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UK Anarchy: London riots enter Day 3

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United Kindom, London: Riot police tackle a mob after a number of cars are set alight in Hackney, north London on August 8, 2011.

More than 200 people have been arrested and 35 officers injured during three nights of violent street riots in London.

London’s police force is bracing itself for another night of violence, as the ongoing unrest became steadily worse on Monday with new pockets of violence and rioting springing up all over the city.

Areas near the financial district were also affected by the widespread looting, RT’s Ivor Bennett reported from London.

On Monday the London riots spread to the Hackney neighborhood, as gangs of youths destroyed shop windows and attacked riot police.

There have also been reports that the riots have spread to Lewisham and Peckham, where rioters set vehicles on fire, smashed shop windows and attacked buses.

The renewed unrest came after police announced that more than 100 people had been arrested on Sunday and Monday in connection with violence on Saturday night in the city’s Tottenham neighborhood.

Police said the rioting and looting in other parts of the capital were “copycat” events conducted by opportunists and criminals.

One of the major difficulties police are facing in trying to stop the spreading riots is that the gangs are coordinating their actions by messages via mobile phones.

Andrew Gilligan, an editor at the London Telegraph who was himself mugged, believes the whole thing is plain criminality without any underlying political motive.

“I don’t think there is any political motive at all for this,” he said. “They are not attacking the police. They are not attacking official buildings. They are attacking shoe shops and businesses, and stealing what they can carry.”

He believes the police were slow to react initially, and even now, with the help of instant messaging and Twitter, gangs still move faster than the police.

“If this is happening in four or five different places now, it could be 10 or 15 places tomorrow night, or more,” he declared.

Nathan John, CEO of Youth Enlightenment Limited, says the police were entirely unprepared for the unrest.

“I think they just expected it to be another time when nothing was going to happen,” he said. “But unfortunately something has happened. And it is spreading through the capital and is going to continue to spread because there is a lot of hatred, there is a lot of tension that has been building up that needs to come out… [even though it] is coming out in a wrong way right now…These riots are really coming off the back of years of communities being ignored, communities being handled incorrectly by the police,” he added.

Initially police suggested angry youth and looters smashed windows of shops and office buildings, grabbing items as they hit the streets to protest the fatal police shooting of Mark Duggan.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who returned from his trip and visited Tottenham in north London, stated that the trouble on Sunday night had nothing to do with the death of Duggan.

Local business owners in north London estimated the cost of the damage ran into millions of pounds.

According to the Agence France-Presse news agency, police confirmed that the youngest person charged with an offense so far is an 11-year-old boy accused of burglary, while about 100 of those arrested were 21 or younger.

The Saturday riot, which involved between 200 and 300 people, spilled out into other London areas on Sunday night.

Demonstrators began attacking police and setting fire to cars and buildings.


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  • Baron Gifilte

    The idiots cited in the article,would they recognise the words attributed to them?

  • The Good Ol’ Boys

    Who knows,but it is a psychological warfare operation owned by the soon to be ousted home secretary,who is Jewish and by definition a racist and much more..

  • William Tell

    This isn’t rioting. It’s protesting for CHANGE. Why should their be countries where the hated White Honkey Bastards governs, owns land, houses and money and expect Blacks to actually WORK? Their should only be one of TWO kinds of government

    1. A Black Government – This is a land where Blacks exist on benefits, handouts, free food, free electricity, free everything and they don’t have to produce or contribute anything at all in return. It’s also a land where White Honkey Bitches, spread their legs for every Black man they see and follow them around like obedient dogs. A land where Blacks only have to consume and are above any law. A land where they don’t have to work, just sit around, drink, eat and have sex.

    2. An Islamic Government – This is a land where women have NO rights, they are not allowed to own any property, drive cars or bicycles. Women are not allowed to learn anything except how to recite from the Koran, they must expect to be raped by Muslim men and be stoned to death if they protest. A land where all women must wear the Burkha and the Niqab. A land where men only have to spend time reading the Koran and praying five times per day to their bloodthirsty and satanic ‘god’. A land where body parts can be chopped off in public. A land where Phillipinos and Pakistani Indian and Black infidels do ALL the work and White people are allowed to exist to invent new things and to be blamed for everything that goes wrong.

