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Turkish Navy to Escort Aid Ships to Gaza

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A recent Haaretz report says that Turkish officials told Hurriyet Daily News that Turkish navy will strengthen presence in eastern Mediterranean Sea to stop Israeli ‘bullying’. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said in an interview with public television that “There is no risk of a naval confrontation, I don’t think for a moment that Turkish war-ships will escort boats trying to run the blockade of Gaza,” he said, adding Israel would keep the blockade in place.

The semi-official Turkish daily Hürriyet reports officials from the Foreign Ministry commenting on the foreign policy changes introduced by Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s statements made yesterday. The time of Israeli naval forces’ “bullying” practices in eastern Mediterranean international waters will be over, the sources said, pointing to the Foreign Minister’s declaration yesterday that “Turkey would take every precaution it deems necessary for the safety of maritime navigation in the eastern Mediterranean.”

Turkish diplomats told the Hürriyet Daily News that the Turkish Navy would become a frequent presence in eastern Mediterranean international waters through regular patrolling and Turkish naval vessels would be used as escorts to ships carrying aid to the Palestinian residents in the Gaza Strip. In this context Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that he is planning to visit the Gaza Strip in the near future, as a step “to draw the world’s attention to what is going on in Gaza and to push the international community to end the unfair embargo imposed by Israel”, as an official in the Foreign Ministry explained.

The Turkish Navy would also move to ensure free navigation in the waters between Cyprus and Israel – a maritime area that became the subject of recent diplomatic hassle between Ankara and Nicosia over the latter’s deep-sea gas drilling joint-venture projects with Israel and US companies. Yesterday the Turkish Minister for European Union issues, Egemen Bagis, warned that if Nicosia did not cancel the project before a solution to the problem of divided Cyprus is found, the project would be seen as encroaching on Turkey’s security interests and therefore, if need be, the Navy might be called upon to intervene.

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58 Responses to " Turkish Navy to Escort Aid Ships to Gaza "

  1. Titos says:

    Erdogan should realise he is playing with fire when he interferes with other nations rights which are based on international law. He once fell off his high horse (and got kicked in the balls) – this will happen again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsa88JIFTu4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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  2. Damien says:

    According to international law of sea, Israel’s action was a piracy. They didn’t wait for Turkish ships to enter their waters when they shot 9 people to death. They shot them in international waters. You tell me how’s that is a nation’s right, based on international law.

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    • Jam Fair says:

      You are mistaken-Israel is in a state of war with Gaza which shoots missiles off at Israel.
      (remember the Cuban missile crises?)
      International law CLEARLY states that a country can take defensive actions in international waters .
      Israel’s actions were completely legal as even the UN appointed Palmer report concluded.

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      • DaleVM says:

        But it was ok for Israel to use the USS Liberty for target practice?
        Turkey will give you a taste of your own medicine, juden.

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  3. welders says:

    I am glad to see that the israelis will not be able to attack helpless ships this time

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  4. jk says:

    Bravo, Turkey!

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  5. Rubble says:

    @ Damien: Right or wrong, Israel has proven capable in self defense, and certainly will do so again. They will not return to the ovens, no matter how bad you seek that. In fact, they might ping yo stupid ass and rendition yo nazi ass to plum island for some bio testings. You should feel right at home with the montauk strocity. Hold on, Israel doesn’t run Plum Island – that’s a rockefeller institution. Satan hates being told he will be sealed, and to mention the word CHRIST really makes him gnash teeth and thrash around like the worm he is. Damien, how sad to be you. Your fate is written in Revelation. Sealed in blood.

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  6. Damien says:

    Rubble, WTF are you talking about man, did you read what you wrote? WTF?

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    • Shiraz Wali says:

      I liked MR Damien reply to Rubble I dont understand what these drunken pigs think of them self.When time will come God willing They will see Turky ,Egypt,Syria,Saudi Arab,Iran and Pakistan all united against the common enemy pounnding and banging from all over. UNDERSTAND.SO watch out……..

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  7. Dennis Wright says:

    Israil is a one of the biggest terrorist and pirate Country in the world everybody knows that , also remember 9/11 in New York there were 4000 jews working in those building but non of them died that day,how could it happen ;they were awere that attack and non of them didnt go work, so who do you think made that attack ? Obviously Israel intended and performed that attack ,open your eyes Americans….

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  8. AK says:

    So Erdogan finally tries to play Little Hitler. That fascist little twat, and the EU is kowtowing to that Grey Wolf islamo-fascist.

    Turkey is helping terrorists. Sink the whole lot of them.

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  9. You just made a comprasion Erdogan = Little Hitler so Hittler is fucking fascist . You introduced yourself fascist so why dont you like Erdogan than? You be in contradiction with yourself dont you ?

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  10. Dennis Wright says:

    Bu şerefsiz yahudiler Turkiye ‘nin baş düşmanı olan PKK ya destek veren yegane devletlerden biridir. Bunu apaçık bilen Turk devleti bu şekilde bir yola girdi,hayırlı olsun . iyi oldu.

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  11. Chris says:

    Israel is terrorising the palestinians for the last 70 yrs but Turkey is championing human rights ! What a joke.Turkey has been built on the destruction and terrorisation of other nations now for 400 yrs.The Turks have only contributed invasion and genocide to the eastern Mediterranean.Now they use the Palestinians as a cover to harrass Cyprus and steal more of Greece.Turkey is never a friend of Europe or Islam. Beware Turkey.

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    • Donny says:

      Israel isnt teorrising the palestinians for the last 70 years, LEARN YOUR HISTORY! Arafat wasnt even palestinian he was Egyptian, there was never a palestinian state, before Israel Jordan and Israel were one mandate land, the Jordanians didnt want Israel when they were offered it, before Israel the English were there, before that the turks for 400 years, It was once the UN gave it to the jews that is what caused the 1948 war, The arabs didnt want to have a jewish state and they still dont.
      Abbas will never get his state if he cant simply say I will live peacefully and accept Israel!

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    • Damien says:

      Those are pretty strong words Chris. Can you back them up with actual historical events? When Turks took constantinopol from Greeks in 1459, they did not force any of the residents to accept islam. Everyone was free to practice the religion they believed. All different religions and cultures lived peacefully ever since then in Istanbul and all around Turkey. Europens and Greeks were scared very much of the Turks advancing in Europe becuase they simply did not see them as fellow humans. Turks believe that Christians were too violent becuase they would kill unreasonably. Turks will not kill a soldier once he’s surrounded. It’s in our culture, songs and stories. In Gelibolu, when Curchill gathered all UK forces and soldiers from Australia, New Zeland and India to come to occupy Turkey, all the soldiers Turks captures was sent back to their countries while they killed all the Turk soldiers they captured. They even told Australian soldiers that Turks ate babies and have tails. This is how they saw us, not a fellow human, but part animal.

      Turks are the one of the most friendliest people on earth. Have you visited Turkey? Maybe you should. People are affraid of what they don’t know. Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe, you can see characteristics of both cultures in Istanbul and all over Turkey. We are a secular democratic country that you don’t see many examples of this in the region.

      BTW: I’m really curious what makes you say the things you did. Why do you believe Turkey is not a friend of Europe or Islam? If you like, please comment.

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      • chris says:

        Very few Greeks Armenians Albanians serbians or other enslaved peoples converted under ottoman Turkish 400yr occupation.This is a Turkish lie in a bid to wash the bloodstained barbarism that is the Turkish legacy.
        The Turkish books will also say they “co existed Harmoniously”.
        The Armenians ,Greeks ,kurds, Serbians,Assyrians and other formelly enslaved people all have a different ,much more brutal story to tell of Turkish rule.
        Apart from some few christians who “co existed “-as Slaves that were kept alive for taxes ,Turkish history is one of
        mass murder and Genocidal turkish purges lasting 400 yrs where whole regions of Christian villages were anihalated only babies under 5yrs old kept alive to become Muslim soldiers called Mamalukes and female harem sex slaves-the dreaded child tax that Modern Turkey siply calls “self conversion”.In this way the 8 million Greek speaking christians in 1453 are now @ 10,000 only.The Armenian genocide ? the Assyrian Genocide ? the Greek Pontian genocide of the black sea ? The total destruction of all life on Greek island of Chios after the Turkish high command ordered for not even a goat to be left alive ? Priests flayed alive ,women dissembowled on an industrial scale.These are only recent examples !!!This is the true story of the Ottoman Turkish empire as told by its once enslaved peoples.
        I have visited these countries and read ALL sides in this dark story and all these different cultures have the same story to tell of the Turks.
        Coincidence ? i dont think so.
        Even adolf Hitler was appalled at the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians and used it to justify his own attrocities uttering his now infamous words “who remembers the Armenians”?

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  12. Stefan Zeiss says:

    Like another writer said, Erdogan is indeed playing with fire. First of all this is just a naked attempt to break the arms embargo to Hamas. Hamas wants to rain down bombs on defenseless civilians. Hamas is a group of vermin terrorist organization and the people that support that evil organization deserve more than what they are getting right now. If the Turks try to break the arms embargo by naval force, the will be sitting ducks for the IAF. Not to mention that the Israeli Navy has modern day German made U Boats that are quieter than our US Navy nuke subs. The Turks will be put in their place if they try any funny stuff.

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    • Damien says:


      Turks are not trying to break the arms ambargo. They are simply trying to get aid to Gaza. Only reason Turks did not stop the first flotalia is because they trusted the relationship they have been sharing with Israel. Turks simply did not think they would meet this kind of response. They were very dissapointed when hearing the aid ships were attacked and 9 people had been shot dead. They removed 33 bullets from single person. Israeli commandos met resistance when they started storming the ships with violent attitude, beating people, shoting paintballs to their faces. Yes, it was not lethal, but paintball in the face is very violent to people who are delivering aid. Turks simply could not sit and take that kind of treatment.

