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Gaddafi's son Saadi flees to Niger

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Saadi Gaddafi, one of the sons of the Libyan fugitive ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

One of the sons of Libyan fugitive ruler Muammar Gaddafi has escaped to the neighboring country of Niger, which has reportedly turned into a safe haven for members of the dictator’s crumbling regime.

Niger’s Justice Minister Marou Amadou said on Sunday that Saadi Gaddafi has arrived in Niger and was heading to the capital Niamey, AFP reported.

“Today, September 11, a patrol of Nigerien armed forces intercepted a convoy in which was found one of Gaddafi’s sons,” Amadou said.

On Saturday, reports revealed that a convoy of armored vehicles carrying a number of Libyan generals had arrived in Niger via the northern Nigerien town of Agadez a few weeks ago.

The generals then entered Burkina Faso after performing a financial transaction at a bank in Nigerien capital, the report said.

Niger has confirmed that three Gaddafi regime generals, including his air force chief, al-Rifi Ali al-Sharif, have arrived in Agadez.

Mansour Dhao, the internal security chief of the Gaddafi regime, fled to Niger nearly a week ago, according to Nigerien officials.

Niger is also hosting Gaddafi’s wife, Safiya, his daughter, Aisha, and his sons, Hannibal and Mohammed.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Gaddafi himself continue to remain a mystery.

However, Guinea Bissau’s Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior said on Sunday that Gaddafi would be welcomed in his country “with open arms.”


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