    Don’t you people in the UK know that if you are Black, you can “do as you like”? Don’t you know that if you are Black or Muslim or any so-called ‘minority group’ in the UK, that you are above the law? Don’t you know that the ONLY thing that will satisfy the Black population is to allow THEM to govern the country and all that White Honkeys are supposed to do is feed them, house them, clothe them and attend to their every need.

    Whites produce – it’s their DUTY to the Blacks
    Blacks consume – they produce NOTHING and never have or will.

    Whites invent and build.
    Blacks protest and destroy.

    Dogs that bite the hand that feeds them are destroyed
    Blacks that bite the hand that feeds them get more benefits and better houses.

    Whites should not be allowed to own land or money.
    Blacks should ensure that the land and wealth is ‘redistributed’ so that only THEY have land and money.

    Whites work their silly arses off to produce for the Blacks
    Blacks sit on their fat lazy arses and consume and destroy

  • The Good Ol’ Boys

    Can you name an Home secretary in living memory who has not been Jewish?

    Is it that the Home Office,the department that authorised their 7/7 and this latest attack,is a Jewish department.

    I think people need to be informed as to who the enemy are,after all this is England and not Jewishland,bust their bridgehead up.

  • Mi Amor


    • Anthony Cloud

      Those White parasites as you call them, gave you clothes, gave you cars, radios, TV, your ‘shades’, spectacles, doctors, medicine and everything else that you have in life. If the Whites hadn’t ‘invaded’ your countries, you would still be living in mud huts, eating your ‘brothers’, killing each other off like the savages you are, raping the women in the next village and turning your country into a desert, which Blacks are very good at. (see Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Rhodesia, South West Africa and wherever Blacks live without some kind of supervision by WHITE people).

      What have you lazy, brainless morons ever produced? – NOTHING. You are incapable of original thought, your brains exist between your legs and you DARE to say that you produce. You are PARASITES. You can’t even grow a bloody banana or an orange that you can sell if a White man doesn’t show you how to do it. Even then you are so fucking lazy that the White people still have to subsidize your piss-willy little ‘farms’. “Fair Trade” – My arse. I won’t buy ANYTHING that is “Fair Trade”, because there is nothing fair about it. Black ‘labour’ is the most expensive on this earth.

      Now that you have ‘redistributed’ the once productive farms all over Africa and murdered the Whites who owned them, you are soon going to PAY, because thanks to you lazy, greedy, ignorant shits, you have destroyed most of the farms that produced the food you stuff into your big Black mouths. Now that the climate is changing and the WHITE run countries can’t produce enough to feed the themselves, let alone the hordes of ignorant Blacks that breed more ignorant, criminals and morons like yourself, with no thought as to how you can afford to rear and feed them, the cost of food will be so high, that you lazy begging bastards, living on WHITE handouts will have to resort to even more thieving than you do now. It’s just a matter of time before “Whitey” wakes up to your ‘culture’ and starts blowing your apology for brains out when you try to rob him. Whites don’t breed like rabbits, they know how to keep their zips closed!

      Charles Darwin was spot on when he said :

      “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa-rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.” — Charles Darwin

      • Joe

        Anthony Cloud:I am a black American man and I like your statement.Charles Darwin was right about black Africans.I think that the former British colonies in Africa need to be recolonized!I don’t like the way some but not all of the black men in England and my country treat white girls.

    • Joe

      Mi Amor:What’s your problem with white people?I am a black American man living in America and I like it!Who are you?A black living in England?What does 46 million American people on food stamps have to do with whites being parasites?America grows and makes most of its own foods except certain types of produce.We import a lot of produce from South America in the winter months.I am glad that Europeans explored the world long time ago and colonized some of the world like the east coast of America.It was white men and women that are responsible for all of the major discoveries and inventions that have made a positive impact on the human race.What I don’t like about what’s happening to white girls in England is the blacks and Muslim men disrespecting those white girls.

  • Tuco

    When you gotta shoot,shoot,don’t talk.