      Israel surely labeled them as violent jihadist, who were well organized and were following a plan. This is laughably untrue. There were people from 11 countries on that flotelia and they all say the same thing. Surely there weren’t even knives on the ships let alone arms.

      Turks are proud people and they are very dissapointed with Israel’s actions. There will be no war because of this, but noone can blame the Turks for freezing relationships with Israel.

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  13. Donny says:

    Erdogan has no clue of what he is getting himself into. The UN and NATO and the US(Obama) has already stated that the Israeli Blockade is legal. When the Israeli soldiers landed on those ships they were beaten and attacked that was the reason why they opened fire from sea, The ships did’nt even have aid on it, and why send aid from the sea when every week there is aid delivered from within Israel from countrys all over the world delivered to Gaza from within, what they tried to do was start up. Thats why no normal organization or country put Israel down for the right to defend itself, Instead this was all plotted from those teorrist countrys.
    Israel is strong, very strong, Erdogan is trying to start was with bs reasoning and most(only) of the democratic countrys(non terror support)agrees with Israel and what they have done. And no the jews had nothing to do with 9/11 for them it was a longer prayer day of which they have once a month so if you relize that the non religious jews that dont pray were in the 2 buildings(it wasnt Israel for most of Israelis arent even religious Dennis Wright)

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  14. Damien says:


    I’m not saying Israel has no right to defent itself from outside threats. If they boarded those ships in peacefull matter, they would not have received resistance. There was aid in those ships, tons of them. Israel passed the aid to Palestanians after they inspected it. If you’re implying Tukey to be a terrorist country, you’re going to have to back those words with historical evidence. Give me a single instance where Turks have been involved in terrorist activities. We don’t go out of our borders and kill other people. Last time that happened was to defent Cyprus Turks from the Greek coup. Can you say the same thing for your country?
    Everyone knows US does the dirty work of Israel. They are the reason why US occupied Iraq. They had hand in 911 for sure. Research dancing Israelis in 911. It’s undeiable that they just hate muslims and would do anything to destroy them anywhere in the world. Turks were naive to believe that they could be friends with them. Can you imagine your friend calling you jihadist, when you have nothing to do with it? Its very upseting indeed. They have chosen to severe the relationships with Turks and that’s what’s going to happen, nothing more, nothing less.

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    • Donny says:

      listen, first of, im a military man myself, and been there and done alot, second off international law Israel was saying to them come to our ports and we will check the cargo and pass it on to the palestinians instead the ship said NO we are headed right towards Gaza without stopping, so we stopped the ship. ( if they would have sent an aid ship and they would have complied with the israeli navy and go to the israeli port disaster never would of happened. And no Israel had nothing to do with 911( the people which say that are the same ones that say the holacaust never happened( even when Germany, Italy and all of Europe claims that it happened). And yes in every religion you do have those fenatic crazy people like in judiasym the Neturakarta. But no Israel had nothing to do with 911. The US does not do the dirty work for Israel, And we are not a harsh army, If a teorrist aproaches and Israeli soldier he cant even shoot him he needs to give 3 warnings. Why when a US marine kills teorrist in Iraq or Nato bombs Libya, and the US celebrates when we kill some of Gadaffis kids and grandkids why is that ok. And noone puts us down. But when Israel defends themselfs everone drops on them. Israel evacuated Gaza completly and instead of them showing the world that they could run a peaceful country, they vote in hamas where hamas is a terror orginization. Look what happened in Egypt( they put Mubarak in a cage the extremist) look at syria( assad wasnt killing just innocent people, he was killing the same brotherhood that took over in egypt, and he killed them so he wouldnt end up in a cage like mubarak did.

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      • Damien says:

        The problem with Israel’s ambargo, it’s not designed only to protect Israel from possible arms transfer to Gazans, but it’s designed to punish them for electing Hamas. They are not allowing lumber, pipes, cement, shoes and so many food items, as well as pencil, notebooks and other stuff. They are clearly punishing all people saying that they can be used for terrorism. That’s why aid ships did not want to stop for Israel’s inspection. But they knew that they were going to be stopped. They just didn’t think they’d be murdered. Not only Turks, but people from other nationalities said that they were stopped in very violent matter and resistance ignited after people were hit by paintballs in their faces. Again, Turks believed that becuase we were in good terms, they would not receive violence, simply because there would be no need for that. Turks have never been violent or offensive to Israelis. But all that changed after they removed 33 bullets from just one person. Mistakes can happen and in the aftermath of things, Turks still believed that Israel would realize their mistake and appologise. But Israel called them well organized Jihadists and did not appologise. Will not appologise.

        Every religion have their fanatics, but seems like Israel thinks all muslims are fanatics and jihadists.

        Do you think Israels national pride would be hurt if they’d appologise? Do you agree with them calling Turks in the boat well organized jihadists? Do you agree with their actions of killing 9 Turks, and giving medals to ones that do the shooting? How would you have felt if these happened to your people? Do you think Turks are overreacting?

        BTW: I’m glad we can talk about these things in calm attitude and won’t resort to name calling and all. Thanks for the rational debate.

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        • Donny says:

          Whatever aid was on those ships were delivered to Gaza, Israel itself gives aid to Gaza every single day and any country who wants to is allowed to pass any aid on as long as it is checked by israeli security. Those soldiers boarded the ships with paintball guns, the people on the ships should have allowed them to border peacefully, instead they attacked them right away having no fear.
          Switch around the scenario what happens if a mexican runs into America away from the border patrol, they get shot with no quesitons asked.
          What would happen if a boat came towards america without permission and not agreeing to stop or listen, it would be stopped with armed US security officials, and what would happen if one was thrown off or beaten they would be shot without quesitoning but the people would understand.
          These ships knew that this would happen if they wouldnt stop.
          If you look at the videos before they got here they were holding polls and chanting, they didnt come in peace but instead aggresssive.
          Ive been to Turkey, to Antalya had a great vacation, my dad does buissness in Instnbul. Dont get me wrong I have nothing against Turkey just the organizers of these ships.

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          • Damien says:

            I guess we can go back and forth all day long about who started the fight on those ships. From what I read, all people in the boat, Turks and others said that commandos rained down to boats and started screaming, hitting people and shot paintballs in their faces. Turks could not stand silent to that attitude. Plus they were in international waters. They were not legally obliged to stop. If Israel waited them to enter the gazan waters, we weren’t having this discussion today. I simply can’t imagine those people to be that suicidal and attack Israeli commandos without any reason. It’s almost certain death to resist comandos with throwing them potatoes and makeshift weapons.

            But leave that aside. Your example of if boat approaching the america and did not stop, they’d be shot on the spot. Yes. Only problem is, Gaza is not Israel. Gazans are not Israelis. Only reason people tried to deliver them goods, because Israel is blocking the goods from coming into Gaza. Shoes, pen, pencil, food items. They are being punished for electing Hamas.
            and I can’t help pointing out but Israel had lots to do with 911. Just watch this video.
            It’s so obvious. They even admited it in Israeli TV. Sorry to bring that up though.

            I do have many Israeli friends and we love each other. It’s not the average people who casues these problems, it’s the filthy politicians and extreemists. But I do take offense when Israeli musicians come together to sing “We con the world”. I feel sad when I hear Israeli’s think Turks are the enemy. All the good relationships built in many years are down the toilet with one event. You didn’t answer questions in my previous post, do you think Israels national pride would be hurt if they’d appologise? Do you agree with them calling Turks in the boat well organized jihadists? Do you agree with their actions of killing 9 Turks, and giving medals to ones that do the shooting? How would you have felt if these happened to your people? Do you think Turks are overreacting?

            Again, thanks for the rational debate.

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          • Damien says:

            I guess we can go back and forth all day long about who started the fight on those ships. From what I read, all people in the boat, Turks and others said that commandos rained down to boats and started screaming, hitting people and shot paintballs in their faces. Turks could not stand silent to that attitude. Plus they were in international waters. They were not legally obliged to stop. If Israel waited them to enter the gazan waters, we weren’t having this discussion today. I simply can’t imagine those people to be that suicidal and attack Israeli commandos without any reason. It’s almost certain death to resist comandos with throwing them potatoes and makeshift weapons.

            But leave that aside. Your example of if boat approaching the america and did not stop, they’d be shot on the spot. Yes. Only problem is, Gaza is not Israel. Gazans are not Israelis. Only reason people tried to deliver them goods, because Israel is blocking the goods from coming into Gaza. Shoes, pen, pencil, food items. They are being punished for electing Hamas.
            and I can’t help pointing out but Israel had lots to do with 911. Just watch this video.
            It’s so obvious. They even admited it in Israeli TV. Sorry to bring that up though.

            I do have many Israeli friends and we love each other. It’s not the average people who casues these problems, it’s the filthy politicians and extreemists. But I do take offense when Israeli musicians come together to sing “We con the world”. I feel sad when I hear Israeli’s think Turks are the enemy. All the good relationships built in many years are down the toilet with one event. You didn’t answer questions in my previous post, do you think Israels national pride would be hurt if they’d appologise? Do you agree with them calling Turks in the boat well organized jihadists? Do you agree with their actions of killing 9 Turks, and giving medals to ones that do the shooting? How would you have felt if these happened to your people? Do you think Turks are overreacting?

            Again, thanks for the rational debate.

