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Ahmadinejad's '9/11 mystery' speech sparks UN walkout

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Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has gone on the warpath against the West at the United Nations again, sparking a mass walkout by outraged US and European delegations.

The Iranian leader accused the US of using the “mysterious” September 11 attacks as a “pretext” to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

He also repeated comments casting doubt on the origins of the Holocaust and criticised the United States for killing Osama bin Laden rather than bringing him to trial.

European countries use the Holocaust as an excuse to pay “ransom to the Zionists”, he said. The “diabolical” aims of the West are the cause of wars and the financial crisis, Ahmadinejad stormed.

In a repeat of walkouts at the United Nations and other international events in recent years, a US diplomat monitoring the speech in the UN General Assembly left halfway through the 20 minute discourse on Thursday.

The 27 European Union nations then followed in a coordinated protest move.

“Mr Ahmadinejad had a chance to address his own people’s aspirations for freedom and dignity, but instead he again turned to abhorrent anti-Semitic slurs and despicable conspiracy theories,” said US mission spokesman Mark Kornblau.

The German delegation said in a statement that it was protesting over the “crude, anti-American, anti-Israeli and anti-West tirade by the Iranian president”.

And a French spokesman called Ahmadinejad’s attacks “unacceptable”.

The Iranian president caused a UN walkout last year when he alleged the US government could have been behind the September 11 attacks. He has also used speeches in the past to call for the destruction of Israel and cast doubt on the existence of the Holocaust.

Israel and Canada were among countries which had no diplomats in the assembly even for the start of Ahmadinejad’s latest speech.

Ahmadinejad told the UN summit that the United States and its allies use the Western media to “threaten anyone who questions the Holocaust and the September 11 event with sanctions and military action”.

Some European countries “still use the Holocaust, after six decades, as the excuse to pay fine(s) or ransom to the Zionists.” The United States considered Zionism as “sacred” while they “allow sacrileges and insult” against other religions.

The Iranian leader said he had been threatened by the US government after he last year alleged American government involvement in the attacks and called for an independent investigation.

Moving to the US operation to kill bin Laden, Ahmadinejad said the al-Qaeda leader should have been brought to trial “in order to identify the elements behind the safe space provided for the invading aircraft to attack the twin World Trade Centre towers”.

In a general blast at the West, Ahmadinejad said: “Hypocrisy and deceit are allowed in order to secure their interests and imperialistic goal.”

“Drug trafficking and killing of innocent human beings are also allowed in pursuit of such diabolic goals,” he added.

“They weaken countries through military intervention and destroy their infrastructures, in order to plunder their resources by making them all the more dependent.”

Western diplomats said they had expected a tough speech by Ahmadinejad and had prepared walkout plans in advance.

White House spokesman Jay Carney dismissed Ahmadinejad’s remarks. “Our views on Iran’s behaviour and its vile mistreatment of its own citizens are well known. I find it rich that the Iranian president has such criticisms.”


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9 Responses to " Ahmadinejad's '9/11 mystery' speech sparks UN walkout "

  1. Baron Gifilte says:

    Americans know there is a problem,they knew the Jews rant and rage utilizing every means at their disposalthus they know the Jews select party and person as their own mouhpiece.

    Until America has the courage to bomb the fuck out of the moron kikes,execute their propagandists and jail their stooges frontmen the problem of American destruction won’t go away.

    You gotta treat an enemy as an enemy and blow them the fuck away.

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  2. jake says:

    Bravo,president Ahmadinejad, finally words of truth.

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  3. Miaamor says:

    Well said Mr. President!!!

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  4. xmark says:

    there sure are a lot of people that dont like the truth …….. that would rather believe a lie .

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  5. Aelin says:

    Truth: A faction within the US Gov’t control is responsible for 9/11. Truth: This was done to gain domination in the middle east. Truth: The reason Iran is a ‘threat’ is b/c this man is talking truth and certain US controllers want him shut down and will bomb his country to do it. Truth: 90% of US population has absolutely no clue their Gov’t is corrupt. Truth: Zionism is alive and well and most likely the faction within the US Gov’t facilitating it’s demise. Truth: I am a caucasian, christian born, blond haired blue eyed female native to the USA…this is my country and this man speaks the truth.

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  6. Robbie says:

    I could not have said it better ! I want to add that some reasons that the US Gov’t bombed the WTC and Pentagon was (1) To find an excuse to start the “War on Terrorism” (2) To create mass panic in the US (3) To have an excuse to excercise more “control” over ordinary citizens in the US, but also on all int’l airports (4) To justify their self appointment as the world’s police force (5) To try to create the inmage in the world of “Don’t mess with us ! We are in control of the world and if you dare to go against us in any way, we will destroy you !”

    [I watched a DVD “Interview with Aaron Russo” in which he says that Nick Rockefeller told him about 9 months before 9/11 that “something real big will happen in the USA and then we are going to start the war on terrorism”]

    [Aelin: Truth: I am also Christian, pure bred white caucasian (Irish origin 5 generations ago), male and even still a bachelor!!]

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  7. Jeanette Chennells says:

    I would love to screw Ahmadinejad. I like his beard. I screwed a Jew from New Jersey, and he had a little pointed dick that was so cute. I screwed some New York Jews a few years ago, and they had little pointed dicks too. I work as a manager in a Jewish owned loan office. I love Jewish guys because they make me feel like a lady. It is beautiful to feel Jewish meat inside me. Call me anything you like I don’t care. I;m hot for Jews. Email me @ Freebird0118@aol.com

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    • Shirlely says:

      I know this woman personally and it is not she who posted this garbage. She has many that love to try to ruin her reputation….the ones who did this will answer to God for it. Freebird is a God-fearing woman and is not trashy.

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  8. Dominique Griffin/Spring Hill, Fl says:

    i married a man from aol chatroom and i wish i havent, i am so umhappy all he does is eat and sleep..i have tried to get him to go to the gym but oh no he just looks at me and laugh…..i need help quick..yes i am fat so what…..email me at

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