  • koss

    @William Tell & Anthony Cloud…No doubt you are angry about what is taken place in your country. However, there is no need to make this a racist issue! If you need to speak about this intelligently then do so, not in some childlike comments! Right now you both sound like you are speaking out of your asses! You two somehow lack history…
    We have a saying among blacks in America, ‘the chickens are coming home to roost’. When White supremacy came into the world it came to conquer and took blacks slaves via by ships into England & the Caribbean. Mind you they were living in peace, had no materialism in mind. Because of the selfish motives of England & America, they took those blacks slaves and for nearly 400 yrs. cause a genocide that even YOU and many pale face choose to ignore.
    England & American slave owner force those blacks to build the very instructors that you see today. It was forbidden for them to read & write. If a person was caught reading or learning how to, it was death on the sport. All they knew was to work on a plantation. After the ratification of the Constitutions it was amended that the slaves should be set free. That meant war! Civil war for America!
    If you watch the movie Amistad or Roots! You would know about such History.
    Now imagine the outcome, slaves not knowing how to read or write? & No skills? So they had to depend on the Government for handouts. It was not until the 30-70’s that blacks were gradually making their way into society as equals to the White English & American system. However, until now racism still manifest itself as a unfair optical for many blacks. Since the stereotypical notion that Blacks were inferior and, or had no intelligence (base on Darwin theory), Blacks after being allow in schools became fast learners contributing to Science, biology, etc. For example the first heart surgery was invented by a black man. You even had the first black president in America. Trust me, it was not G. Washington. If you know of American history. Our abilities far exceed those expectations place upon us by the very society that consider us as inferior.
    However, like America, England and other countries refuse to make us as their equals by using racism de-facto when it comes to jobs or teaching many blacks the skills needed for those jobs. Instead, the well paid jobs as well as the skills go to the Caucasians whites. Test for yourself these facts, turn on your television and see the percentage of white actors verses the minority. Take a look at the well skilled jobs, such as: doctors, teachers, pilots, etc., Where is the equality in this? Whiles the minority strive to make it, living pay check to check, they are treated as second class citizens.
    Now, can you honestly tell me, that this is fair? They need a life too. We want to have what you white have to? Why can’t we have it? You wanted to know why these blacks are on welfare or government free handouts… well, here is your answer. It is the problem of your society. You can get clearer than that.
    The fact that you have a problem with the Muslim community should not be categories at the blacks. That is two separate issues. You allowed those Muslims to come in and you allow them to exercise their rights to a free society. They just took advantage of that opportunity and that blame in rest upon you in England, Germany, & those Scandinavian countries.
    However you as a society saw them as the blacks and choose not to give them such opportunities as you. So, you are left with giving them handouts. It is not their faults that they are lazy and sit around doing nothing. They have nothing else to do. So you have created a problem that now fessed in and among you because of your cultural values. Namely, racism.
    Hence, the quote: ‘Your chickens have come home to roost’!

    • Anthony Cloud

      If you actually had the intelligence to study slavery, you would know that it was your “brothers” who rounded up Blacks and sold them to the Arabs to be bought originally by JEWS.

      Had your “brothers” not been so eager to raid villages and capture people and sell them to the Arabs and had the Jews not started this trade, Blacks wouldn’t be living today in the USA and Europe and the rest of Africa wouldn’t be sitting on their fat arses with begging bowls outstretched, because Whites wouldn’t be feeling guilty for following those who control everything even today. You would probably still be eating each other and you would have died of disease and starvation as your people are now doing in Somalia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and other once verdant places in Africa. Your goats and your ability to pillage everything that burns has made sure of that.

      THINKING people, try to plan their families they don’t go around impregnating every woman they see of any colour, race or creed – because they are there. Wild animals stop breeding when the ability to raise their offspring because of lack of food or territory arises. So if you think about this, Blacks have less brains than a wild animal.

      You are quite right about the chickens coming home to roost, more and more Whites are getting more and more pissed off with you and the pleading cries of “Give Generously” are falling on more and more deaf ears. At the same time your invasion of Europe and the USA and your disgusting behaviour, your arrogant attitude, your complete disregard for normal behaviour, your lust to kill and rob is pissing more and more Whites off and YOUR chickens will come home to roost when the inevitable happens.

      When you bite the hand that feeds you, you are put down like a dog. Whites are too civilized, but when you push them over the age, they are far better at killing than you assholes will ever be.

