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Sharia law in bid to conquer London

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Islamists are trying to enforce their severe Sharia law code of conduct in London, to drag “enveloped in sin “ Britain to a sin-free society by any means – from abstention to amputation.

­They’ve started a campaign to make certain areas of London and other cities Islamic law-controlled zones – starting with Walthamstow, East London. They do believe that Islam and Sharia are unstoppable in Europe.

“Muslims will be commanding good and forbidding evil, presenting Islam as an alternative, to the Muslim and non-Muslim community. Ultimately we believe that Muslims can live together, trade according to the Sharia, resolve their problems according to the Sharia, and even police themselves, to a large extent. Hopefully one day we will have Islamic Emirates which will have authority locally, security locally, and even provide welfare locally,” day-dreams Anjem Choudary, spokesperson for Muslims Against the Crusades.

Choudary and his friends are fly-posting parts of London with a large Muslim population. They want to ban drinking, gambling, and playing music. And they say they’ve got bands of young men ready to patrol and enforce Sharia law, by any means.

“Enforcement should initially be on the level of inviting and forbidding verbally. But if someone has the capability to forbid what essentially is evil, like pornography or prostitution, he should do so,” says Sharia supporter Abu Izzadeen, meaning physical rather than verbal preaching. “I believe prostitutes that are near the mosque, they should be run out of the area.”

These Muslims say British society is broken: riddled with drugs, crime and prostitution. Because of that, they firmly believe members of the communities they are targeting will welcome Sharia law. But the word on the street about the campaign tells a different story.

“If you don’t like the laws of the place you live, then find somewhere you do appreciate the laws. All of these things are completely legal in this country,” one British man told RT.

“This isn’t India or Pakistan. This is England, we’ve got our own laws. People haven’t got a right to come in here and bring their own laws,” one woman declared.

“I think that’ll cause nothing but trouble,” a market trader concluded.

Councillor Martin Easom agrees, saying this could destroy community cohesion.

“We’ve got squads going round the borough, taking down the posters as soon as they’re put up, because we do not want these posters around the borough, they do not represent the views of our borough, they have no place in Waltham Forest,” Martin Easom, chief executive of Waltham Forest Council, stated.

Citizen equality campaigners say the Sharia supporters should not be considered a religious movement, but a far-right political organization – with a poster campaign designed to divide and conquer communities.

“Their danger lies in dividing communities and people, creating mistrust, and particularly among non-Muslims towards moderate Muslims,” Anne Marie Waters of One Law for All movement, said.

“I think this is part of their aim, to create mistrust, so they can then turn to moderate Muslims and say, look everyone hates you, we’re your friend, turn to us. It’s a very dangerous thing, and it’s a political tactic to increase their own power,” she explained.

Undeterred by his opponents, Choudary and his group plan what they see as the beginning of an Islamic Emirate, not just in the UK, but all over Europe.

The police have mobilized to take those posters down as fast as they appear. But Choudary and his group have formed bands of enforcers to make sure Sharia law is adhered to, verbally or physically. And in other parts of London, women have already been harassed for not covering their heads. Should these Muslims ever get their way, Britain’s traditional way of life would become a risk, rather than a civil liberty.


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  • Baron Gifilte

    Much of London is godforsaken,it’s the rotten boroughs that even Hitler could have done a better job of improving.

  • Anthony Cloud.

    This is the best news I have heard for a long time. Believe me, Britain deserves everything it gets. They have been importing Muslims into the UK for years. They have pandered to their every whim. They have allowed them to literally get away with murder.

    In what is probably the most repressive and spied upon country on the planet, the only people who have any balls and any power are the Muslims and the Blacks – the so-called ‘minority groups’. Most of the Town Councils are staffed by Muslims and Blacks. Most of the recruitment agencies are staffed by Muslims and Blacks. Most of the gas stations are owned by Muslims & Blacks. Most of the drug stores, corner stores, newsagents and doctors surgeries are run or owned by Muslims & Blacks.

    Watch these silly programs on TV, like ‘Homes Under The Hammer’, praising the efforts of the Black, Indian & Muslim Communities to push up the cost of houses and take over the entire property market. They are the only ones with money (except for the corrupt bankers, police ‘on the take’, and corrupt politicians). No-one asks where they get it from, no-one cares that most of Britain’s money is being sent to India and Pakistan either in ‘outsourcing’ or sent home by all the legal and illegal immigrants, who manage to ‘dodge’ paying taxes of any kind.

    It’s long past time the British started to suffer for their total lack of balls. The Labour government was supposed to be ‘for the people’. It wasn’t, it just flooded the country with Muslims and Blacks. The police are powerless to stop the Muslims, because that is a “Hate Crime” and “Racial Intolerance”. To combat this, the police recruit more and more Muslims and Blacks, who turn a blind eye to anything their “brothers” do. It just never seems to have occurred to any of these poor dumb idiots in the UK, that in most European countries now the so-called ‘far right’ have managed to get increasing numbers into governments, whilst in the UK, the BNP, who had massive support, didn’t get any seats at all. The ‘great British public’ didn’t even bat an eyelid. Maybe they are too dumb to realize that votes in the UK are very carefully controlled.

    Maybe when a few thousand young people are stoned to death or have limbs and heads amputated in public, the ‘great British public’, may wake up, but by then, it will be too late. It’s just a matter of time before the Clegg and Cameron pals invite a few more Muslims into the Government and support one being elected as the next Prime Minister. That will make the coup complete.

