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Swedish police to learn polite Arabic

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Police who patrol Malmö’s Rosengård district are being offered a special Arabic language class to help them better understand and communicate with local residents in the predominantly immigrant area.

So far 45 officers have signed up for voluntary twelve-week class, which will provide training on a number of common greetings and pleasantries in Arabic, the local Skånska Dagbladet newspaper reports.

“It’s about dealing with immigrants in a more dignified and little more civil manner,” local police chief Bengt Hersler told the newspaper.

According to Hersler, the course was arranged at the request of officers who have pushed the department to provide them with the tools to better communicate with Rosengård’s residents, many of whom are immigrants and have Swedish as a second language.

In addition to teachings in basic Arabic, the tailor-made course will also offer lessons on Muslim culture and traditions to help officers better understand some of the cultural differences that can lead to misunderstandings in dealings with local residents.

“We’re looking to broaden our knowledge, Said Hersler.

“Ever time we speak, we express ourselves from within our own culture. Even if you speak the same language, there’s no guarantee that people understand each other.”

The tailor-made course, arranged by studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, will be held during participants’ free time and will focus on phrases that officers would likely be able to use in their everyday work.

“They obviously aren’t going to learn the whole language,” Lena Gustafsson from Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan told the newspaper.

While no follow up course is currently planned, Hersler told the newspaper that, if the Arabic language and culture class proves successful, a follow-on may be arranged.


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8 Responses to " Swedish police to learn polite Arabic "

  1. amber says:

    Why aren’t the immigrants learning Swedish for God’s sake?
    Where is the Swedish pride or isn’t there any? You don’t have to be nasty but it’s long overdue that immigrants pull their weight, learn Swedish, get jobs and pay some taxes and stop draining the system.

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  2. Viljami Veljenheimo says:

    No, there is none. Sweden is a perfect example of multicultural failure.

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  3. scottidott says:

    I see the jews have managed to infiltrate their system.

    Sweden grow some balls and drop that multicultural phaggotry.

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  4. AK says:

    When I go to the UK or US, I speak English.
    When I go to Japan, I speak Japanese.

    Why are those arabs not adapting to the given society? Because they’re fascists. Turkish PM Erdogan not long ago called integration a “crime against humanity”.

    Kick those buggers out of the country. Scandinavia is done for, thanks to letting islamo-fascists into the country.

    That said: ban islam.

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  5. Angel says:

    This is perfect example of the never ending concessions that will end the European civilization. The immigrants are the ones to learn the language and culture of the hosting country, not the vice verse!!! This is disgusting to see Europe bending backwards to please these 7th century savages. Where is your pride, Sweden? Left it all to the vampire Eric from True Blood? it looks like only the imaginary Swed has any Viking balls and blood left.

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  6. amber says:

    Big shock today. ANOTHER FIVE boatloads of so-called asylum-seekers are heading for Australia. This has got totally out of hand since that dreadful idiot Kevin Rudd dismantled the immigration policy which (our beloved) John Howard had in place. There is a chance Geert Wilders will visit Australia and I hope he comes here in time before we too are swamped with these parasites.

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  7. Erik says:

    The Western world needs to step up and end this horrid idea of “multiculturalism” notice how no country outside of the western world supports it? They oppose it.

    The European way of life is dying, and will continue on this path of destruction. I fear that this is all irreversible

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  8. skreamer says:

    we dont go to their countries because they are shit, then they come to our countries because they are not shit!……Then they make our home shit like the countries they just come from? ….whats the point?….why would you let them in? why would they come here and make the same shit that their trying to get away from? ie:religious shit!!
    Please universe…kill all the sand monkeys so i have somewhere to live without rape and violence!
    or God got it wrong and put me on the wrong planet!….what a fag!

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