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China Warns Russia Of Coming American Great Event

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A shocking new Federal Security Services (FSB) report on Prime Minister Putin’s meeting this past week with one of China’s top military leaders is warning that the United States and its Western allies are in “active preparation” for the unleashing of a series of catastrophic events over the coming year designed to throw the world into chaos from which they hope global economic and social order can be restored.

According to this FSB report, China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) were given the outlines of this massive plot by a former Blackwater mercenary named Bryan Underwood who was a contract security guard at a US consulate in China who believed his actions in getting this information to China and Russia would help avert an “apocalypse.”

Underwood has subsequently been arrested by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who stated in their arrest report of him that: “According to the superseding indictment, from about March 1, 2011, to about Aug. 5, 2011, Underwood knowingly and unlawfully attempted to communicate photographs and other information relating to the national defense to representatives of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), with the intent and reason to believe that these materials would be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of a foreign nation.”

Chinese intelligence sources quoted in this report appear to verify Underwood’s fears by noting that the over 1,000 top-secret US documents and photographs obtained by them show an American government “under siege” from multiple threats they fear will spread causing the unleashing of “unprecedented chaos” from which “normal order” will never be able to be reestablished again.

These US fears of “unprecedented chaos” appear to be well founded as the massive protests spreading around the world due to the Global Economic Meltdown have now hit America with over 700 reported arrested yesterday in New York City and further unrest now spreading across the United States.

Even worse, this report shows the US government is also “terrified” over new reports detailing the “unprecedented loss” of our Earth’s protective ozone layer over the Arctic that shows no signs of abating and is further expected to cause even worse weather cataclysms in a world barely able to sustain its equilibrium from the historic natural disasters it has experienced already this year that are now the costliest in history.

As open revolution has now reached the American shores due to the unstoppable “Global Financial Apocalypse” that will wipe out the savings of millions, and as our world’s ecosystems are undergoing massive shifts too, this report details an insidious US government plot to “manage and control” these many disasters it and its allies face by their “embracing mass genocide” as a means to sustain their survival.

In fact, one of the most chilling documents given to China’s MSS by Underwood details how the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) Haqqani terror network in Pakistan has launched an unprecedented bio-attack using the dengue fever virus the Americans plan to “modify” and then reintroduce into their own population.

In the spring and summer of 1981, Cuba experienced a severe hemorrhagic dengue fever epidemic. Between May and October 1981, the island nation had 158 dengue-related deaths with about 75,000 reported infection cases.

At the height of the epidemic, over 10,000 people (per day) were found infected and 116,150 were hospitalized. At the same time during 1981 outbreak, covert biological warfare attacks on Cuba’s residents and crops were believed to have been conducted against the island by CIA contractors and military airplane flyovers.

Particularly harmful to the nation was a severe outbreak of swine flu that Fidel Castro attributed to the CIA. American researcher William H. Schaap, an editor of Covert Action magazine, claims the Cuba dengue outbreak was the result of CIA activities.

In 1982, the then Soviet media reported that the CIA sent operatives into Afghanistan from Pakistan to launch a dengue epidemic. The Soviets at the time claimed the operatives were posing as malaria workers, but, instead, were releasing dengue-infected mosquitoes. The CIA denied the charges. In 1985 and 1986, authorities in Nicaragua accused the CIA of creating a massive outbreak of dengue fever that infected thousands in that country.

To anyone doubting the ruthlessness of the United States one need only look at the events of this past week that saw for the first time in history their President ordering the assassination of 2 American citizens without either evidence or trial; only the “secret evidence” the US government said it had, but would not reveal, was used to justify these state-sponsored killings.

It is worth noting at this point that the once great United States has descended so far into the abyss of tyranny that it has all but abolished trials for those citizens convicted of crimes and who, according to the New York Bar Association, has established a gulag system that aside from its holding more prisoners than any other nation in the world, is actively torturing over 80,000 of them in blatant violation of all International and Humanitarian laws.

It is critically important to note the true and evil condition of the United States, and those elites who control it, as without this knowledge one would be unable to fully grasp the greater horrors to come.


(Thanks to your efforts we were able to gain access to the FSB document from which many of the facts in this report are derived from. We are still in the process of evaluating this information and will post more updates as soon as they are available.)


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  • Wow, this is so freaky, I think the end is coming

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    • prophit

      Yeah, well, if the US thinks that, its because they have Haarp up in space now and combined with the 5 located around the planet are able to create these “PROBLEMS”, induce the “REACTIONS” and then provide the “SOLUTIONS” exactly as outlined in the protocols written over a 100 years ago and adopted by Rothschild and his 13 families, including the Windsors or Saxe Gothe depending on which country you are from. Its called the Hegelian Dialect. This hurricane heading to britain, I predicted yesterday because Haarp was buzzing so bad, you could hear it everywhere you went.

      That told me there was something really big coming down and “ECODESTRUCTION” was recommended to be used by the Iron Mountain Report as one of the methods to use to globalize as the “SOLUTION” to the problem. THEY NEED GLOBAL DISASTER TO INTRODUCE THEIR CARBON CREDITS GLOBAL CURRENCY. They keep this up and they will get their third world war but it will be against them fully.