      It’s just a matter of time, you moron and you are so bloody stupid and reliant on your own arrogance that you can’t see it. Your time is running out like the patience and understanding of White people, so carry on robbing, killing, stealing. rioting, looting and raping. The hour of reckoning might be closer than you think!

      I hope the UK government deports every single person who has been practising their Black ‘culture’ over the past few days. They should deport every last one and their entire family, but I fear they won’t, so you will keep doing it until the common people take the law into their own hands. This would NOT be a good thing, so why don’t you fuck off back home to the rest of your kith and kin and then you can run amok and kill, rape, rob, steal and pillage, like Ruanda, the Congo, Zimbabwe, Malawi and the rest of Africa with impunity. I promise you that the Whites won’t intervene. Once the “aid” stops pouring in, as it will and there is no more soft touch for “asylum-seekers”, with luck you will wipe yourselves out in a couple of generations.

      • Joe

        @Anthony Cloud:what country is that flag?You see some of my other post?I am a black American man.I have never been out of North America.I have been reading about the cultural genocide in the Scandinavian countries and England.I see that the ruling elites and a Jewish woman(Barbra Lerner Specter)wants Europe to become multicultural.It looks like this multiculturalism is “overkill”in other words it has reached its peak like a high tide and now the high tide will become low tide and go back out to sea!This is what needs to happen to the multiculturalism in European countries and ALL the white nations of the world.I would like to have white people fight back at the blacks and Muslims when whites get raped and assaulted.There is no excuse for this reverse colonization.The colonization that the Europeans did was justified because it was the Europeans that built the big wooden ships that sailed the oceans to explore other continents.If this exploration had not taken place,the world would not be as it is today.I might have never been born or if I was born I probably would be a West- African coast peasant and so would all of the blacks that are living in the “new world”.I am sure that you and the rest of Europe has heard in the news about the flash mob aatacks at the Wisconsin state fair.Young black thugs were indiscriminately assaulting whites only,kicking and punching them.Hit and run for fun!Because of the biased media,I did not know that these kinds of racist assaults were being carried on by young black men and women.I get very annoyed when blacks make that famous statement”chickens coming home to roost”I am blaming the ruling elite white politicians and the people that continuously vote them in power.And that people is mostly white women of voting age and union workers.It is these two groups that are losing out to the multiculturalism.The young white women and girls from the less than affluent families in England are getting raped by Pakistani men,some of the men are twice there age.The union workers jobs are either moving to other countries or being handed over to non whites.I have read some where on eu times about job preferences for the construction of the Olympic games is being given to non whites.All this is unsustainable and European countries that are suffering the most violence from the blacks and Muslims will have to resort to an “Arab spring”style of revolution.Like I have said,it is the white European women that continuously vote for the ruling elites that are causing their younger white women and girls to be raped and assaulted by immigrant and first generations of Muslims and black Africans.You are so right about the black Africans and certain amount,America’s black communies.

    • Joe

      Kiss:I am a black American man and I like living in America.About that slave trade.For over ten centuries the Arabs were enslaving blacks,the Europeans did that for about four hundred years.From some information I read on another web site,in the Arab slave trade,two thirds(66%)of the slaves were women and girls that were used for sexual pleasures and put into concubines.The young men and boys as young as eleven years old were castrated and used to guard over the Arab men’s harems.The trans-Atlantic slave trade two thirds of the slaves were men and boys and they were not castrated!The distribution of the slaves in the new world,5% were taken into what is now the U.S.A. and 95% percent were slaves in what is now Central and South America.I get very annoyed by that “chickens coming home to roost”when black Americans say this.Seeing that you know about the slave trade from Africa,wasn’t it the blacks from one conquering tribe that would sell the conquered tribal members to not only Europeans but to Arabs?I know that and so do you!I am not bitter to white people for the past injustices done to blacks.Why should I be?You and I were not around hundreds of years ago,I am 54 years old and a high school drop out.If you are younger than me then and I think you are,then you should consider your self lucky that you were born in America and not in an African country where you would be living in extreme poverty unless your were politically connected to wealthy Africans.I have heard Glen Beck mentioned some about a black man being the first president of America.I have heard that some where else.There’s to much for me to say but I will keep it short.Why does 35″% of the black American population convert to Islam?Islam is racist to blacks and is also destructive in countries like Nigeria and Somalia.Bare Naked Islam.This is a web site that I visit every day,If you go there go to the search window and type in Arab slave trade.These people were more racist than whites.Did you know that Obama signed an executive order that allows for 80,000 Muslims from around the world to immigrate into America?The there is Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison and senator Norm Coleman helping Somalian Muslims immigrate into Minnesota just to have a voting block to have a career in politics.These immigrants have no job skills and don’t know American history and don’t like to assimilate with blacks and other races.I have to go now.