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  15. V says:

    Be aware that the movement of Young Turks in the early twentieth century, the Kemalist revolution and Western secularism in Turkey are some of their origins in Judaism. The Donmeh (or Donmehs) – Jews falsely converted to Islam (see Psychoanalysis of Judaism, pages 158-164) – have indeed played an important role in the recent history of Turkey. Here is what Gershom Scholem, who is one of the great Jewish thinkers of the twentieth century: Donmehs, he writes, “have provided many members of the intelligentsia of the Young Turks … They played an important role in the beginnings of the Committee of Union and Progress, an organization of Young Turk movement which had its origin in Thessaloniki … There is evidence that David Bey, one of three ministers of the first government leader and Young Turk Young Turk important party, was a Donmeh. “(Jewish messianism, 1971, Calmann-Lévy, 1974, p. 235).
    Alexandre Adler also confirms the origins of Jewish and Masonic Kemalist Turkey: “One of the founders at least the Young Turk movement, July 14, 1889, the centenary of the day storming of the Bastille, is a Donmeh confessed Sükrü Dey. Several general Donmehs will fight at the head of their troops … the unfortunate wars of the empire. But the entourage of Mustapha Kemal, despite his complete break with his finance minister conspirator donmeh Djazid Bey will always be filled Sabbateans [Donmeh the editor’s note] (and also a coterie of Masons Sunni Muslims at the origin, Scottish Rite). “(Rendezvous with Islam, p. 175).
    In a conference of March 14, 2005 at home Yitzhak Rabin, Alexandre Adler spoke a little more freely before a Jewish audience: “You will not be surprised to learn that I have many friends Donmeh, that is ie followers of Sabbatai Zevi, and I find it quite extraordinary … If there had not been so Donmeh Turkish elites in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, there would be no of Kemalism. ”

    Turkey and Israel are from the same minds. It was early involvement in the oil for the navy of the British Empire.

    In my opinion, the oligarchy built a false opposition between Turkey and Israel to keep the masses under control and to recover, with Turkey, one part of the Muslim world in the East, with the agitation of Turkey against Israel and weaken Iran and Syria and Muslim people in other land.

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    • Damien says:

      Looks dude, even I agree that Israel and Turkey have been friends long back, saying that there would be no Kemalizm without the halp of Judah would be outright false. Plus you didn’t get any of the Turkish names right. Whereever you copied that article, it’s from Jewish origin and stretched too far that it lost it’s accuracy. I heard Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a mason, but it does not mean that all his ideologies were guided by Jewish ideologies. Ataturk wanted to point turkey westwards becuase he saw the future there, in technology and science rather than islamic despotizm. Which is not hard to understand. Trying to give credit to Jews of what he did is not going to work. Not at all.

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      • Damien says:

        But, still I appreciate that you’re focusing on what brings us together, not what seperates us. One truth is that when talking with my Israeli friends, I find more common ground than when I talk to people from other middle eastern countries. I don’t like when people bring religion into friendly conversation, and muslims do that more often than any others.

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  16. Dennis says:

    Israil is a one of the biggest terrorist and pirate Country in the world everybody knows that , also remember 9/11 in New York there were 4000 jews working in those building but non of them died that day,how could it happen ;they were awere that attack and non of them didnt go work, so who do you think made that attack ? PLEASE SOMEBODY EXPLAIN HOW DID THAT HAPPEN ??Obviously Israel intended and performed that attack ,open your eyes Americans….

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  17. Dennis says:

    Hey Chris from New Zealand,Maybe you dont know history budy,let me remember ,your ansestors are greatchapion of Human Rights huh ?
    Also you shoul learn a lesson of Canakkale bunch of your Ansestor were died in Canakkale.What were they doing here in Canakkale,
    Genocide in Australia
    Report details crimes against Aborigines
    By Brett Stone
    7 September 1999
    The genocidal practices perpetrated against Australian Aborigines were the outcome of policies adopted and implemented by all Australian governments from British settlement in 1788 until the present. A people who had virtually no contact with the outside world, were suddenly confronted with a hostile and alien force. Aborigines were forced out of their traditional homes, hunted like wild animals, poisoned or shot, and confined to the harshest and most desolate climes. The effect of British settlement upon these people led to near extinction within 120 years.

    The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies has published a report detailing this history. Entitled Genocide in Australia, it was written by Professor Colin Tatz, director of the Centre for Comparative Genocide Studies at Sydney’s Macquarie University.

    The report’s timing is significant. Its release coincided with the first of the “stolen generations” legal actions brought against the Commonwealth and State governments by Aborigines who were forcibly removed from their families. Lorna Cubillo and Peter Gunner are seeking compensation from the Commonwealth government for injuries received after they were taken from their families in the 1940s and 1950s. Tatz will provide testimony on behalf of the plaintiffs, and thousands of such actions could be undertaken in the future.

    The legal guideline for Tatz’s study is Article II (a) to (e) of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948:

    In the present convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;

    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

    (e) Forcibly removing children of the group to another group.

    Tatz’s report asserts that the policies adopted by colonial administrations and both state and federal governments, as well as actions by settlers, from British colonisation up until the 1970s constituted genocide against the Aborigines.

    He writes: “Genocide is the systematic attempt to destroy, by various means, a defined group’s essential foundations. In this tighter legal sense, Australia is guilty of at least three, possibly four acts of genocide:

    “(1) Killing by private settlers and rogue police officers, while the state authorities for the most part stood silently by.

    “(2) The implementation in the twentieth century of official state policy, entailing the forcible removal of Aboriginal children from one group to another, with the express intention that ‘ they cease being aboriginal’.

    “(3) Twentieth century attempts to achieve the biological disappearance of those deemed ‘half- caste’ Aborigines.

    “(4) A prima facie case that Australia’s actions to protect Aborigines in fact caused them severe bodily or mental harm. (Future scholars may care to analyse the extent of Australia’s actions in creating the conditions of life that were calculated to destroy a specific group, and in sterilising Aboriginal women without consent.)”

    The report provides compelling material to justify these assertions. Even though no official figures exist, estimates of the Aboriginal population in 1788 range between 250,000 and 750,000. By 1911 the number was 31,000. Aborigines have only been included in the National Census since 1971. In 1996 the National Census recorded that 352,970 or 1.97 of the population were of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.

    Despite the substantial increase in the population of Aborigines since 1911, the conditions of life in which they find themselves remain impoverished and highly oppressive. Tatz states that according to every social indicator available Aborigines are found at the top or bottom. Diseases, such as coronary disease, cancer, diabetes, and respiratory infections, are far more prevalent than 30 years earlier. Life expectancy is 50-55 years for males, approximately 55 years for females. The likelihood of an Aborigine being unemployed is far greater—22.7 percent as opposed to 8.1 percent. Fewer Aborigines own their homes. For Aborigines fortunate enough to have employment, their income is 25 percent less on average. Large proportions of Aborigines languish in prisons (14 percent of the prison population in 1997) and police watch-houses. This excludes those confined, through economic necessity, to black settlements, like Cherbourg or Yarrabah in Queensland.

    The oppressed condition of Aborigines is marked in other ways—a prevalence of personal violence, lack of care for children, increased death from non-natural causes, as well as high levels of alcohol and drug abuse. It should come as no surprise that one manifestation of oppression—alcohol and drug abuse—is commonly offered as the explanation for all manifestations of oppression.

    “Killing members of the group”

    The report states: “In 1803, Tasmania was settled. In 1806 serious killing began. In retaliation for the spearing of livestock, Aboriginal children were abducted for use in forced labour, women were raped and tortured and given poisoned flour, and the men were shot. They were systematically disposed of in ones, twos and threes, or in dozens, rather than in one systematic massacre. In 1824, settlers were authorised to shoot Aborigines. In 1828, the Governor declared martial law. Soldiers or settlers arrested, or shot, any blacks found in settled districts. Vigilante groups avenged Aboriginal retaliation by wholesale slaughter of men, women and children. Between 1829 and 1834, an appointed conciliator, George Robinson, collected the surviving remnants: 123 people whom were then settled on Flinders Island. By 1835, between 3,000 and 4,000 Aborigines were dead.” And further: “They were killed, with intent, not solely because of their spearing of cattle or their ‘nuisance’ value, but rather because they were Aborigines.”

    Between 1824 and 1908 approximately 10,000 Aborigines were murdered in the Colony of Queensland. “Considered ‘wild animals’, ‘vermin’, ‘scarcely human’, ‘hideous to humanity’, ‘loathsome’ and a ‘nuisance’, they were fair game for white ‘sportsmen’.”

    The upshot of this slaughter was the appointment in 1896 of Archibald Meston as Royal Commissioner. In his Report on the Aborigines of North Queensland he wrote: “The treatment of the Cape York people was a shame to our common humanity.” He continued: “Their manifest joy at assurances of safety is pathetic beyond expression. God knows they were in need of it”. Aboriginal people met him “like hunted wild beasts, having lived for years in a state of absolute terror”. His prescription for their salvation lay in “ strict and absolute isolation from all whites, from predators who, in no particular order, wanted to kill them, take their women, sell them grog or opium”. Needless to say, none of the perpetrators of the slaughter were made to answer for their actions.

    ”Protection”: Segregation

    The events in Queensland and Tasmania were typical of every colony. The result of Meston’s Royal Commission was the Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897. Similar measures were enacted throughout Australia. In some colonies, “protective” legislation, enforced by Protectors, began earlier, from the 1840s.

    Like the fences erected to keep dingoes (wild native dogs) off pastureland, similar fences were erected around missions and settlements for Aborigines. The segregation had two aspects, legal and geographic. The law was meant to keep whites out and blacks in. Geographic isolation was to ensure that nobody could get in or out.