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      • George Long

        Just keep us poor black folk out of it here in the US.

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        Rating: -5 (from 5 votes)
  • oddfuture

    The end is neigh.

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    Rating: +1 (from 7 votes)
  • Goober

    I like pie!

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    • Spankee

      Hair Pie?

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  • james

    Why print this crap on your website?

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    Rating: -8 (from 14 votes)
  • kat

    so whom has done the research…anyone?

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    Rating: +3 (from 5 votes)
  • Rudy

    CIA just murdered two American citizens, who happen to be Muslim, without charges or trial, in violation of the Constitution. See, what you wish for others will eventually come to you. Also, google “TERRORSTORM,” and “HOROWITZ SWINE FLUE” videos. Not to mention “DECONSTRUCTING THE MYTH OF AIDS.

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  • Christiaan

    So, how is that “hope and change”
    working out for you?

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    Rating: +8 (from 12 votes)
  • Alberto

    this is true this HAS to be true. WHY why oh why would OBAMA kill anybody without a trial>!>!>!??? If we don’t defend and uphold the rule of Law for one person, then we fail to defend it for anyone at all!

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  • Phil

    Where do you nuts come from?

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    • Paw

      From the corner of Walnut and Filbert St.

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  • Clem

    I am embarrassed by our governments’ actions. Evidently, the threats are too great and the will to stand up has been lost to Wall Street.

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  • Epitaph

    For the real scoop, which is circulating the movement in America, read the new ebook, “American Epitaph” by Damien. It changed my life.

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  • Bill

    I don’t believe I have ever in my life of 67 years EVER read so much Utter Bullshit. Someone must be making money of this kind of tripe but I cannot understand who unless this publication is owned and controlled by George Soros

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  • patriot refusnik

    What kind of imbeciles believe this sort of crap? Seriously people, have ANY of you ever had ANY education at all?
    Look at the sources of this article: Putin and the communist Chinese are saying that a known TRAITOR sold them documents they don’t share that suggest that the bad old USA is going to commit genocide…with what end? How will this solve the banking crisis? How will it restore American industrial might?
    And then the article goes into ridiculous claims based upon “Soviet news”…when was Soviet news EVER accurate? They didn’t report on the massacres of the Ukrainian farmers, or the murders of millions Soviet subjects, nor did the Chinese ever admit they killed millions of people, yet this is all documented historical fact.
    And yet you wish to believe propaganda published by them–and by Cuba?! Damn, the EU Times is pure garbage consumed by brainless sheeple.

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  • Anna

    It takes a lot of time to research but these claims are accurate. If you want to know the facts, get out of your rocking chairs.

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  • seo wook kim

    @patriot. i think the question should be who is going to believe your fake “war on terror”. that stuff is 100% fiction. now the u.s. comiting genocide. that actually sounds believable. in fact, the u.s has been involved in various genocidal operations throughout the world. you dont need to ask which civil wars has the u.s started. my question to you is, which civil war WASNT started by the u.s.. the u.s has been massacring millions of people around the world for the past 50 yrs now. if you go back even further, then the u.s has been murdering people for 200yrs straight, starting with the native americans, then moved onto enslaving africans. the u.s has never stopped its murder spree, from korea, to viet nam, to yugoslavia, to Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, and it will never end. i have reason to believe the u.s will unleash hell on earth. the u.s spends more on military than most of the world combined. it has 800 military bases around the world. now if the u.s wasnt preparing for a huge attack, why all the weapons? why all the bases? dont bs me with that fake terrorism stuff. no intelligent person will buy it. the u.s has a very long track record of aggression. it is the new nazi germany. the u.s economy is in bad shape, and if it is going down, i;m sure it will drag everyone down with it, precisely by throwing the world into chaos. the u.s govt is starting to look more and more like cobra from the gi joe cartoon.

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  • Gail

    There is a lot of crap going on in the world. If you assemble the worst of it in one place it can look like hell on earth. If you follow up on the links in the article, you will find that the hole in the ozone layer is actually expected to diminish, not get ever worse. If you ponder the occupy wall street movement, you just might agree that deregulation of the banking industry hurt the consumer and it is time for big changes. Revolution or evolution, change is inevitable. There is always a level of chaos in the world, there is always disease, famine and drought. Slowly but slowly people are making strides towards health and well being. More and more individuals demonstrate their care for more and more others outside their personal experience by kiva loans and so on.

    Sometimes it is a good idea to temper one’s thoughts, especially when they fall into the “sky is falling” category.

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  • Princess Leia

    Come in…..Obi Ron Kenobi….You’re our only hope! R2 please get this message out to him. He’s our only hope!

    Ron Paul 2012 – R3VOLUTION! (for liberty and the constitution!

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  • LOL


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  • Goldie

    Prepare George…because the blacks are the first targets. Those who receive welfare (most are black and hispanic and then whites) You see, it’s too costly to keep paying welfare. They will be the first to be taken to the camps and then murdered.

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  • Expat

    I welcome the apocalypse! I have lived outside the U.S. for nearly 6 years. being outside the “box” I am able to see the U.S. from a different perspective.

    I just read this link

    What happened to the United States? Drinking donkey semen on tv is entertainment?

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