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Turkey voices readiness for Israel war

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has voiced his country’s readiness to engage in a conflict with Israel, in the case it becomes ‘necessary.’

In an interview with Charlie Rose, when Erdogan was asked if he saw the Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound flotilla that killed nine Turkish nationals as “a cause of war,” as the premier had earlier said Erdogan said “we will do that too if it becomes necessary,” Turkey’s Vatan newspaper reported on Thursday.

“As you know, Israel attacked three ships, one of which carried over 400 people from 33 countries, in international waters from sea and air. Such an attack in international waters is against international law,” Erdogan noted.

The Turkish premier reiterated that Israel should apologize to Turkey for the attack and pay compensation to the families of the victims.

Asked about earlier remark that “Israel is a spoiled child,” Erdogan said, “Israel is West’s spoiled child. I still say the same thing.”


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  • JanB

    In case of a war with the Israeli Apartheids regime, NATO would be obliged to come to the aid of member state Turkey. Such an event could show that the USA would break that pledge, like it has broken all its pledges to international law in general, not to mention those to “bringing freedom and democracy”.

  • Andor

    I hope not!!
    Firstly Turkey will be flattened.
    Secondly it will start a world war..
    Fighting Israel means fighting the US.

    • Nomobama

      I doubted very much, the US will not come to save Israel, it is better for the USA that Israel disappears, way too many issues already. They are a liability to UK and US. if these two countries stop giving money to israel, they will collapse!

  • ics

    it’s about time to exclude turkey from nato!

  • Gareth

    “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” – Quran

    • fatih

      dont make me laugh :) are u sure that u know Quran?

    • Jesus

      Romans 8:35
      Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?

  • Beatriz Takahasi

    @ics From your lips to God’s ears!! America to defend Israel? God will defend Israel,no question about it!

    • Beatriz Takahasi

      @ AndorFrom your lips to God’s ears!! America to defend Israel? God will defend Israel,no question about it!

      • Kevin

        Hold on just a second. I hate to turn this into a religious discussion, but I am extremely confused about this whole Israel thing.

        Okay, Israel which we know today IS NOT the Israel which is spoken of in the Bible. THAT Israel no longer exists. The Israel of today should not be mistaken for the Biblical Israel. Of that, I am certain.

        Where I’m confused is this: Did (Biblical) Israel break God’s covenant? (According to the Bible, yes…a few times.)

        Also, having studied symbology for a couple years, I can tell you point blank that the Israeli flag would not fly in the eyes of God. The “Star of David” was never used by king David. It was used by his son Solomon AFTER he (Solomon) started worshipping other gods. What that star means is simple: “As above, so below.” which is a phrase used in witchcraft.

        The reason Israel now flys the star of David is because of how Israel came back into existance. The Rothschild family had a large role in the creation of Israel. The Rothschilds also use the star of David, and (if my memory serves correctly) the symbol was used on their banner (which was a red shield. Rothschild = red shield) in the early to mid 1700s.

        That said, does today’s Israel still fall under divine protection?

        There is no doubt in my mind that her people deserve the right to live and be free. There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of Israelis have nothing to do with what is transpiring and want nothing more than peace…which they should have.

        I don’t know where to position myself on Israel. No, they should not have to live in fear over there. And the way it appears, they have enemies knocking on all borders just waitiing for the word to go in and start the war.

        This is not meant to start an arguement. I have been struggling with answers to the Israel question for awhile. Whenever I bring it up I am either an anti semite, or I’m a hate monger hating the palestinians. I just want an intelligent debate to maybe figure out where I should place myself.

        As far as the religious aspect of it, it’s hard to really find someone who can positively answer the question here in the US. Heck, we even observe the Sabbath on the wrong day of the week…which in effect is the same as worshipping Satan. I mean think about it…God rested on the 7th day of the week. What day is the 7th day? (It’s not Sunday…)If we can’t even get the Sabbath right, how are we supposed to make the right choice on Israel?

        • bisou

          The American calendar is messed up. In the world, non Anglophone countries, calendar starts with Monday.