    The attitude of the Protectors towards Aborigines was one of utmost contempt, in both clerical and scientific guises. Father Eugene Perez, chief policy-maker of Catholic missions, wrote in 1879 that Aborigines corresponded to the Palaeolithic Age. He described them as “primitives dwarfed to the bare essentials of human existence”; people with “inborn cunning”, “lacking interest and ambition” with “undeniable immaturity”, forever seeking “the unattainable EL DORADO coming to them on a silver tray”; people “with no sense of balance or proportion” who “want ‘today’ what cannot be given till tomorrow”; people to whom physical goods are “like the toy given to a child, which will soon be reduced to bits, and thrown into the rubbish dump”.

    W. Baldwin Spencer, a professor of biology and the Chief Protector of Aborigines in the Northern Territory in 1911-12, concluded: “The aboriginal is, indeed, a very curious mixture: mentally about the level of a child who has little control over his feelings and is liable to give way to violent fits of temper… He has no sense of responsibility and, except in rare cases, no initiative.” Spencer added that, “their customs are revolting to us” and they were “far lower than the Papuan, the New Zealander or the usual African native”. During his posting, he established the Kahlin Compound in Darwin, because he believed that “no half-caste children should be allowed in any native camp”. The Kahlin Compound specifically housed “half-caste” Aboriginal children, removed from their mothers.

    Protection was dispensed in remote places such as Yarrabah, Palm Island, Mornington Island, Doomadgee, Bamaga, Edward River, Weipa, Bloomfield River and Woorabinda. Aboriginal morality was supposedly protected by controlling their movements, labour, marriages, private lives, reading matter, leisure and sports activities, even cultural and religious rituals. Income protection was the responsibility of police constables. They controlled wages, withdrawals from compulsory savings bank accounts, and rights to enter contracts of labour or purchase and sale.

    In Queensland, protection included internal state banishment for periods ranging from 12 months to life, at the director’s pleasure, for offences such as “disorderly conduct”, “uncontrollable” and “menace to young girls”. Other offences could only be committed by Aborigines. These included being cheeky, refusing to work, calling the hygiene officer a “big-eyed bastard”, and leaving a horse and dray in the yard whereby a person might have been injured. Committing adultery, playing cards, arranging to see a male person during the night, and being untidy at the recreation hall were also on the list, as was refusing to provide a sample of faeces required by the hygiene officer. Such offences brought three weeks imprisonment, which could be transformed into six, nine and twelve weeks, as prison terms were not served concurrently.

    ”Protection”: Assimilation

    In 1928, the federal government asked J. W. Bleakley, Queensland Protector of Aborigines, to report on policy, including “half-caste” policy, in the Northern Territory. His report proposed “blood quotas” as a guiding principle. Those who possessed 50 percent or more of Aboriginal “blood” would “drift back” to the black “no matter how carefully brought up and educated.” Those with less than 50 percent Aboriginal “blood” could “avoid the dangers of the blood call” if they were segregated as the prelude to “their absorption by the white race”.

    In 1937, 1951 and 1961 official conferences adopted policies aimed at the assimilation of Aboriginal people into the mainstream of society. Tatz points out that these policies were directed towards ensuring the disappearance of the Aboriginal people. Terms such as “breeding them white” indicated a biological solution.

    Assimilation policies were not entirely new. Under the Victorian Aborigines Protection Act 1886 “aid” was restricted to “full-bloods” and “half-castes” over the age of 34. All others, regardless of their marital or sibling status, were forcibly expelled from missions and reserves. Children were not exempt. They faced relocation to white foster parents, white adoptive parents and “half-caste” or “assimilation” homes.

    Tatz cites three senior officials to illustrate the thinking behind assimilation. One was O. A. Neville, the Chief Protector in Western Australia between 1915 and 1940. He could do nothing for Aborigines, “who were dying out”. However, he could “absorb the half-castes”. Neville had a three-point plan. First, the “full-bloods” would die out. Second, the “half-castes” would be taken from their mothers. Third, “half-caste” marriages would encourage intermarriage within the white community. The Chief Protector promoted the attractiveness of such arrangements. “The young half-blood maiden is a pleasant, placid, complacent person as a rule, while the quadroon [one quarter Aboriginal] is often strikingly attractive, with her oftimes auburn hair, rosy freckled colouring, and good figure”. Elevation of these people “to our own plane” he deemed wise. To this end, Neville established, in 1933, Sister Kate’s Orphanage. Its guiding principle was to take in hand those “whose lightness of colour” could lead to assimilation and intermarriage.

    The indignities suffered by those taken in hand would have been obvious and many, but a proverbial carrot was dangled before them. The Natives (Citizenship Rights) Act 1944 (WA) made it possible for an Aborigine to apply, before a magistrate, for a Certificate of Citizenship. The successful applicant would have to show how “white” he or she had become. Dissolution of tribal and native association was only the beginning. He or she had to have an honourable discharge from the armed forces, or be deemed a “fit and proper person”.

    “Fit and proper persons” had to have “adopted the manner and habits of civilised life” for two years and be able to speak and understand English. They had to be of industrious habits and be of a good reputation and correct behaviour. Those suffering from active leprosy, syphilis, granuloma and yaws (framboesia) were denied citizenship.

    This outlook formed the basis of Commonwealth policy from the 1930s. The Northern Territory Administrator’s report of 1933 said: “In the (Northern) Territory the mating of an Aboriginal with any person other than an Aboriginal is prohibited. The mating of coloured aliens with any female of part Aboriginal blood is also forbidden. Every endeavour is being made to breed out the colour by elevating female half-castes to the white standard with a view to their absorption by mating into the white population.”

    Throwing light on the “stolen generations”

    This aim continued throughout the period of the “stolen generations” when Aboriginal children were taken from their families. In a 1983 monograph, historian Peter Read cited annual reports of the New South Wales Board: “This policy of dissociating the children from [native] camp life must eventually solve the Aboriginal problem”. By placing children in “first-class private homes”, the superior standard of life would “pave the way for the absorption of these people into the general population”. Further, “to allow these children to remain on the reserve to grow up in comparative idleness in the midst of more or less vicious surroundings would be, to say the least, an injustice to the children themselves, and a positive menace to the State”.

    Tatz writes: “In sharp contrast were the memories of the salvaged ones: there was little that was wonderful in the experience; there was much to remember about physical brutality and sexual abuse; and for the majority the homes were scarcely homes, especially in the light of the then healthy practices of kinship, family reciprocity and child rearing in extended families. There is considerably more recorded and substantiated evidence of abuse in the safe homes … In 37 years of involvement in Aboriginal affairs, I have met perhaps half a dozen men who liked Sister Kate’s or Kinchela Boys’ Home. I have yet to meet an Aboriginal woman who liked Cootamundra Girls’ Home or Colebrook. No one failed to mention the incessant sexual abuse, or the destruction of family life.”

    In 1990 the Secretariat of the National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care demanded an inquiry into child removal. A blank spot in Australian history was referred to; “the damage and trauma these policies caused are felt every day by Aboriginal people. They internalise their grief, guilt and confusion, inflicting further pain on themselves and others around them. We want an inquiry to determine how many of our children were taken away and how this occurred. We also want to consider whether these policies fall within the definition of genocide in Article II (e) of the United Nations Convention”.

    In May 1995 the federal Labor government headed by Paul Keating established the “National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families”. Tatz points to the ambiguities of this inquiry. The use of the term “separation” presupposed a degree of agreement by the families with the removal of their children. Further, “separation” suggests that the removals were of a temporary character with a door remaining open for reunification. This could not be farther from the truth.

    In 1997 the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission published the results of the inquiry. It concluded that between 1910 and 1970 between one in three and one in ten indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families and communities.

    Genocide and Reconciliation

    Tatz’s study, Genocide in Australia, insofar as it deals with the historical record, provides a powerfully detailed and documented history of the relationship between Aborigines and official society. One is left in no doubt that what transpired, even within the parameters of the UN Convention, constituted a terrible crime against the Aboriginal people.

    The major weakness of the report lies in its political trajectory. Tatz aligns himself with sections of the Aboriginal leadership, various middle class reformers, Governor General Sir William Deane, the church and leading sections of the mining industry and big business in advancing the perspective of reconciliation.

    The term “reconciliation” implies that the interests of Aborigines can be squared with the present social order; that in some way, the crimes of the past, as well as those of the present, can be overcome if only the political will exists. What is lacking, claim its advocates, is a formal apology from the Australian government, led by Prime Minister John Howard.

    In a revealing passage, Tatz writes: “It may be possible for a ‘softer’, re-invented Howard to construct an observable strategy for ‘reconciliation’, one that enables better relations with Aboriginal leaders and communities.” But, he continues, “the new strategy cannot work in the absence of a formal national apology”.

    The attempt to wipe out the Australian Aborigines was not the result of some racist mindset on the part of unenlightened individuals in positions of authority. It was spawned out of the requirements of establishing private ownership in property, initially in land. Genocide emerged out of the need of the emerging Australian squattocracy to “clear the land”. And the appalling conditions faced by the majority of Aborigines today similarly derive from the requirements of the “market”.

    “Reconciliation” accepts the private profit system, which remains utterly incompatible with the rights of Australia’s indigenous population to justice, equality and basic human dignity. Indeed, one of the primary purposes of the “reconciliation” campaign is to help cement relations between mining companies, agricultural combines and Aboriginal entrepreneurs to facilitate planned large-scale mining projects and farming of Aboriginal land. Billions of dollars are at stake, with a small share destined for a select few Aboriginal leaders, while the living conditions of most Aboriginal people deteriorate further.

