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New York remembers victims of 9/11 attacks

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As the world remembers 3000 people killed in the United States on the tragic events of 9/11, demonstrators gathered in New York City in a memorial for the victims of the “global war on terror”.

Organizers say the event is to commemorate fallen soldiers and those forgotten.

Led by artists, activists and organizations across the country the memorial is to cry out in protest and grief with a different message to the people of the world: All this has not been done in our names.

In 2002, people living in the United States joined with millions around the globe in the largest protests in history against a coming war -Iraq- a country with no links to 9/11. Not In Our Name! they chanted. Today they gather once again their slogan: “Our grief is not a cry for war!”

And the message was clear: Unity and solidarity against racism and anti-Muslim bigotry.

Former US Army Muslim Chaplin at Guantanamo made a passionate called on Americans to speak out against the inhumane treatment of prisoners at the US prison base:

The event takes place as New York City continues to be on high security alert for possible terrorist attacks.


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