      • George Smith

        Congratulations Joe! You are one of the VERY, VERY few intelligent Black people I have met. White folks always think that because a man wears a suit and a tie that he is just like them. It isn’t true and you, like me, obviously know that.

        I am older than you and I was brought up in a VERY deprived part of the UK, far more deprived that anyone today will ever experience. I was a skeleton, we my father was killed in the war and my mother was destitute. How we survived I don’t know, BUT WE DIDN’T STEAL. My mother was a strict disciplinarian and my arse would get well and truly whacked if I failed to respect people or made a bloody nuisance of myself.

        I worked hard at school and vowed that once I left school, I would never be poor again. I passed to a Grammar School and managed to get 9 GCE ‘O’ Levels. I refused to go to University, because it seemed a waste of time because all the students I knew seemed to spend their time getting pissed every night, fucking every woman in the Campus and experimenting with drugs.

        There were NO Blacks where we existed and everyone in the village knew everyone else and looked out for each other as best they could, but we were ALL poor. We never locked our doors, apart from the odd bit of family violence there was almost no crime more serious that a bicycle being stolen. I studied at Night School and then came a Labor Govt., in the form of Harold Wilson. Then the Blacks started appearing and no longer could we leave our doors open at night, crime went up and I migrated to Australia. I wasn’t happy in Australia, and then a chance came for me to move to Rhodesia and from there after 5 years to South Africa.

        I saw the Black riots in Soweto. I saw 8 and 9 year old Black children lobbing hand grenades at the White people and Police. I saw busloads of White schoolchildren being blown up by landmine, planted by the ANC. My wife-to-be was assaulted, raped and murdered, by Blacks. I saw Blacks dancing with joy when they killed helpless white women. THEY WERE SAVAGES!

        In spite of all this, I did meet a few like yourself, who appreciated what the White man had brought to the African Continent. One Black I met told me a story. He said “For many years, Black Tribes hated each other and raided neighboring villages, raping and kidnapping the women, stealing the food and murdering their brothers. Then came Apartheid and suddenly all the Blacks had a common enemy – South Africa, so they stopped killing each other and directed all their hatred against the White people in Africa.” It wasn’t difficult to empathize with him. He went on to make a prophecy which was as follows:

        “If South Africa ever gives up its White identity, God help Africa because we’ll all go back to killing each other, because killing, raping and looting is a part of Black Culture and always will be. Then all the Blacks will start to leave Africa to colonize White countries and they will take that Culture with them until their new home will also get Black rule and will go the same way as the rest of Africa”

        My God! How right this man was. When in 1984 they had the so-called ‘referendum’ (which was tampered voting like you’ve never imagined possible) for the Tri-Cameral Parliament, I decided it was time to leave, because I knew that it was just a matter of time before South Africa was handed to the Blacks. I came back to what I thought was home in 1987, but I was horrified at the hordes of Blacks I saw and the massive crime rate, graffiti, stabbings, gang violence, shootings, drugs, theft, muggings, burglary and most of this was perpetrated by Blacks, Indians and Asian Muslims. Everyone on the UK KNOWS that 90% of the crime in the UK is Black and Indian / Pakistani perpetrators. Privately they will talk about this, but they are afraid to say so openly because they are afraid to be branded “Racist”. I’m a Racist and PROUD OF IT. Being a racist doesn’t mean that you hate everyone with a Black skin, only 99.5% of them, because 99.5% are SAVAGES. The other 0.5%, like you, I would have NO problems with at all and we could eat, drink and reminisce like old friends.

        After a few months, I realized that I couldn’t stay in what was once my home – Britain, so I packed up and found a job working in Germany, where I still live now. There are very few Blacks where I am now because when the winter comes, life is hard and this keeps most of the Blacks well clear, because as you must know, that 99.5% don’t want work. They want to stick out their hands and ask for ‘Whitey’ to give them food, shelter and money and if they don’t get it, they rob and steal.