        • Normander

          To Kevin. Todays Israel is actually the seed of ESAU.(EDOM) After Isaac realized he had been had by Jacob and Rebecka with the goat skin ploy to get the birthrite blessings away from Esau,who was firstborn of the twins,he did a curious thing. He called Esau and blessed him with what we now know is the Blessing of the Dominion of ESAU.Jacob was masquerading as ESAU to get the birthrites.Isaac placed God on the hotseat by proclaiming this blessing that the descendants of ESAU would themselves one day have a world DOMINION. This meant they would be in position of great authority to be responsible to bring forth the kingdom of GOD.The 12 sons of JACOB are actually the white nations of Europe and are the christian nations which heard the VOICE of CHRIST.JESUS said,”MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE AND COME WHEN I CALL.They brought forth the MESSIAH and are the missionary voice of Jesus to the world.The EDOMITE JEWS are NOT the sheep of CHRIST and DO NOT COME WHEN HE CALLS.Esau was rightful heir to the birthrites,national and spiritual, but his seed would not have done as God commanded,which is why God would have taken them from Esau and given them to Jacob anyway,but Jacob’s deception forced God to take another route which goes thusly. Edomites were the seed of ESAU and CANNANITE women which were the seed of CAIN,who was the seed of SATAN through his seduction and impregnation of EVE.They were always Israel’s enemy. In 126 b.C. Jews invaded EDOM and forced them to become Jews or face banishment or death. GOD now had EDOM in Jewery(JUDEAH).They were now masquerading as JACOB so GOD could use them for several purposes.First one was to be the crucifiers of JESUS as true Israelite Jews never would have done the deed.After centuries of diaspora and a curious hybridding with the KHAZAR TURKS which became jews too. This was neccessary to keep JUDAISM alive.This was the fulfillment of the DEMONS being cast out of the woman and entering the herd of swine story JESUS told.The swine were the Turkish KHAZARS which became jews and rushed into the sea and were drowned, which simply means they dissappeared into the sea of peoples and were lost to history.The Rothchilds and Rockafellers of the world were on course to gain world power through banking and the power of money.Blackmail,murder and the starting and controlling of wars ensured their power.When they engineered the Federal Reserve Act,they were guaranteed the DOMINION which GOD promised Isaac he would give to ESAU to make up for the stealing of the birthrites by JACOB and Mommy dear.That is why we have an WEALTHY ISRAEl today which is a purely SATANIC,JESUS hating abomination which has no intention of bringing forth the KINGDOM of GOD.Rather that they WORSHIP THE DEVIL AND SEEK TO BRING FORTH HIS KINGDOM,as JESUS said to their faces,YOU SAY YOU ARE JEWS AND ARE NOT.,BUT ARE THE CHILDREN OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL,WHOSE WILL YE DO.They have been given a mandate and the time is now almost run out of the hourglass.When the glass is empty they will be WEIGHED in the balances of the scales of justice and judgement,they will be found wanting,just as Babylon was that fateful night of the handwriting on the wall.Thus explains the greatest deception in our history second only to the lie in the garden of eden. You need to know the website of DR. STEPHEN E. JONES.(Google) GODS-KINGDOM-MINISTRIES-SERIOUS BIBLE STUDY,and click on the right link. He has written the books neccessary to understanding these events in todays world and can be downloaded or read for free on his website.Blindness in Part and Struggle for the Birthrite are must reads.His daily weblogs are crucial to understanding todays events in relation to Prophecy.If you do these things you will surely then know how to make sense of what we call ISRAEL today. Thank you for you time.

  • Jean-Francois Morf

    In 2008, banks have loosed 14 trillions $, except Israeli banks!
    Did you ever ask you who has wined the 14 trillions $ ?
    In 2011, banks loosed many trillions $ again, because a winner take them all…
    Israel is now Goliath, and Palestine is now David, with stones against nuclear bombs…
    0% chance for Palestine!

  • Scott

    Let them fight! Don’t get involved! That means us, America. “Shouldn’t’a’ been talkin shit.”

    • Scott

      Aid the fleeing civilians… They deserve life and peace.

  • geo

    Are you all fucking retarded? Israel attacked a ship in international waters INDEED! That might be a reason for war. What would the americans do had the israelis intercepted an american ship? Praise them? Fucking lunatic jews. Turkey has avery reason to be mad; and like the old saying says-“PAYBACK IS A BITCH”!

  • Google

    U.S will simply break its pledge to Nato to defend Israel. We all know who dictates U.S foreign policy within the Western world

  • ca

    Greece has signed to aid israel if turkey attacks and vice versa Greece is a member of nato and Eu what happens then?

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