out but the most incredible thing that man has not understood and refused to understand due to idiocy is that THESE BEINGS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE US. They do not eat kids, they do not want earth, they do not wish to impregnate our women, and they do not want to destroy the human population for their history is strongly tied to our planet just as our ancient history is integrated within theirs.

    By a natural unbreakable rule of creation, each spirit form who dies on this planet has to incarnate back into human form. Many other worldly humans died here and are now incarnated back in human form they just don’t know it (There are many who are full aware). These beings are us, and we are them so fearing them would mean that you fear your fellow brothers and sisters of mankind.

    These words are not meant to cause a conflict in your beliefs, but they are meant to help you get rid of the foolish ideology that is shared by many in the world today. Good luck guys and remember there is nothing to fear but your own ignorance.

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  4. Richard says:

    Now we are being told that alien life most likely lived underground on Mars, so says NASA……..to read

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