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New Cydonia-Like Face Discovered on Mars

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Matteo Ianneo

An Italian explorer interested in astronomy and exploring of Mars has yet again discovered a great structure on Mars which is very similar to the Cydonia region of Mars where there are a couple of pyramids and what looks like an Egyptian sphinx. Mr. Matteo Ianneo’s discovery however looks like the head of an Asian, more specifically a Japanese warrior, a Samurai.

Although shocking, this is not his first discovery, he has many previous discoveries. The Samurai head on Mars could be a natural formation of rocks or it could be an artificial construction like a statue. Taking into consideration the Cydonia region and Matteo Ianneo’s previous discoveries it is quite possible that these were artificially built structures by either a former civilization which ruled the surface of Mars years ago and now went extinct, or maybe a species of aliens which live underground because Mars has no atmosphere.

In any case, this discovery is certainly interesting and it is worth having a look at. You can see the Samurai Head on Google Earth at the following coordinates:

6°17’47.27″S 120°06’32.49″W

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  • lin


  • sah


  • kaima

    Suuri, todella suuri keksintö.

  • tex89

    환상, 나는 그것이 자연 형성된 것 같진 않은데, 이것은 조각이다

  • Jasmine

    Aliens on Mars? Should I laugh or be scared? 8-O

  • Lia

    we are kidding all the truth ‘is coming out slowly

  • pakinas

    Felicito a este investigador está haciendo hablar de todo el mundo

  • sjsmith

    looks more like an Archon to me!

  • This is just a natural volcanic outcropping. Nothing like the real face… This guy is just stirring up disinformation!

    • air

      she is a great observer, which makes me an autograph?

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  • filomena

    Who says that this discovery is not really extraordinary means you do not have eyes, or does not want to see. Congratulations once again to continue on its way sooner or later someone will award ‘

  • ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮suomynonA

    hardly looks like anything,if that shit is another face on mars,i ‘ve seen dozens so called “faces” in multiple of random places

    • arlecchino

      dann, wenn sehr gute

  • Ashley

    Wow I must say that this discovery looks even better than Cydonia! Good job on reporting this!


      Thank you very much those who appreciate my findings. Those who have an eye, and who feel Verman passion for certain things. I wanted to point out to skeptics, no one tells you to believe, no one kneels to beg for a positive opinion, no one weeps for your criticism. You must be a lot more good than evil and do not show that it is only taken from envy of what ‘you can not do and you can not get there. I discover this to give a contribution to the world even a little help in understanding things. When someone criticizes will have to ‘prove the opposite of what I say, with facts and not with the critics right? In fact masquerading under a name but no name is given congome and level of knowledge, not hide from cowardly to criticize the work of others. I do not criticize what they do never look at others but always with a positive sense. Who is behind the words and does not prove what he says is just an incompetent and if he has a title about it means that I have learned nothing and will have still a big ‘why even study result is still not prepared.



    Ringrazio infinitamente coloro che apprezzano le mie scoperte. Coloro che hanno un occhio particolare, e che sentono vermanete la passione per determinate cose. Volevo puntualizzare agli scettici, nessuno dice a voi di credere, nessuno si inginocchia per chiedervi un parere positivo, nessuno piange sulle vostre critiche. Dovete essere molto piu buoni e non mostrare quella cattiveria che è solo presa dall’invidia di cio’ che voi non potete fare e non potete arrivare. Io scopro questo per dare un contributo al mondo intero anzi un piccolo aiuto nel capire le cose. Quando qualcuno critica dovra’ dimostrarmi il contrario di quello che io dico, con i fatti e non con le critiche ok? Anzi non mascherarsi sotto un nome ma dare nome è congome e livello di conoscenza, non nascondersi da vigliacco per criticare il lavoro altrui. Io non critico mai quello che fanno gli altri ma osservo sempre con un senso positivo. Chi si nasconde dietro delle parole e non dimostra quello che dice è solo un incompetente e se ha un titolo a riguardo significa che ho ha capito ancora un bel nulla e dovra’ studiare ancora perchè risulerebbe ancora impreparato.

  • elena89

    grandiosa scoperta sig. ianneo

    una volto veramente strabiliante,


  • mario45

    Devo complimentarmi con lei sig. Ianneo per questa meraviglia,indipendentemente per quello che gli esperti possono pensare, io dico che lei è molto bravo nel trovare queste raffigurazioni, veramente bravo. Ottimo lavoro.

  • Johnny

    What about on Venus? Is there anything there? Why do I never hear about Venus? The planet is fascinating because you can see it naked eye, without using a telescope.
    I think its the only planet in our solar system which can be seen without a telescope.

  • Mr. Samurai

    Domo! I am very interested in this!! Where can I find more info? I want to see more about the Samurai on Mars!

    • Rick

      You can ger more info from MARS :)) If you want more details build yourself a spaceship and go to Mars and find out or buy a Hubble Telescope ha ha!

  • Cherry Hinkle

    You might not like my point of view, but I see a hand holding a severed head, complete with large blood drops dripping from the throat. I don’t see a warrior at all, just a grimancing face – very gory and yucky.

  • betto

    eu não vejo isso máis um formação de rocha muito alta más se forsar pode até ser!

  • mariolino


  • SERGIO45

    10 E LODE

  • Theresa J Morris

    I like it Matteo and I know how hard you work! I shall share what you discover. Theresa



    Teresa thanks you’re a true friend indistinguishable.

  • Jeff
  • Matteo?? This is NOT AT ALL LIKE THE FACE AT CYDONIA!!! Come on Bro, your making me & many others look bad!

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