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Veil Woman to Run for President in France

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A Frenchwoman who wears an Islamic face veil, despite a nationwide ban, wants to run for president.

A Frenchwoman who wears an Islamic face veil, despite a nationwide ban, wants to run for president in next year’s elections.

Kenza Drider said she wants to defend the rights of all French women.

She is among a group of women mounting an attack on the law that has banned Muslim face veils from the streets of France since April. They want to prove the measure contravenes fundamental rights.

The law’s backers, including president Nicolas Sarkozy, say the veils imprison women.

Ms Drider said she plans to declare her candidacy on Friday in Meaux, a city east of Paris run by top conservative politician and Sarkozy ally Jean-Francois Cope, who championed the veil ban.

Two other women stopped for wearing veils are facing trial on Friday, also in Meaux.


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  • RonnieReagan

    Zut alors! How arrogant. It’s not your country lady.

  • Tyrone Walker

    Oh the Irony.

    First she abuses a country that welcomes her by forcing her values on it, rather than integrating.

    Then she runs for President, something she would be prohibited from doing so in those countries where she’s forced to wear the ninja outfit.

    To say she has no shame doesn’t really even begin to cover it, does it?

  • anonymous

    I see no Frenchwoman.

  • enough

    See that is the problem with allowing Muslims in a country. If I was to go to another country, I would do my best to respect their way of life. And if I didn’t like it, I would leave. Muslims don’t want to intergrate they want to change every country to fit them. I DON’T WANT TO WEAR A BURKA, I DON’T WANT SHARIA LAW !!!!! They should be welcomed only as long as they can respect our customs. They need to be deported.

  • shahenda

    i cant believe how racist are you people!! So what she’s a muslim? how come women get arrested for carrying out their religion? it should never be wrong for them to wear their veils let alone BANNED! Go understand Islam then talk! Illiterates!

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