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Teens get arrested in Washington for Selling Lemonade

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In response to a recent wave of lemonade stand shut downs and harassment of children over such petty regulations as are used to shut them down, several activist gathered at the west lawn of the capitol in Washington, DC to sell lemonade and were arrested. While the officers were technically on solid “legal” ground in shutting down the stand, they behaved inappropriately by any standard numerous times, using intimidation tactics on protestors and observers, and harassing members of the professional media. The willingness with which children and tourists participated by purchasing lemonade in disobedience of the police instructions is an indicator of how little respect the general public has for government in general, and specifically police when enforcing unjust laws. Gives me hope for America. For those who are complaining about the public property not being used for its intended purpose, part of the point of this that the government should not be using public property for the glorification of government when it could be better used to serve public interests. Excessive vending at the capitol (or without a permit in any public space) would surely be preferable to 22.5% unemployment. Free the economy!

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2 Responses to " Teens get arrested in Washington for Selling Lemonade "

  1. geo says:

    Hahahaha welcome to Americass!

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  2. cjae says:

    Yea get those kids out of there. The elitists don’t want any competition when they starts setting up the corner KOOL-AID stands for the American Sheople extermination.

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