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Girl, run over Twice as dozens of people ignore her in China

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Unaware: Video footage shows the little girl crossing the road at Guangfo Hardware Market, without spotting the van approaching

Video footage of a two-year-old girl being run over by a van and ignored by passers-by in China has sparked outrage after being posted online.

The graphic surveillance video of the incident in Foshan city, Guandong province, shows the girl run over by a van, which then drives off leaving her bleeding on a narrow street.

More than a dozen people walk or drive past the critically injured girl, named Yueyue, without going to her aid before she is run over by a second truck.

A woman – the 19th person to pass the girl – pulls her to the side of the street before her mother, a migrant worker in the city, rushes into the picture.

The girl, named online as Yueyue, is in a coma in hospital according to Xinhua news agency following the incident on October 13.

China Daily, the country’s official English-language newspaper, said she had been declared ‘brain dead’ and could die at any time.

Both drivers who ran her over have been arrested, but internet users have flooded microblogs over the apathy of the people who left her to die.

China’s economic boom and the growing disparity between the rich and poor have made changing social values a contentious topic, with some lamenting what they see as materialism replacing morals.

Distraught: The girl's parents wait anxiously for news in the hospital, where she is in a coma.

Yueyue’s father Wang told Chinese television: ‘Yueyue is so lovely. If I quarrelled with her mother and if her mother cried, she would tell us not to cry, she always tried to amuse us.

‘I just hope my child will wake up and call me Dad again.’

On China’s microblog service Sina Weibo, one user called the incident ‘the shame of the Chinese people’.

Another user, under the name Xiaozhong001, wrote: ‘Really, what is up with our society? I saw this and my heart went cold.

‘Everyone needs to do some soul-searching about ending this kind of indifference.’

Many people in China are hesitant to help people who appear to be in distress over fears they will be blamed.

High-profile law suits have ended with good Samaritans ordered to pay hefty fines to individuals they sought to help.


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  • The Insurgent

    And these “flying crouching tigers” think they are superior to our White race? Fuck these gooks. I hope they will be nuked out from Earth = along with israel.

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  • Clem

    This makes me sick. I have had to respond to calls while off duty to pull kids from car accidents. It’s no fun working with a child that is struggling for life. Animals!

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  • Paul T

    Can i ask permission to send the newspaper over Australian about the little girl, as god always try help about the little girl in coma, and very shame, let my edition find out for me..
    Could I please email us for photos thank… I want to help their family if they can do that..

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  • Justin H

    WTF?!? our hearts go out to the parents of that poor little girl. as for the ones who simply moved on with their day….their holding a special place in hell for you. what kind of a world do we live in where people would behave in such a manor? have we really become that desensitized? i would have done everything in my power to help that little girl and i can not believe something like this could happen. normally i would go off on a rant but this has me completely speechless….

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  • Alexandre Söldann

    When I saw the video I could no believe in that. I mean, WTF was that? What the hell is chinese people?

    I use to see on the internet or in real life many things that people could say “scary” or shocking, but not affect me.

    But, when I saw that little child, almost dead and all bloody, being ignorated by the passers, I really felt bad.

    It extrapolates any kind of sociopathy or gets over any sociopath all over the world.

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  • WEcameTOwreck

    where the hell where her parents? why was a two year old alone? it’s so sick and wrong how that car kept going and no one stopped to help for minutes till that lady. How can people be “human” and be so emotionally detached!

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  • Back to the stone age! http://lithobolos.net/content/these-people-cannot-even-drive-never-mind-conquer-world

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