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England football players insulted by Bulgarian fans

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Football Association chiefs have made an official complaint after black England footballers were subjected to vile racist abuse from Bulgarian fans.

Manchester United’s Ashley Young and Arsenal’s Theo Walcott were taunted with monkey noises and Nazi salutes during England’s victory in Sofia last night.

The chants could be heard when Young was substituted and Walcott was targeted when he missed a chance late in the Euro qualifier.

FA officials reported the behaviour to the UEFA match delegate after the game which saw home supporters unfurl a banner which said ‘F*** UEFA’.

England’s two-goal match winner Wayne Rooney slammed the Bulgarian fans’ behaviour. He said: ‘We could hear it on the pitch. It has been going on for years.and it’s not right.

‘It needs to stop and hopefully something will be done about it.’

Walcott told Mail Sport: ‘It was very clear. I ignored it. I think the FA will deal with that and I don’t want to comment too much. The result was the important thing.’

England captain John Terry had not heard the abuse during the game, but told Sky TV: ‘You don’t expect that at all. It was a great spectacle for everyone to watch let’s not let that spoil it.’

Bulgaria boss Lothar Matthaus, a former German World Cup winner, apologised for the conduct of the minority of his team’s fans.

Like Terry before him, he admitted to being ‘not very informed’ about what had occurred, having been focused on the match.

But he added: ‘It is very pitiful for such things to happen. Because of that I would like to apologise on behalf of the Bulgarian Football Federation.’

England have encountered racism problems on their travels before. Seven years ago Shaun Wright-Phillips and Ashley Cole were targeted by home spectators during a friendly played in Madrid.

A spokesman for the FA confirmed: ‘We’ve raised it with the Bulgarian FA and the UEFA delegate after the match. That’s all we’re saying about it.’


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  • Vlad the Impaler

    it should be “englands’ black football players”.
    stop these f** communists headings/titles etc..

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  • William Tell

    Vlad, I take your point, but most of the UK’s ‘sporting fraternity’ in mindless sports are Black. Funny that Blacks are conspicuous by their absence in games which require real skills, like snooker, darts, tennis, motor-cycle racing, motor-car racing, etc.

    Exceptions do sort of exist – the mighty Golfer Chappie (you know, the mud with a loose zipper) as is the wondrous (dangerous) Racing Driver (and what’s the bet that he will be caught with his pants down and some female’s skirt up who isn’t his wife one of these days). I discount the two ungainly Black female Tennis hippopotami, because I’m sure they have more testosterone than the average bull elephant. It’s Sooo easy for a woman to beat a dope test where urine is tested and I’m pretty sure that it isn’t PC to report Black and Paki/Indians when they DO find drugs in them. Just like the UK cops will arrest a White man for a minor offense and turn a blind eye to a Black committing a far more serious offense. You can also bet that most of the actual TESTERS in the labs are Blacks and muds as well.

    I think the most hilarious sight I have seen for many a long year were the latest Athletics championships. It’s so funny to hear them announce the runners for each different country and to see a veritable SEA of Black faces purporting the be British, French, German, Dutch, etc etc.

    I think it would be much more equal if they had TWO sets of sports one ONLY for Blacks and it doesn’t matter which country they are supposedly representing, nor would it matter how many drugs they took – may the best man / woman / ‘it’, win. Then a second Games where ONLY white people are represented and then drug testing ONLY by blood samples and tested by 100% White people with a 25 year sentence for any tester found to be taking money or ‘turning a blind eye’.

    Ah so, pity the poor remaining few white people left in the UK, seems that most everyone with a brain, is voting with his feet and moving to other lands, just like they did when Harold Wilson was the ‘big cheese’. It won’t be long before they have a Black and probably Islamic Government and only the real white scum who are too bloody lazy to work will be left to turn out the lights.

    I saw a big music thing on TV somewhere in Europe with 160,000 young people in attendance, and try as I might, I couldn’t spot a single Black face. For the same thing in the UK, it would be just as hard to spot a White one!

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    • alian

      :roll: Hello
      I want to play football I am 18 years possible

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