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  18. chris says:

    Yes Dennis you are right the Australians invaded Australia of the Aboriginees and decimated the Aboriginees.We commited all those crimes you wrote.
    But we are MAN enough to admit it and say sorry and compensate and now celebrate their history as their are many Australian Aboriginals still here living in virtual Autonomy .
    Thats the difference between us.
    The Turks never ceased to mass murder since the 1400,s.
    Since the arrival of the Turkish mongols in Baghdad your first monument to history was a pyramid of 1000 skulls as a reminder of Turkomongol vengence which has continued for 500 yrs- without any repentance what so ever for the genocide of MANY nations.
    I think you should learn history not only from kemalist sources.
    You mention cannakele.Do you know the name of that region before you REnamed it ?
    It was the Greek region of Dardanelles for thousands of years.It had a million Greek inhabitants before you murdered the adults and carried away the children into slavery.Just like every rebranded “Turkish” city today built on the mass graves of its former inhabitants.
    Where are the ancient millions that you ethnically cleansed into “minorities”?.
    The official Turkish response is -What minorities ?
    Every nation has commited atrocities at onetime or another .Take for example the Germans who from the first world war to the end of the second -a period of roughly 45 yrs before they gave up, repented and re joined the civilised nations.
    Compare that to Turkey who for 500 yrs has continued to bath in the blood of Anatolias ancient peoples without any recognition whatsoever.
    You recently invaded Cyprus and used the front of protecting the Turks living there.How did those Turks get there ?
    They are from many previous Turkish invasions of Cyprus which go back to the 1600’s.
    Put down Turkish state propaganda for a moment and ask yourself -why do all the diverse countries around Turkey both Christian and Muslim hate the Turks?
    It wont take you long to realise that it is because since The arrival of tha first turks into Mediteranean in the 1300’s you have bought that region NOTHING but Genocide.

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    • Damien says:


      Please provide some links to back your words. Otherwise, they are just hateful words from a hateful person.

      If Turks are really as violent as you say, why there were millions of Armenians within Turkey’s borders by 1915? Why didn’t we kill them all in 500 years prior to the events? Why there are still countless Greeks, Armenians and Kurds still living in Turkey today? My ancestors had also living in Turkey blacksea area for hundreds of years. If you’ve ever been there, or really knew about history, you’d know that blacksea area is full of blond haired, blue eyed people, even today. In Istanbul, especially in Taksim area, there still are many Armenians. My mom had picked up some Armenian and Greek when she was child, becuase she’s been living among them in Taksim. They are still there.

      What you’re doing is nothing more than spreading lies. You must be either Armenian or Greek to hate us that much. Greeks sure have reason to hate us because most of today’s Tukey was once was Bizantine. You admit you cleared most of the indiginous people at where you live today. Your people killed them all so there are no one left to complain. We didn’t. Even when Armenians took side wtih Russians and attacked Turkey within our borders, pillaged villates, brutally murdered women and children, we did not kill them. We decided to move them to somewhere else where they could not cause trouble. We also admit they were killed on that very hard journey, due to cold and dissease and attacks by some wild tribes. But there were no systematic kills, there were no genocide.

      We Turks do not strike people when they are down. We let them go once they give up. Best example to this was in Gelibolu, when Brits sent your ancestors to Turkey to kill us. All the Australians and New Zelanders were sent back to their countries when captured by Turks. All the soldiers Brits captured were shot in the back of the head. I know this, because there’s one famous case where one of the Australian soldier came back to Turkey in 60’s to tell his story. He was captured by Turks in Gelibolu during the war and sent back. They confiscated his gun and bible and kept it for 40 years or so and gave it back to him when he came to visit. He said brits told them that Turks ate babies and even had tails. This is how much you hate Turks. How less you know about us and how scared you are of strong muslim country.

      So go fuck yourself, wilt in your own excrement and stop spreading filthy lies. You wish you had a history as great as Turks, you wish you were as just and friendly as Turks, but you are not.

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      • Damien says:

        Let me say one more thing. All Christians hate Muslims. Be Greeks, Armenians or Slovaks, they just can’t stand them. Just because Muslims say that the only reason Koran was sent by the same god, it because humans changed the bible as they pleased. Isn’t it the truth though? How can there be different versions of what god sent? There’s only one Koran no matter where you go. Noone is allowed to change a letter of it. Plus there is a mathematical significance of Koran, look up the number 19 miracle.

        I’m not a religious person and don’t believe in either Islam or any other religioin. I think one of the stupitest thing people can do is to fight in a name of god. Or hate each other because of god. If there was a god, he wouldn’t have sent conflicting ideologies and seperate us from one another.

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      • Chris says:

        you can keep your swearing as it only highlights your inability to reply with facts.
        I am not Greek or Armenian.I dont have to be to know the truth of Turkish Genocides.The proof is everywhere from many INDEPENDANT sources such as the American minister living in turkey in 1915 Henry Morgenthau.Look it up if you dare.Also the many overwhelming German sources who helped the turks biuld the railways that transported the Armenians,Greeks Assyrians and other innocent millions to their deaths in Turkish deserts.There are mountains of evidence except if you are Turkish and beleive Turkish state propaganda.Its like beleiving official north korean accounts of life in the west.-are you that naive ?
        Its not about hating muslims or Turks as Turkish schools like to brain wash their students with.Its about truth and justice.
        These unfortunate remnants of Greeks and Armenians living in a closet in Turkey today are the stolen and forcefully islamisized children of murdered Greek and Armenian Parents
        of yesteryear.
        You ask why were there 1.5million Armenians in Turkey in 1915 ? Why were there 1 million Greeks in Turkey in 1915 ? Like i said before they were the slaves of the ottoman empire left alive to be harvested for the backbreaking Taxes needed for the financial mechanism of Turkeys empire since Muslims were not Taxed or very little by Islamic law .The other reason these christian populations existed in 1915 was was to apply the customary Turkish dreaded child tax to turn the infant boys into fanatical muslim soldiers and the the girls into sex slaves.This of course after the proud Turkish soldiers would murder thesechildens parents in cold blood.This is common knowledge about Turkish exploitation of Christians within the ottoman empire and i have heard this from Lebanese , palestinians,syrians,serbs,armenians,assyrians ,greeks,albanians, bulgarians etc.
        Only the Turks seem to have amnesia.
        The 1.5 million Armenians and the 1 million Greeks you murdered in 1915 are the last of the 8 million Greek speaking christians that you enslaved in 1453 until you murdered the last of them in 1915 to 1918.
        like you said there are some very few, still left afraid to speak their ancient tongue still there in Turkey today.
        Such is their mysery that they dont have their own language schools,cannot practice openly their ancient customs ,must look like and act like Turks. the ones that dont do this or proclaim their non Turkish identity — “dissapear”.
        Wake up Damien and look around you.Ask some questions and read some books.
        Who knows you might find that you too had Armenian grandparents who were murdered by their Turkish overlords to steal their house and land and sell the children as slaves.
        Most Muslim Turks today have this trajic past.
        Good luck

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  19. Damien says:

    The reason I swore a bit because I know what you’re saying are lies. I know my people!
    I looked up Henry Morgenthau and his writing about the alleged massacre. As you said, germans recorded the events where all those people were transferred other places. There were no systematic kills, but Turks admit that there were incidents on the way and many died.

    You said “Turkish dreaded child tax to turn the infant boys into fanatical muslim soldiers and the the girls into sex slaves” Words like this doesn’t come from someone who is interested in world history. Words like this comes form hate. You are hateful and you are spreading lies. Even there are truth in them, you are stretching it to make Turks look bad. Armenians attacked us, they burned villages. What happened to Palastanians when they decided to attack Israel with sticks and stones? In those times, what Turks did was not out of ordinary. Just like what Brits did to all the places they occupied. Turks never used slaves, ever.

    Your hateful words gives me the right to swear. I asked if you can provide some links, all you did was write more hateful words. Provide links or shut the fuck up.

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  20. Chris says:

    Well Damien im sorry the truth about your history hurts you.I do not want to hurt you nor do i hate you.Why should i hurt Turks ? They have never done any thing bad to me and here in Australia we are a multi cultural country who welcome everybody from all nation and i have many Turkish friends and my gilfriend Nida is Turkish.Many Turks have verified these murderous events to me personaly.Some even admitted their Greek or Armenian ancestry and how their grandparents as kids were snatched fromtheir murdered parents by Turkish soldiers or mad militia.
    Who were the Mamalukes ?????? and please dont repeat Turkish high school propaganda about hundreds of thousands of christian children “voluntarilly” converting to islam and becoming fanatical muslim soldiers to fight and kill their former relatives.-Your not that stupid to beleive this ????
    You seem to be regurgitating the same Turkish state propaganda like a Turkish movie that depicts the Turks as hounourable compassionate people that had no choice but to retaliate against a sea of christians that wanted to destroy them.
    Unfortunatelly the truth is exactly the opposite.Your history has been one of invading killing and occupying other peoples land since the Turkoman horsemen left the steppes of asia in the 1100s and have not stopped killing and stealing land till today.
    Like i said the facts and truths are everywhere but you dont have to beleive me just ask your neibours both christian and MUSLIM -the syrians,the lebanese,the jordanians,the palestinians,the Albanians,the bulgarians.They have written about the 400years under the Turkish occupation .
    They cant all be wrong !!!!!!!
    Its simple if you accept that you conquered a anatolia of 9 million christians in 1453 and today there are –@ 10,000.
    Those ignorant and arrogant people that dont learn from history are condemmed to make the same mistakes.
    Wake up my friend.

