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Vatican set to hold conference on the Existence of Aliens

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The Vatican is now preparing us for the big message the US government and NASA are planning to announce soon. This is in anticipation to more disclosure and shocking news soon to be released little by little. Father Jonathan Morris, a corresponded of Fox News channel was the first to report this official conference which is set to be hold soon (an exact date is not yet known) and its results will be given to the public.

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Vatican set to hold conference on the Existence of Aliens, 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings


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  • Shadowhand18

    Extraterrestrials are very real, but what people fail to realize is that they look EXACTLY like us (With minor anatomical differences). If anyone want to know the truth about their existence, all you have to do is look and research our ancient history. There is nothing the Vatican, US government, or worldly governments can tell you that has not been here for thousands of years that you can’t research yourself to find the truth.

    There is also a individual who goes by the name “Billy Eduard Albert Meier” This lonely one armed Swiss farmer has had extraterrestrial contact for over 60 years and told about it, but all the governments, religious fanatics and other factions has tried to keep this hidden from the people, and even attempted to assassinate him for revealing the truth to us all. If you are very serious about knowing about extraterrestrials, I suggest you research THE ENTIRE MEIR CASE.

    Do your own research and don’t count on the US government, Vatican, or any other people to tell you what you already know deep within you. Extraterrestrials are here, in fact they never left. Good luck guys.

  • This is an amazing story, it has made me respect the Vatican where as before I had none. It also shows that the church doesn’t want to be blind sided by extraterrestrials if they show show up, so now I guess they’re including them in their theology before hand.

  • I, for one, am ready to involving from people from most advanced worlds to come to our world. I’m ready for war to stop dead in its tracks and peace and love to reign.

    • Dianne

      Good luck on that peace lol. Bible says as soon as you hear of peace and safety, look out: absolute detruction will hit.

  • Franug

    Jaka Unga Frata Gooule

  • Jaro

    The only reason Vatican is interested in extraterrestrials is because according to NASA how they describe aliens are the size of 10 year old boy with no teeth :-D

  • The Vatican has already stated that extraterrestrial contact is real.

    As have numerous US government officials, academics, and military leaders.

    “In addition, after centuries of being occupied by “aliens,” the Vatican, represented by insider Monsignor Balducci, has appeared on national television in Italy to state that extraterrestrial contact is real.”


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