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French Policeman Convicted for Releasing Video of Bus Attack

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In December 2008 a group of Muslims launched an unprovoked attack on a young Frenchman on board a bus in Paris. As they beat him, they shouted insults like “fils de pute” (son of a bi**h) and “Français de merde” (French sh*t). Interestingly, French mainstream media reports mention the first of these insults but not the second.

The whole incident was captured by the bus’s on-board camera. A policeman later published the video on his Facebook page. When the video spread around the internet, the policeman was charged with “violation of professional confidentiality”. He has just been convicted and sentenced to two months in prison (suspended) and will be required to pay 5000 euros in compensation to the victim of the attack.

The perpetrators of the attack were also caught and convicted.


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5 Responses to " French Policeman Convicted for Releasing Video of Bus Attack "

  1. Vlad the Impaler says:

    fuckin’ shitty political correctness marxist/zionist takeover of the whitre nations…

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  2. Joe says:

    If this white man that had been assaulted had some knowledge of martial arts,he could have severely injured his attackers.Why are the white European men so dovish,easy for Muslim men to attack them and rape their women and girls and no reprisals/ retributions are made?I see no one on that bus came to help this victim of Muslim racial attacks.If this type of Muslim violence was to happen when I ride a bus,I would go for the throat of any sub human Muslim(s)and enjoy every moment of it.They better not come here and mess with white American men and women or else some sub human Muslim refugees will be in a hospital bed!

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  3. Vlad the Impaler says:

    I’ll tell ya Joe,if that happened in englad as you said,(the white geezer would retaliate) he would be the only victim and thrown into the hole by the white cabal power (liblabcon cunts).
    look what they did to 2 white guys who made a joke on FB about rioting: they have been sentenced to 4 years each!!!

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    • Joe says:

      Tell me about these two white guys joking about the rioting and what is FB?That is a long sentence,fours years.That’s more than what some Muslim rapist and other immigrant rapist get.

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  4. isabel m says:

    How’s this for multiculture?

    Drop them over their home countries with a parachute. Who wants SHIT like this living in Europe?

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