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    • Damien says:


      I looked up Mamlukes in wikipedia, read most of what’s written, but couldn’t find anything you said about them.

      Look, unless you provide links so I can confirm what you say has truth, you’re just making up stories. I know you can’t provide one tengible evidence that Turks did anyting more that what other nations, including europeans, did.

      I know, my ancestors migrated into blacksea area and have been living in peace under ottoman empire and modern Turkey. They converted to Islam and became more islamic than most were.

      You’re talking shit! conspiracies that have no backing, born from hate and fear. I don’t have any bulgarians or Libyans around me, give me links where these things are written. That’s the only way you’re going to convince me, if ever.

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  21. Sami says:

    Why do you all talking about what wars happened in the past, between who, who killed who more..Come on people!
    We shouldn’t have same characteristics as how our ancestors did in the past. We are evolving each and every day as a human being. We are at the corner of finding out the true purpose of our lives on our planet. You all should stop taking sides, forget sadness and anger that still lies deeply inside of us and live peacefully with no boundaries, work all together to provide a good life for each and every one of us. That is how I believe humanity will step up, succeed and be more close to its creator.

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    • Damien says:

      That’s great Sami, I sure feel the same.
      You can appreciate though one can feel bit attacked when hearing words like Chris is saying. Like how barbaric my ancestors were and how others suffered unde their ruling. Which, some I’m sure can be truth, but were we any more violent than all others? Should they, in this day and age, watch out for us Turks? Because we can again do the things we did? I just don’t think this has any truth. Ever since the fall of Ottoman, we have been a new nation, just, fair and peacefull. I don’t think there’s any evidence against this. If there is, I wanna see it.

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  22. Chris says:

    Yes Sami that is good to have that goal but when you see that Turkey is to double the size of its army and has the intent on “policing” the eastern mediteranean with its navy then anyone who knows 500yrs of Turkish military aggression invasion and occupation can only see this as a continuation of Turkish militarism and expansion.
    The Turks will say that they are forever defending themselves against Armenians,Greeks,kurds etc but that is as valid as the nazis claiming self defence while having occupied europe in ww2.
    These things didn happen millions of years ago.The last time Turkey invaded another nation was cyprus in 1974.This time they used the invalid reason of “defending” Turks against the Greek cypriots.
    While Greek cypriots did kill some Turks in Cyprus it was to rid their island of The Turks who had forcefully settled there and occupied 18% of that island in many years of previous invasions.In short these Turkish families were the previous rulers of the Greek cypriots under 300 years of Oppressive Turkish rule and the INDIGENOUS Greek cypriots wanted them out.
    If you read the accounts of the Greeks or Armenians or the assyrians or any of these indeginous peoples of the lands invaded by the Turks it will seem like a living hell under Turkish rule.
    Imagine what it would be like to a member of a christian community living under the Taliban.
    Google the video – the armenian genocide.
    google- the fall of constantinople.
    Google- henry morgenthau.
    Google- Mamalukes.
    Google- the Greek pontian Genocide.
    Google- the Assyrian genocide.
    Google- the catastrophe of Chios(the genocide ofthe greek island )
    Google – the burning of the Greek city smyrna
    This is just the tip of the iceburg in the history of Turkish Mass murder and genocide -NOT for religion but the Turkish expansionist greed of land occupation.
    Damien -how many more examples and how many more facts do you want ?????????????????????????????
    I can lead you to the water but cannot make you drink my friend.
    Today we have Turkey again threatening Cyprus with aggression over “disputed” gas fields.Everything Turkey has it has stolen by military occupation even its borderwith cyprus so how can we convict The nazis at nurenburg with the crimes of invasion but have a double standard with turkey.
    How can Turkey call for the descent treatment of the Palestinians when Turkey has done way worse to the Kurds and even today denies the kurds their historic homeland which Turkey occupies????
    Its a no brainer unless of course your deaf,dumb and blind ignorant and arrogant and refuse to read non turkish sources.
    Its like Adolf Hitler and the Nazis trying to champion the rights of the oppressed.
    How can that or Turkey the human rights champion be taken seriously.????

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    • Damien says:


      You’re so hateful, it’s laughable.
      Look what you said about Cyprus? “While Greek cypriots did kill some Turks in Cyprus it was to rid their island of The Turks who had forcefully settled there and occupied 18% of that island in many years of previous invasions” How long has it been since the Turks invaded parts of Cyprus? Over hundreds of years? They suddenly decided to kill all turks in the island in 1974. You expected turks to do nothing about it? Not defend our people and sit back and watch while they burned them alive? That’s how hateful you are you can’t even see the facts. So it’s OK when Israel is entitled those lands because Palestanians attacked them with sticks and stones, but Turks shouldn’t have protected their people when attacked? See what I mean about your mental state?

      And you say “If you read the accounts of the Greeks or Armenians or the assyrians or any of these indeginous peoples of the lands invaded by the Turks it will seem like a living hell under Turkish rule. Imagine what it would be like to a member of a christian community living under the Taliban”
      Like it or not, they were being invaded wiht people from outside of their culture and religion. Surely I wouldn’t expect many to like the invadors and welcome them in. But facts remains and you can’t give me any evidnce to controrary, only people Turks have killed are in the battlefield. You know so much so you must also know the reason they cam to anatolia was because their lands were not fertile and they had to move out. All went to different directions, some came to anatolia.

      I googled your keywords, all I find is what I expect, nothing out of ordinary. Here’s what I found in Wikepedia searching for fall of Constatinopol. “Byzantine historian George Sphrantzes was an eyewitness to the fall of Constantinople. In his chronicle about the fall of the city, he wrote down the events that had taken place at the end of the third day of the conquest:

      On the third day after the fall of our city, the Sultan celebrated his victory with a great, joyful triumph. He issued a proclamation: the citizens of all ages who had managed to escape detection were to leave their hiding places throughout the city and come out into the open, as they were remain free and no question would be asked. He further declared the restoration of houses and property to those who had abandoned our city before the siege, if they returned home, they would be treated according to their rank and religion, as if nothing had changed.
      —George Sphrantzes

      They didn’t even change the name of the City until 1930’s. WHAT do you say to this?

      You couldn’t even lead yourself to the water. World history is full of violence and destruction. You must be hateful for some reason to pick on Turks. Look what happened in eastern europe very recently. Serbs lined up and killed 18thousand some muslims after they were owerpowered. Noone is saying anything about that genocode? It’s ok when Christians do it?

      You said: “How can Turkey call for the descent treatment of the Palestinians when Turkey has done way worse to the Kurds and even today denies the kurds their historic homeland which Turkey occupies????”

      Kurds you say? They fought next to us in all historic battles, they have been mixed so much in Turks, we are inseperable. Today, they are allowed to have their schools, teach their language and have TV channels in kurdish. Yes, they were treated unfairly in the past, but those days are over. Still some fanatics insists that they should declare their own government in Turkish land. This is like american indiand wanting to establish their government. Would US allow that to happen?

      You say: “Its a no brainer unless of course your deaf,dumb and blind ignorant and arrogant and refuse to read non turkish sources”

      Here is where your hate surface. I’m reading wikipedia in english. Have been asking you to provide links, but you are unable to do that. Because you’re picking and chosing words and letting your imagination take you to your hateful yourself. Like you said, it would be like christians under taliban. Oh how terrible that would be huh? those barbaric talibans. I don’t think it could have been worse than what happened to muslims in bosnia.


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  23. chris says:

    Also how can you say that when looking up Mamluk you could not find any referecne to what i was saying.What planet are you on ?
    In wikepedia the FIRST sentence reads-Was a Turkish soldier of slave origin—-
    For child Tax look up Blood Tax or the Turkish word Devsirme.
    Unless you are a totally brainwashed Turk of the debased Turkish education system on par with the brainwashed school children of north korea then you cannot possibly beleive and parrot the Official state lies of Turkey of total denial and “peacful settlement” and expect any respect.
    Wake up and stop your militarist nation of again committing crimes against humanity.


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    • Damien says:


      That’s right about the mamluk, but why did you stop there? Let me add the remaining text.

      “The “mamluk phenomenon”, as David Ayalon dubbed the creation of the specific warrior class,[2] was of great political importance and was extraordinarily long-lived, lasting from the 9th to the 19th century AD. Over time, mamluks became a powerful military caste in various Muslim societies. Particularly in Egypt, but also in the Levant, Iraq, and India, mamluks held political and military power. In some cases, they attained the rank of sultan, while in others they held regional power as amirs or beys. Most notably, mamluk factions seized the sultanate for themselves in Egypt and Syria in a period known as the Mamluk Sultanate (1250–1517).

      What part of this are you complaining again? Doesn’t it also say

      “The story of military in slavery Islamic societies begins with the Abbasid caliphs of the 9th century Baghdad. The earliest mamluks were known as ghilman (another term for slaves, broadly synonymous[5]) and were bought by the early Abbasid caliphs.”

      Something starting as early as 9th century is suddenly our fault? Plus, look at the timeframe, in those times, europe was killing each other in any and every change. Again, your hate is pointing you this direction, not your logic.

      I also looked up Devrisme in Wikipedia. Here’s some excerpts.

