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Lukashenko set to build "Qatari island" in Belarus

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In addition to the so-called “Qatari island”, the new Belarus’ friends from the East would be given Kastrychnitskae and Petrykauskae potassium salts deposit, an iron ore deposit, land and much more.

Charter97.org website has got at its disposal a protocol of Lukashenka’s instructions following his visit to Qatar on August 15-16. The document is intended for the “Official Use Only”.

Thus, until October 31 2011 the borders of the land parcels for “Qatari Island” in Belarus should be defined, and a memorandum of understanding on realization of this project should be prepared. The project is supervised by the National bank and a private unitary enterprise “Tekhnologii upravleniya” (“Management techniques”), who are ordered to prepare a legal framework for setting up for set up zones “with maximally favourable regime for functioning financial and banking centres, including Islamic structures.”

The Qatari have been promised a share in the new enterprises for potash fertilizers mining in Kastrychnitskae and Petrykauskae potassium salts deposit, as well as development of iron ore deposits in Belarus.

Until October 31 the companies Qatar Holding and Qatar Airways are to be offered a variant of buying or placing in their management “Brest” airport, as well as a possibility of organising a direct air flight between Minsk and Doha.

The so-called ruling family of Qatar, which is to be given land parcels “for possible construction of residences and organising hunting lands there”, has not been neglected as well.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in cooperation with the Qatari Fund of Education, Science and Social Development, are ordered among other things to create a certain “Excellence Centre”.

The seriousness of intentions is supported by participation in joint projects of the symbolic figure, the “purse” of Lukashenka’s family, Vladimir Peftiev (Uladzimir Peftsiyeu). His private unitary enterprise “BT Telecommunications” subjected to the EU sanctions, is to take part in the project on establishing of a joint venture between Belarus and Qatar for manufacturing complex fertilizers in Qatar, as well as a joint venture manufacturing complex fertilizers in Belarus.


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