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Ron Paul Doubles His National Support In Just 2 Weeks

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CNN poll confirms Congressman is top tier candidate

When Ron Paul routinely trounces his opposition in post-debate polls, the establishment media dismisses the outcome as not being reflective of national trends. However, a new CNN survey confirms that the Congressman is a top tier candidate and his popularity is rapidly accelerating.

In a national poll conducted by CNN which surveyed over 1,000 Americans between September 9-11, Paul came in fourth just 6 per cent behind Mitt Romney in second , with Sarah Palin third and Rick Perry leading.

“Besides Perry and Romney, Paul beat out the rest of his competition by 7 percent or more. Paul’s support also increased by six percent from the CNN poll that was conducted between August 24-25, 2011,” reports The State Column.

So in effect Ron Paul has doubled his national support in the space of just over two weeks alone, no doubt as a result of his sterling performances in the recent Republican debates. Polls show that the Texan Congressman has emerged victorious from every debate thus far.

Rick Perry is clearly the frontrunner at the moment, receiving 30 per cent in the CNN poll, but he is there to be shot at and his popularity is quickly losing steam. The Texas Governor was whacked from all sides during the debate last night and the more people learn about his involvement in the HPV controversy, his tax hikes and his globalist tendencies, the myth that Perry is a down-home conservative will swiftly evaporate.

Indeed, even in Perry’s home state of Texas, President Barack Obama, whose approval rating has hovered at an all time low recently, is almost as popular as the Governor. Ron Paul easily defeated Perry in a poll of Texans over who they would prefer as President, because Texans are painfully aware of Perry’s real record in the Lone Star State. Once Americans nationwide come to the same realization, Perry will sink faster than Rudy Giuliani in 2008.

Out of all the candidates, Ron Paul clearly has the strongest momentum going into the turn of the year, and now that the establishment media has been forced to stop ignoring him and acknowledge the fact that he is a top tier candidate, that platform will only become more prominent. Expect the smear attacks against Paul to also become much more frequent.

The hoax has completely failed. Ron Paul is now a confirmed presidential frontrunner for 2012, and the momentum he is now building will ensure the only true constitutionalist in the field offers a fierce challenge to the likes of Perry and Romney for the Republican nomination.

Watch all of Ron Paul’s responses from last night’s CNN debate below.


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3 Responses to " Ron Paul Doubles His National Support In Just 2 Weeks "

  1. xmark says:

    ron is the only logical choice. but i dont think that he has sold his soul to the devil , like the rest , so they probubly wont let hin run. this war mechine needs a war criminal at the helm ,in order to rule the word

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  2. Nam Marine says:

    Dr. Paul is the only logical choice unless you want the same old -hit! :roll:

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  3. bill cox says:

    :) For those who would like to see America return to being a Constitutional Republic Dr. Ron Paul is definitely best choice and probably the last chance you will ever have. He’s been a Congressman for 20 years and to my knowledge has never once flip-flopped on his views of the role of government.

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