      “Tavernier noted in 1678 that the Janissaries looked more like a religious order than a military corps.[18] The members of the organization were not banned from marriage, as Tavernier further noted, but it was very uncommon for them. He goes on to write that their numbers had increased to a hundred thousand, but this was because of a degeneration of regulations and many of these were in fact “fake” Janissaries, posing as such for tax exemptions and other social privileges. He notes that the actual number of Janissaries was in fact much lower. (Shaw writes that their number was 30 000 under Suleiman the Magnificent.[19]) Recruits were sometimes gained through voluntarily accessions, as some parents were often eager to have their children enroll in the Janissary service that ensured them a successful career and comfort.”

      This was when? in 1500’s? You’re upset because there were 30.000 children taken away from their parents to be a high ranking soldier? Everyone in Turkey has to go to the army even today. I just went. You were expecting them to leave the other religions alone? And from what’s written above, they got better deals than average.

      So what are you complaining about? Just say it, I hate you becuase you exist. It’s ok though, I don’t hate you. You one day will understand hate brings only hate. If you want a life full of it, keep on spreading it.

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  24. Dennis says:


    You are probably one of the jew ,so you are man enogh to accept what happenen to aborgines. So please tell me about who save to die the most of jews ,while they are dying .
    Just one of them ;Please read buddy..

    How the Turks Saved the Jews from Genocide

    by Shelomo Alfassa

    Israel Insider Magazine / October 10, 2007

    In the fall of 1921 a Turkish steam ship sailed into New York harbor named the SS Gul Djemal, the name of the ship meant “Beautiful Rose.” On that ship, was my great-grandmother Rosa and her brother Eli; their father Isaac had arrived sometime earlier, all were Spanish speakers, all set sail from Turkey.

    My family spoke the Spanish language because their ancestors had fled Spain in the late 15th century when the Spanish government committed one of the most heinous acts in history, the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish population of Spain through near-total displacement of its Jews. Although the Jews had existed in Spain prior to the invention of the Spanish language or even the arrival of Christianity, in 1492 they were subject to mass violations of human rights and were forced to flee–or as the Spanish government put it, they would “incur the penalty of death.”

    In the end, hundreds of thousands of Jews fled Spain, leaving behind what would amount in today’s monetary system as billions of dollars in assets. These assets included private property such as homes, furnishings, jewelry, books, family objects, clothing, etc; and communal property such as businesses, real estate, synagogues, etc.

    The only reason why I am able to sit here in 2007 and write this essay is because at the time when the Spanish government advised the Jews they would have to flee their homeland or face death, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire–the leader of the state that existed before the modern Republic of Turkey–allowed my family and our people to seek refugee in his lands, this includes what is today Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Israel, the Balkans, and other places. Not only were the Jews allowed to go freely, but the Ottoman Empire sent ships to the west to assist the Spanish refugees in their terrible plight.

    Sultan Mehemet stated: “Who among you of all my people that is with me, may his God he with him, let him ascend to Constantinople, the site of my royal throne. Let him dwell in the best of the land, each beneath his vine and fig tree, with silver and with gold, with wealth and cattle. Let him dwell in the land, trade in it, and take possession of it.”

    When the most powerful nation in the world, 15th century Spain, openly and publicly threatened genocide against the Jewish people for the stated crime of practicing their own religion-Judaism, it was a Muslim government, the Ottoman Empire, which stepped in and saved the Jewish people from destruction. It was the Ottoman Empire that saved the Jews of Spain and to a great extent, Portugal, from certain death which the goverment threatened them with.

    Unlike the Christian kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, the Ottoman Empire never had a system of government-sponsored hatred against the Jewish people. Even though Jews were dhimmis, the government of the Ottoman Empire never set in place specific targeted anti-Jewish policies such as those that existed in Christian Europe. It is a sad reality that today many people only remember the Ottoman Turks for alleged bad treatment of minorities, when clearly, they have done many positive things that we today hundreds of years later should continue to praise.


    Public Responses:

    The Sultan did save many lives – I am so glad to see this article. Both sides of my family share the same history from Spain to Turkey, although some of my father’s people also went to Egypt ( where they, and the other Jews, were slaughtered by Moslems), some to Romania /Bulgaria, ( where Hitler finally finished them off), and some joined existing family in Israel (then called Palestine), where they still live today. The Sultan of Turkey did indeed treat the Jews more fairly than in other Moslem nations. Our people lived in far better conditions, with less threat to their lives in Turkey than in any other Moslem nation. Yes, his motivations were practical, but he saved many lives. My family was among them. –Alkalai – U.S.A

    My friend, I have known about this and in college when I was taking World releigions philosophy calss our teach have also mentioned this and he also said that Jews have given Sultan Mehemet a special title which ment in hebrew ” Doing good to Jews even though not being a jew” this title is only been given to hand full of people thru out Jewist history and even how much i researched or look I cannot found that word and if you know it I would be more than happy to re-learn it. –Osman Tavilson (Austin, TX)

    Shelomo, this is a great article, thank you for reminding everyone that the Ottoman Empire was one of the fairest and most just empires in the world. Armenians and others like them, like to pretend the Ottomans treated them horribly when the Ottomans actually relocated them away from danger to more peaceful lands away from the front lines and massacres. –Mr. O (Virginia Tech)

    My family has a similar story. We Sephardic Jews are all greatful to Turkey for how good they have been to us. –Rachel Salomon (Maryland)

    An honest man could say no more and no less. And let us never forget a good deed. –Red (Toronto, Canada)

    Our relations with Muslims were never ideal but they used to be much better than they are now. Of course the point of the article is that we Jews must remember that the Turks DID help us in our time of need. Whatever the politics surrounding the massacre of Armenians during WWI, a debt is owed. The Turks could have stood by and done nothing but they didn’t. Truth is truth…My words mean no more but also no less than they say. The Turks may be Muslims but to this day they have shown kindness to the Jewish people. Turkey is on good terms with Israel, for example.–W. (Jerusalem, Israel )

    Great Article. I greatly appreciate your writing skills. Your article especially explains why some people insist on supporting the allegations of Armenian historians.Without researching on the subject they come to the conclusion that if The Turks are included, then it must have happened. In my opinion,to put the Jews of WWII and Armenians of WWI under the same category is a great injustice to the Jews of WWII themselves. The Jews of WWII had not sought a political goal against their own states. Nor did they rebel and massacre unarmed villages. By no means they were at war with Germany. I hope one day those who support the Armenian cause in the name of morality will realize that by defining any bloody event in history as genocide, you are actually inflating the usage of this crime and thus reducing its extremity together with Nazism. –Arda Akbulut (Turkey)

    I could not agree more. The myth of the “Terrible Turk” is alive and well, unfortunately. –Rachel Salomon (Maryland)

    This is exactly what I’ve also been saying since the ADL got involved in this. The territorial claim of the Armenian Jews is the critical distinction. The same argument also goes for the expulsion of Jews of the North African and Iraq after the forming of state of Israel. They had no territorial claim yet they were kicked out of their homes leaving behind what today would equal to billions of dollars in assets.

    However, the history of Modern Turkey has not been as been so clean against the minorities. Pogroms against the Jews in the late 1920s and early 1930s known as Thracian Pogroms (Trakya Olaylari), Estate Tax (varlik vergisi) of 1940s where exclusively non-Muslims were taxed and many went bankrupt. I am not including the events of September 6-7 1955 (6 -7 Eylul Olaylari) against the Greek minority because no ties to the government can be made, although such claims has been made. –Vitali Penso (NYC)

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  25. Chris says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I didnt mention the Jews.Of course the Turks were best friends with the Jews and invited them into The ottoman empire –exclusivelly for economic gain.Not because the Turks are supposedly “compassionate” but only for economic gain to become the financiers of the empire.
    Did you read the last part of the story YOU posted ???….however the history of modern Turkey has not been so clean against other minorities…..
    What does that mean ???
    Wake up dennis as you too have been brainwashed by official Turkish state lies.
    Seek and you shall find that you too are probably the descendant of a forcibly enslaved Armenian child just like nearly all Turks today.

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    • Damien says:

      Wow, inviting Jews for financial gain huh? That’s priceless. Is that your opinion? Provide one link that shows how Turks financially gained form Jews and I’ll admit you’re the master of history. But you can’t so you’re just a hateful prick.

      This is only one of the evidence that Turks accepted any religion and culture into their own and trated them as their own. I know this because my ancestors are one of them.

      “however the history of modern Turkey has not been so clean against other minorities”

      It means exactely that, not clear. I’m not saying in all 700 years of history we haven’t made any mistakes. Noone is perect and there are some black days in Turkish history as well. All nations do. Some admit it and moved on, others still trying to hide it. If you think Turks were any more meaner than all others are, you are delusional, hatefull and probably Greek:)

      Peace out!

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  26. Donny says:

    Check these out!
    The reason why they came on the ship with
    paintball guns were so they wouldnt have to kill, If a cop stops you, or any type of officer and he yells and screams, you attack him? Those teorrist were shot after they already attacked unarmed soldiers they shouldnt have known better but to listen. They were shot from the sea only when they started to beat the soldiers with metal(look at the videos), the reason they entered the ships with paintball guns so they wouldnt have to fire at them, why would they enter a ship and start shooting paintballs, when they could have entered with live ammunition. And according to international law and the UN, it is legal for a country to enter international water to protect itself. LOOK IT UP!
    and Israel always lets aid into GAZA from The US and all over the world.
    Dont get me wrong I have no issue with anyones religion. But teorrist!
    and look at these as well. For this is who the palestinians have voted in HAMAS!!!



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  27. Damien says:

    Sorry, but when I saw that video, all I saw was poor uneducated people readying their kids for survival. They are being exterminated. I’ve seen some videos too, you’d say arab propaganda, but sure was convincing.

