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Australian school curriculum to force acceptance of multiculturalism

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United Nations human rights watchdog has accused Australia of racism over its treatment of boat people and Aborigines.

School students are being targeted in a major new push to force acceptance of multiculturalism by “embedding” it in the national curriculum.

Young Australians will be trained in “cultural competency” during classes as part of the Gillard Government’s plan to boost support for multiculturalism and outlaw negative attitudes.

Thousands of teachers have been surveyed about how the policy is working and to uncover racism under special research entitled “Rethinking Multiculturalism/Reassessing Multicultural Education”.

The Government’s multi-pronged plan also involves sending 40 “People of Australia Ambassadors” into the community to spruik the benefits of multiculturalism and a new offensive against racism.

The Gillard Government, responding to 10 recommendations made by the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council, has agreed multiculturalism should be infused in the high school curriculum.

Australian teenagers should “understand and appreciate the value of other cultures”, the Government has decided.

“We will ensure that the development of students’ cultural competency in a globalised world is embedded into our national curriculum.”

Dr Megan Watkins from the University of Western Sydney, who is researching multiculturalism in schools with the NSW Department of Education and Communities, said an aim was to help students become “culturally competent citizens”.

“In particular the complexity of what culture is needs to be better understood,” she said.

Professor Kevin Dunn from the UWS School of Sciences said the research was “not a post riots-type response”.

“There is no really serious alternative to multiculturalism as a means to deal with our cultural diversity,” he said.

“It’s good that the policy has been reconfirmed particularly given that internationally we have had some Western governments making statements against multiculturalism.”

“There is racism, we know it, and that requires a response.”

Research shows about one in 10 Australians have racial supremacist beliefs and about the same number oppose inter-marriage and believe races should be kept separate.

A study by the Scanlon Foundation found about 9 per cent of Australians believed that “ethnic diversity erodes a country’s security”.

In its submission to the federal parliamentary inquiry into multiculturalism, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet says the Government is “working to build a stronger, fairer nation through its social inclusion agenda”.


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  • Abo Mac

    Not many of us blackfellas in the UN,they fear allowing us a platform for our narrative,they are content to speak on their own behalf.

  • Abo Mac

    For example the whitefella say the dreamtime only exists until the time when Europe was glaciated and only inhabitabited by isolated pockets of neandertals.

    That’s their narrative.

  • Damien

    Is that a bad thing? We should all learn to live in multicultural world, that what future will bring. It’s inevidable.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    damian,fuck off zionist shill

    • Damien

      I’ll say it again, eat shit and die!

  • Uppity Negroe

    Will riot for government spending.

  • sky

    Multiculturalism is a failure and just a stupid idea.

    The very idea of “Multiculturalism” doesn’t even make sense because cultures can only exist separate from one another. The separation of cultures is what gives them individuality. People also happen to take pride in their different heritages.

    Furthermore, while all men were created equal; all cultures are clearly not equal.

    For example; many cultures in Africa still routinely sacrifice humans for the practice of witchcraft. Many Arab countries still stone people to death.

    Clearly these third world cultures are not on the same level as..say the Americans who started the technological revolution, or the Russians who put the first man in space.

    This doesn’t make these people any less human, but it does make them less civilized.

    • Damien

      Sky, sorry but nonsense. Multiculturism is inevidable. More people are traveling and more people are getting mixed with other cultures, more international marriages are happening as we progress to the future. A new world culture is replacing the regional cultures. It’s inevidable.

      I lived most of my life out of my motherland and one thing I learned is that humans are same all around the world. Same things make us happy and same things disturb us. Your examples are in very extreme cases and practiced rarely. I’ve met many africans, but never know anyone that would want to sacrifice human, or anyone believing stoning one to death is a fair treatment.

      We have more things in common than not. I enjoy seeing different cultures around me than being surrounded with single culture. I have friends from many different countries and cultures and we all get along perfectly. Instead of focusing on the things that seperates us, why don’t we focus on what brings us together? World is much better place when we block the bad, absorb the good and there is too much good out there coming from all different cultures and people. Countries and boundries will one day dissapear. It’s inevidable.

  • Baron Gifelte

    The Nazi still gas the Jews in Israel.

  • Abo Mac

    History to be named after th whitefella,BST and After Steve Irwin.

  • Abo Mac

    Before Steve Time,the Dreamtime.

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