        God help Britain and Europe as well. I’m looking closely at Austria, but perhaps Holland and France will “see the light” and realize what is happening with the Black and Muslim hordes, before it’s too late.

  • Joe

    Wow! Eight and nine year old black kids throwing hand grenades and ANC members planting land mines killing innocent young white children.Your right about being a racist.That doesn’t mean that the racist has to kill or injure or even discriminate in hiring some one for a job.I known that Germany has thousands of black American military personel there,I thought that Germany had a large black immigrant population because France has a large North African community.The UK politicians are responsible for the black culture coming to England.And the Pakistani men “sexually grooming” young white girls.

    • George Smith

      Well, at least you seem to be a typical American. No, Joe, France is a different country to Germany, it isn’t a town in France and no, and it isn’t next to Eye-rack in Australia. In France, they speak French, not German and France is flooded with Algerians, Blacks and Muslims, who have been burning and rioting for years. The once beautiful Paris is now a shit hole with Black and Muslim Ghettos all over.

      Germany is a different country and it is flooded with Turks. We speak German here and not French. The Black Americans have caused chaos in Germany and they too have raped and pillaged whenever and wherever possible. They are tolerated by most Germans and hated by quite a few. It’s probably the way they swagger around like they own the fucking place and can do just what they like. Seems that plenty of Blacks can speak French, but for some reason they seem to battle with German and I exclude Black Americans from this, because there is only ONE language in the world and that’s American, a sort of parody of English, but the Black Americans speak Niggah and their Brothahs and Sistahs have a problem with even American ‘Inglish’.

      It’s nice to know that you seem to approve of your brethren’s kids chucking grenades at Police and innocent white people and children and seems like you approve of rape and murder in South Africa. If it was only not approving of this ‘culture’ of murder and rape that made me a racist, I would be sad. Pity, Joe, I thought you were a human, but seems I was wrong. I hope that your daughter doesn’t meet the same fate as my murdered fiancée and some 10 years old White kid doesn’t heave a grenade at one of your grandchildren. Shame Joe and I thought that I was a racist, but you’ve proved once again that Blacks are better at racism than whites will ever be!

      Where I live, it’s a small community and everyone knows everyone and no-one is looking for a Black prostitute, or a drug pusher and it’s more difficult the rob and thieve, because if you are Black, you would stick out like a sore thumb and people would keep a very watchful eye on you and probably kick shit out of you if you tried to rob them and the police wouldn’t be terribly helpful for you because the “I’m Black and I can do any-fuckin-thing I want to do and there is fuckall that you white honkey mothah-fuckahs can do abaht it” attitude hasn’t permeated this far into Germany yet, so a traditional Black livelihood of crime would be quite difficult, not to mention the snow, the cold and the isolation. Thank God for that!

      • Joe

        You misunderstood me.I never did say that I approved of the children throwing grenades at white children and police men.The first sentence of my previous post was information that I did not know about until I read your previous statement.I am not calling you a racist.The second sentence was a misunderstanding on your part.”Your right about being a racist”was not directed towards you!What I meant by that statement is that it is the black Africans that were doing the grenade throwing and planting land mines that are the racist.I am very sorry for the misunderstanding.I am not a racist.I am very sympathetic towards the less than affluent whites that are living in South Africa and can’t get a visa to leave.Please forgive me for this understanding.I don’t have any children and don’t ever want any.This is a very mean and violent and racist world for me to have any children,I would prefer not to help contribute to population increase!

  • Howling Mad Murdoch

    What they saying at Vets Today?

    • Joe

      They had a job to do!If you were in their shoes,you would of done the same thing or you would of deserted the military and capitulated to the enemy.I can tell by your flag that you are from England or are living there.Why are there so many young British girls hanging out with worthless black men that don’t have any money and a career?I am not calling all British black men worthless but those that don’t have a job and are dealing drugs like Mark Duggan.Seeing that you live closer to the action than me,what did this mulatto thug do to have the policeman shoot bullets at him?If this man had been a EDL member there would be no rioting by the blacks and browns and Marxist whites.How’s that multiculturalism working out for you and your country?

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