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15 NATO tankers torched in Afghanistan

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An Afghan soldier stands guard near a burnt out NATO tanker, which was carrying fuel in the Behsud district of Nangarhar Province, east of Kabul.

Taliban militants have attacked 15 NATO supply vehicles transporting fuel destined for US-led forces and set them on fire in Afghanistan’s western province of Farah, Press TV reports.

A group of unidentified armed men opened fire on the tankers in Bakwa district of Farah province late on Wednesday. Two drivers and a security guard escorting the convoy were killed in the shootout while five others, including two security guards, suffered injuries, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The assailants later fled the scene and their whereabouts are unknown.

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi claimed responsibility for the assault on the oil tankers. He claimed that eight security guards were killed, and 18 tankers were also set ablaze in the incident.

The US military and NATO rely heavily on the Pakistani supply route into landlocked Afghanistan.

Militants have stepped up attacks on NATO supply convoys in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan over the past months. During this period large numbers of NATO trucks have been torched in Pakistan alone.

The security situation has been deteriorating across Afghanistan over the past few years.

Violence has also spread from Afghanistan’s volatile south to relatively peaceful areas over the course of the past year despite the presence of some 150,000 foreign troops.


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  • JanB

    Attacking civilians with drones isn’t popular hence provokes action like torching tankers, but the US govt needs more wars if just to divert the population from poverty related issues like these ones:

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  • Jack Longchamp

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    Regarding those tankers, well what an effing shame, innit ?
    No idea why those darn Aftabs keep doin´ that, those bastiches…
    Can´t they SEE that our guys are the GOOD guys ? I mean, Jezus.

    One should bomb them with pork schnitzels for a change,
    now that would teach them !

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