    I know how it feels to be terrorized, becuase PKK has killed 40.000 some turks since 80’s when they suddenly decided that they had right to their country within our borders. It’s horrible to see dead bodies of children in newspapers, growing up with it. Especially having been friends in last 600 years, living and fighting together in battlefield, protecting our lands from crusaders. They suddenly started killing babies. I mean, in your case, it’s little more understandable that they are resisting the way they are. But I think Kurd extreemists are causing even more damage. You don’t see us Militerising their cities, claiming their lands and all. We send planes to bomb them from time to time, but very rare. What your government is doing there is just inhumane. I’m sorry to say this and I don’t wanna start a fight, but there are lots of Israelis who think the same. I can give you some links on those if you like. Look what they’re saying now, if you insist on pushing for your state, we will cut your finances. Do they think they will ben over and take that? I think they know better.

    Anyway, let’s not get into it too deep, I only hope that one day this will all be over and all borders vanished and all humans gathered under one country ruled by robots. (Because we’re clearly not able to rule ourselves)

    Also can I ask you to take a look at this? Please tell me what you think? Not about what we’re talking about.

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    • chris says:

      you have no legitimate borders since you stole them from the Kurds who were there before you.
      Give them back their country and say sorry to them for 400 years of theft rape murder and terrorism.
      How can you talk of palestinian rights when you just destroyed 500 kurdish villages in the 90s and continue to bomb them today ?
      Give their land back theif !!!

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      • Damien says:

        Irish from australia is telling me that we have no legitemate borders? What the F are you doing there?

        We’re bombing kurds? We’re bombing terrorists that ambush and kill every day since 80’s. They killed 40.000 some Turks. I grow up with seeing dead babies in newspapers, almost everyday. What do you expect us to do, lay back and watch people die?

        I got it now, your GF is kurdish isn’t she?

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  28. chris says:

    To damien,
    First you postthat Turks never enacted slavery ever!
    and then you provide information riddled with accounts of Turks using slavery.
    You have your sissy fit about me hating Turks but i dont hate Turks- i hate the extremelly barbaric actions of your ancestors who contributed nothing new to human history except a higher level of barbarism directed against those they occupied.
    I am a australian of Irish descent,not a Greek or a Armenian but my girlfriend is Turkish from the black sea region and she has told me to pitty people like yourself because you have no free speech in your country.Most political disidents go missing or are tried for “insulting Turkishness” soyou are just a robot regurgitating goverment propaganda.
    You say after the fall of constantinople “after three days”the sultan ……Why after 3 days ? why does your story start there?
    Ill tell the world what your ashamed to say -that for the first three days the sultan allowed his troups the CUSTOMARY 3 days to murder ,rape pillage without restraint the old men womwn and children to the point where apon entering the city the sultans horse did not touch the ground for the blood and gore and headless bodies.–Great Turkish customs eh?
    Then after three days the sultan showed mercy?
    A city of 1 million people and the sultan showed mecy on 5 thousand that were left-and this is your example of Turkish compassion???????
    Why did you invade someoneones home and steal their possesions anyway???–because you soil in northern mongolia was not fertile?
    Does this stand as justice in Turkish courts ?
    The Turks then proceeded to forcibly remove christian children from their mostly murdered parents-never to see them again and because some of these kids made it to high military posts you think this is good ? We should be thankfull??
    Military of janissaries meant these stolen and forcefully islamisised children then went on military campaighn against their ancestors without knowing.
    And you not ashamed at mentioning this treatment of people who had done nothing to but posess land which you wanted to steal .
    are you mad or still uncivilised?
    What i say is not because i hate Turks but because i hate the extreme barbarism Turks used to steal every inch of land they have today.
    Israel did the same to the palestinians and it is this inhumanity which i condemn.
    Wake up Damien and stop making excuses to murder other people and steal their property.
    Maybe the Turks should drop secularism and become good muslims .Maybe this will civilise them.

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    • Damien says:

      “First you postthat Turks never enacted slavery ever! and then you provide information riddled with accounts of Turks using slavery.”

      I also showed that the custom started in 9th century, Turks didn’t come to that area until 11th century. It’s another example of how you’re picking and chosing. Napoleon used memluks in his army too.

      “You have your sissy fit about me hating Turks but i dont hate Turks- i hate the extremelly barbaric actions of your ancestors who contributed nothing new to human history except a higher level of barbarism directed against those they occupied.”

      If what you say about Turks were true, I’d accept that, but they are not. You still can’t provide one link to back your words. I shouldn’t even reply to you.

      “I am a australian of Irish descent,not a Greek or a Armenian but my girlfriend is Turkish from the black sea region and she has told me to pitty people like yourself because you have no free speech in your country.Most political disidents go missing or are tried for “insulting Turkishness” soyou are just a robot regurgitating goverment propaganda.”

      This is the part I don’t understand. Your girlfriend is Turkish from blacksea area? I’m from blacksea area. She should know, Rize. My ancestors, and maybe hers too, came from Georgia (not very sure but around there somehere). They were not muslims, not Turkish, but they lived among Turks for centuries. Is she one of them as well? I understand now that she is the source of your information. So what’s the story here? What does she know?
      About insulting Turkishness, yes, we have that law and it’s about the only limit to free speach. I’m not proud of it, but I understand the reason they take offense when they insult Turkishness.

      I don’t even want to repeat what you wrote about fall of constantinopol. Lies, lies and more lies. Prove it or shut up. The article I post was from Greek person. Would he have said those things if it happened the way you descibed? Lies!

      Before you think about saying something about how we murdered natives in our lands, look what your ancestors did to natives of your lands. You did not leave enough behind that they would complain and call you genocidal animals. Hypocracy at best. Read that long text Dennis posted if you have to.

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  29. chris says:

    No dennis my G.F is Turkish not Kurdish but in Australia she is FREE to say that her grandfather was a Armenian infant taken by her Turkish neighbours who MURDERED her parents and sister and stole her ancestral home.This was done with the arming and support of the Turkish state who armed turkish militias.
    I have provided PLENTY of evidence but but it hurts you too much to accept such as the google video -The Armenian genocide.
    We Australians have said sorry to the Aboriginals and today they live in openess amongst us and also have their own Areas governed by their own laws with their own customs .We even promote Aboriginal culture thru the taxes that I the Australian pay in recognition of our past.–Very much unlike the Armenians in Turkey or the Kurds.
    The kurds kill the Turkish occupier of their land because you wont give their country back to them and occupy oppress them.Just like under international law the french killed the NAZI occupier of frence in the second world war.
    It is THEIRS GIVE IT BACK simple ! what part of the word THEFT dont you understand.
    They dont want to live under the occupier as second class citizens like the palestinians do.
    The Armenians want THEIR land back too. They want recognition for the gruesome mass murders done to them by the Turkish OCCUPIERS.
    No you should not reply -you should read,watch and learn from the MANY examples of what i gave you and hang your head in shame.
    You havent answered for Constantinople – why did you have to march all the way from mongolia to SOMEONE ELSES land murder them And STEAL their homes murder 99% of them and show mercy to 1% that was left? and if the EXCUSE of infertile land in mongolia would that stand up as valid defence under Turkish law today?Does that stand correct in your Turkish concience? do you Have a concience?
    Be a man submit to God and say the truth you liar.

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  30. Sami says:

    You can not kill and say sorry my friend. That doesn’t work. I do not see any Aboriginian country or state in the continent of Australia. If you guys are so nice as you say, there would be an Aboriginian country with their own government and an army, but that would be a threat for you right?
    After so many deaths, I do not see any independent American Indian state or country in US because they won’t allow it. What you say seems like you give a bunch of nice treat to a dog so they won’t bark at you.
    I live in US and I know what they deliberately did to Indians, Africans, Japan, Vietnam and others in the past. Today, many countries are still under French, British occupation . How do you think they occupied those countries in the past? Every event has a story behind. When you look at the past you will only see a bloodshed. Millions of people died at those corrupted times. How come none of them get any blame but Turks? What I know about Armenian genocide was so many deaths but that was again the war time. Ottoman empire was weak after the world war and Armenian gangs tried to take advantage of it by getting support from Russia and they started rebellion, busting villages, killing women and children. Otherwise why would an ordinary farmer or a shepard joined this act of getting rid of these rebellious groups? Because they witnessed how your everyday neighbor can turn against you and slay your wife and your newborn baby while you are away. If it was a genocide, Turks would kill them all on site like how Hitler did to Jews.
    Turkey is a democratic country. Today, Kurds want to establish their own country in Turkey’s soil. They want to have their own government and an army. They are not second class citizens and they have the same rights as other people live in Turkey if they are not terrorist. Turkey still has so many different ethnic groups live together peacefully today. If similar terrorism happened to Australians by Aboirginians, I would be really curious how you guys would deal with the problem.
    Turks got those borders by giving their blood in the past. That country is not given to them as a Christmas present. Millions of them died and millions of lives were taken. Their history goes back to 11th century. Look what happens when a country become more powerful even today, slowly corrupting other countries and gain control over them. I don’t know where your anger comes from but you should leave the corrupted past in the past. Try to live in a paceful mind.

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  31. Damien says:


    Sami above said everything I wanted to say but better. One thing, if my girlfriend were telling me all these things about her ancestors being slained, I’d probably act as same as you do.


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  32. German Man says:

    Israel and most of the jews are nuisance.Whatever they are doing just againts the humanity . I just remember the The Hitler maybe he did the right thing.

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  33. German Man says:

    I like this man Sami what he said everthink is true .
    I like Aborgines,Indians even Arabs but not Jews.

    Everybody knows Jews are performed 9 /11 ,We all know in here.

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