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Rick Perry & Ron Paul Argued during the Reagan library Debate break

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Republican presidential candidates Rick Perry and Ron Paul, R-Texas got in a verbal argument during a break at a Republican presidential candidates debate at the Reagan Library Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011, in Simi Valley, California. Unfortunately we were not able to find out what they were arguing about but presidential candidate Rick Perry looked pretty upset and maybe even a little aggressive with Ron Paul.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul has not yet disclosed to the media what the argument was all about but should any of them decide to talk to the media about this argument, we will let you know.

UPDATE: Ron Paul has answered yesterday on the allegations of him arguing with Rick Perry. Ron Paul said that they were not arguing,  in fact the discussion was so unimportant that he forgot what they talked about. Click here to watch Ron Paul’s video response.

Who do you think won the Republican debate at the Reagan library? Click here to vote on MSNBC’s online poll.

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  • paul

    Perry is same-old same-old. He is Yosemite Sam politician. He is a disgusting person who sold his soul.

  • Boris

    It’s obvious that Perry is FAKE Neo-Con type…
    I hope he’s out. Huntsman actually seemed like a human being, but Paul’s got my vote!

  • Bezaliel

    :roll: Looks like poor little Perry is scared enough to try to use threats. RON PAUL 2012!

  • The ultimate Q MAN

    What a bully! Way to stand up to him and call him out on all his wrong doings Dr.Paul!

  • mitch


    he’s the only decent person in the bunch. He has character, an admirable record, and a plan on how to turn this country around. Every other candidate just keeps regurgitating his phrases at this point

  • Christy

    I think people are so brainwashed by what the government should be, that they have a really hard time wrapping their heads around limiting the federal government and giving these issues back to the states. The 10th amendment exists for this purpose because it was understood that the free market/free people could not prosper under a government full of mandates. We The People have so much more influence/control on a local level than we will ever have on a federal level. This alone gives us back our country. People would pay more attention to who they vote in and be in the position to work with these politicians at a local level to ensure honesty, etc. Government regulated groups would become business/people regulated groups…we would not become cavemen, we still have the knowledge, experience, and education needed to support public safety, poverty, etc.; it would simply be regulated on a state level. At a local level, EVERYTHING could be voted on…no slipping things through in the middle of the night. States would work together, like a big community, instead of one group in DC calling the shots. Even though it sounds drastic, things would not change that much, they would simply start to make sense and flow, instead of having the chaos we experience today. Please, out of respect for your fellow Americans, take the time to really listen and try to understand what Dr. Paul is saying. He doesn’t get a lot of time to really explain his ideas because the government-owned media really does not want you to know there is a better way, because it’s only better for us, the people, and not for them, the government. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Amonite

    I was prepared to like Perry before this debate, from what I had heard about him, but he really dropped in my estimation during it and became one of my least favorites (though not as bad as Huntsman). While I am not sure I would pick Ron Paul as the winner (maybe second or third), he had a very strong showing, and certainly has my attention. As it stands now, I would definately pick him over Perry.

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