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TSA takes insulin from pregnant woman

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Every time you think that the TSA has hit the bottom, they manage to hit a new low. This time a Denver couple has filed a formal grievance toward the security agency for seizing doses of insulin from a mother-to-be at Denver International Airport.

“It made me feel upset and made me feel somewhat helpless,” said Aaron Nieman, husband of the alleged victim, to the ABC affiliate in Denver. The couple argued that they have traveled the world by plane and have never had an issue with their medical supplies.

The incident occurred when Mrs. Nieman was traveling unaccompanied to a baby shower in Phoenix. She was questioned about her items by a TSA agent while going through a security screening.

The pregnant mother came prepared if a situation like this were to occur with a doctor’s letter explaining her health condition, but according to the TSA agent Mrs. Niewman was a risk. “I got a bottle of nail polish. I got hair spray bottles. I got needles that are syringes. But yet I can’t take through my actual insulin?” she told the ABC affiliate she had asked the agent. “This is a risk for explosives,” the TSA agent allegedly told her.

According to Niewman the prescription was properly labeled, but she was still baffled as to why her insulin would be taken away.

Despite the TSA agents efforts she was able to get half a vial through security.”It was at the bottom of my lunch box…they didn’t search it all the way through.” she explained to the media.

Mrs. Niewman was able to make arrangements for insulin to be sent to her while in Arizona.


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2 Responses to " TSA takes insulin from pregnant woman "

  1. Fisher1949 says:

    TSA obviously confiscated her insulin and inexplicably apologized since they later denied taking it. This has been the normal business as usual for TSA, gross inconsistencies due to a lack of training and mismanagement with their excuse being that this is somehow part of their security strategy. They won’t be satisfied until a passenger dies as a result of TSA ignorance and arrogance.
    It has become so obvious to anyone who travels more than once a year that this agency is composed of misfits and criminals and left unsupervised by indifferent and incompetent managers. Pistole has proven completely incapable of managing this problematic agency and admitted this week on USA Today that there are rampant abuses of passengers by his staff but that he problem isn’t bad enough yet for him to take action.
    If TSA actually provided security instead of theater people might be inclined to support them. As is stands TSA is the most hated agency in government and the majority of travelers want them to be reformed or abolished.
    Since December there have been 40 screeners arrested for crimes ranging from rape and child pornography to drug trafficking and theft from bags. In the same period there have been 39 security breaches or test failures, dozens of lawsuits and thousands of groping and abuse complaints. Most recently the pat down of a six year old girl and removal of a dying woman’s diaper made headlines.
    This agency is violating passenger rights on a daily basis, committing crimes and endangering airline security with their incompetence. Avoid air travel and complain to the airlines and elected officials before the situation worsens further.

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  2. Jamie says:

    When these measures were instigated some people said that there was more likely to be a case of air rage than terrorism. And now it seems they were right. What is really regrettable is that there are no exceptions made for people with serious medical conditions who are often subjected to such painful humiliation.

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