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Gang dumps 35 bodies on street in Mexico

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35 dead bodies were dumped on the street in Mexican state of Veracruz

Gunmen have blocked a busy road in the Mexican state of Veracruz in rush hour to abandon two trucks with 35 bodies inside.

In the latest disturbing sign of Mexico’s ongoing gang problems, suspected drug traffickers dumped dead bodies of 23 men and 12 women under a busy overpass in downtown Boca del Rio on Tuesday afternoon, AFP reported.

Some of the victims had their hands tied and showed signs of having been tortured.

According to the local police, seven victims have been identified so far, and all of them had criminal records.

“We have begun the corresponding investigations and have identified some of the bodies and have confirmed that they all had prior criminal records and were involved with organized crime, like kidnapping, extortion, homicide, among other crimes,” Veracruz Attorney General Reynaldo Escobar said.

Drug violence has killed some 40,000 people in Mexico over the past four years since President Felipe Calderon deployed security forces to the streets to fight powerful cartels.


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