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Rumsfeld: Attack Imminent If Congress Cuts Defense

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Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned that it will only be a matter of time before America endures another terrorist attack if Congress ends up blaming the defense budget for this country’s red ink woes. “The Department of Defense is not what’s causing the debt and the deficit. It’s the entitlement programs,” he told HUMAN EVENTS in an exclusive interview. “If we make that mistake, we’re doomed to suffer another attack of some kind, and our intelligence will be less strong and less effective.”

Before legislators attempt to take out the nation’s crushing debt on the Defense Department, they must understand that spending on the military is low compared with historical averages, said Rumsfeld. He noted that military spending from Eisenhower though LBJ topped 10% of the gross domestic product (GDP), far less than today’s 4.7%.

President Obama has already imposed $400 billion in military cuts, and there could be $800 billion more in slashing to follow in the very near future if congressional leaders do not agree on a debt-reduction deal.

Rumsfeld stressed that the military cuts looming today may be similarly disastrous to those that occurred at the end of the Cold War—a precursor, he claims, to creating the vulnerable environment that bred 9/11. The mindset then was, “we can cut the defense budget, we cut the intelligence budget, and we’ll be okay. The answer was that we weren’t okay. We didn’t have the kind of intelligence capability we needed.”


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  • Evan S

    :-x nice blackmail

  • Django

    Us currency is based on the mining,farming and forestry industries.

    The worth of the dollar is based on the body count.

  • They Lived!

    Traitors abound today,what else would be expected from those who seek to emulate the walkers in the wilderness.

  • American

    Stop the greed wars bring the army’s home guard our own borders simple. And vote for Ron Paul 2012 help fight off the Rumsfelds of the world.

  • Brainiac

    Better yet is to cease funding terrorism and cut them loose,the patriots will mop them up.

  • Yet more fear mongering. If you spook enough people eventually you can claim riteousness.

  • cjae

    This is exactly what Webster Tarpley said would happen if they tried to cut the defense budget. Where did Rumsfield come from I thought that creepy jerk was out of there along time ago. Oh yea,the debt’s not coming from the military..the middle east estate is only $5 trillion (as least what’s been reported)

  • In the hope of contributing to the dicussion, please consider these words. The Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth have successfully presented the truth on what we all have known. The building’s were demolished by controlled demolishion, it was no accident, plane, or fire that destroyed these structures. There are many pawns in this sad tragedy, the wounds cannot heal until the light of truth shine’s completly. The biggest pawn is George Bush and company, while a co-conspiritor, guilty of his part in this historic treason, yet a total fonzaloon.
    History will reveal the main player, William J. Clinton and company. This revelation will not be from human history, there is insufficient time left.
    The 911 truth evidence clearly identifies highly refined nano thermite (super thermite) as used to sever the clip connections at the column/beam connections (400 per floor) thru an elaborate electronic firing control (which was remote). This compound was only produce by the US Military and is to this day. At that time N.T. was very difficult to manufacture, maxium production was 100kg per month. Present production has been increased due to inovation in seperating the elements within the compound which are highly sensitive to each other, unstable.
    This should illuminate thought.
    The quantity needed to complete this tragedy was in manufacture for over 18 months, in highly controlled conditions for compound consistency (stability in storage).
    Then the application (installation) and wiring, in three building’s totaling over 250 floor’s. This was a giant physical task in occupied building’s of continuous coordination and secrecy.
    George Bush did not have the time to initate this plan, nor the mental ability, Clinton did and does.
    You don’t get to the 33rd level of the Freemasons Red Lodge being a knuckle dragger.
    He has followed the Albert Pike play book to the letter to this day and is not yet finished.

  • cjae

    This is so funny. Has anyone noticed the National Defense Degree that comes up on the ad choice right over Rumsfield’s picture?

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