    Bring it on, I say. It MIGHT and it’s a very big MIGHT, wake up the rest of Europe. Everyone is praising the “Arab Spring”. You would NEVER get this in the UK, the people have been dumbed down and brainwashed so much that they are ashamed to be White Christians. Soon they’ll be able to boast that they are Muslims and proud of it (that is if there are any White people left!). So far Holland and Finland seem to be the only countries with political party that are aware of the Islamification agenda. We can hope that France will take the same road, but with the numbers of ‘minorities’ who are allowed to vote and the ‘manipulation’ of the votes by the ruling elite, it’s extremely unlikely.

  • Pegasus

    Wow, that was not a “comment”, that was a follow up to the propoganda piece put up. Anyone else notice that slowly, EU Times has been taken over by the international banking zionists? What a shame, they used to be really good but someone must have bought them out and now we get all this MSM propoganda and provocateuring.

    What all this is about is leading us up to WWIII time with Nukes to

  • Pegasus

    Sorry, I hit the wrong button before finishing… “….depopulate quickly since they are running out of time. The chemtrails aren’t fast enough so now they have to push the time up. How they intend and have always intended to do it was to pit Christians against Muslims or Conservs against Libs with the preference being muslims vs christians. Why? REVENGE FOR DESTROYING THEIR COUNTRY KHAZARIA AND NOW THEY WILL FINALLY HAVE IT, IF WE FALL FOR IT.


  • someone

    The muzzies would have squat to demand if the doors of the country weren’t intentionally left wide open; we know who to thanks for that once again.

  • Baron Gifilte

    It’s reckoned to be the work of half-Jews,specifically Ashkenazi half-Jews.

    Actually you can leave Jews out of it and just see it as an Ashkenazi plot.

    • Percy

      Actually, Baron Gifilte, you are so very right. The Ashkenazi Jews are not genetically Jews, they are mongols and Huns kicked out of mongolia in 700 AD and settled in Khazaria. They are Khazars who migrated to eastern Europe in about 1100 AD after being ripped out from their country by none other than Catholics on the west and Muslims on the east.

      That is part of the reason for what they are doing to us right now. REVENGE…. they hate both Christians and Muslims. That is why they have tried to pit one against the other. They are practicing satanists and hate both religions as well as the Jewish religion. I can prove it with links if you need.

  • Good Ol’ Rebel

    The Pikeys and mentally ill operate the same way on their tax funded council slum estates,the difference there is the have no law and they are no go areas.

  • Joe

    Perhaps when the white British citizens and Europeans are forced to observe Ramadan then they might star to fight back” Breivik” style because British people and Europeans like to eat and drink any time of the day!Not eat and drink from sunset to dawn.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    I do subscribe Anthony. time is running out fast..the electoral system in britain is wrong,thats why BNP does not get any seats.

  • Good Ol’ Rebel

    Surely those signs are innacurate.

    • Percy

      Yup, those signs are all alike and thus this demonstration was fully organized and coordinated by someone with money. Remember, you cannot tell the difference between a Shiriah person and a Khazarian. This is exactly what the Khazars have done in Iraq and Afghanistan…. pretending to be the bad guys of those countries and killing good people and blaming it on the shiites. Its an old trick that has worked so well, the khazars continue to use it whereever they go.

      Fortunately they got caught thrice doing this, once in Iraq, once in India and again in Egypt and were outted by the host country. Members of Mossad got arrested in all three places Now we know they have also done the same in Libya where the rebels spent 20 years in McLean VA and where Mossad has a second home. LOL

  • Lilo


  • Kevin

    Well, this really isn’t so suprising. As others as said, the primary “opponents” of the coming world conflict is meant to be the Christians vs the Muslims. However, there is ample evidence that many divisions are being exploited among the populations in order to keep any one nation’s population from forming a united resistance to the creeping world government.

    The US is being set up as the global bad guys…which , admittedly, our government is complacent in the whole ordeal. Most of our citizens do not want this one world government, or NWO if you will, but they are too brainwashed to understand HOW it’s being forced on them. They don’t understand why it is our politicians are targeting the youth with their campaigns, can’t get it through their heads that most of our youth have no clue about politics and will vote for anyone who promises to do something for them. Obama is a prime example.

    Or, the more common method of deception is to state that these things are all being done to “protect human rights.” or some other noble sounding cause.

    I know the US is hated around the world…and undestandably so, but it is NOT the common citizen causing the problems. Those of us who are awake over here have been watching in horror as these control freaks are allowed to put more and more of their restrictive policies on the citizens of ALL nations. We have watched as Monsanto slowly eliminates real food in favor of their genetically altered CRAP that they call food, or while Bill Gates conducts medical experiments on unsuspecting citizens of third world countries without their knowledge or consent. We are watching the stage being set for what appears to be the final (and desperate) act. And we are SCREAMING! But very few listen.

    In the end, we will see another global war. Once again, the people who are causing the problems will slip through the cracks and won’t be affected by it. This was all planned a long time ago.

    We have people from all nationalities involved in this NWO scheme. Unfortunately, the main ones responsible do not live in the US, but consider themselves “citizens of the world.” No loyalties to ANY nation, therefore, when they want to start trouble in one nation, they simply move to another nation where they can’t be reached…or more recently, it seems they intend to go to underground bunkers…probably because this coming war is supposed to be nuclear to wipe out most of the population. (It’s hard to control 6.5 to 7 billion people.)

    Hang in there GB. May you hang on to what little freedoms you still have.

    • Kevin

      By the way, according to the “plan,” they have nearly achieved their one world government. Their last stop- which is where they are now – is China. Through Clinton’s NAFTA and GATT programs, the China market was opened up to these guys. What we are seeing in China is the global scumbags building them up for a fall. It’s why we’re seeing their economy explode recently. Of course, it’s all a fascade. Once the globalists get through robbing them, they will collapse their economy as well. They have to build them up as far as they can though.

      Or…another way to bring them down is to pit them in a war with the west…

  • Rubble

    They will taste the ashes in their mouths.

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