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Russian senator blames failure of multiculturalism for UK riots

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Russian senator blames failure of multiculturalism for UK riots.

The death of multicultural society and the economic crisis are to blame for the riots that have convulsed London and other British cities this week, head of the Russian upper house’s international affairs committee Mikhail Margelov said on Wednesday.

“I think the events occurring in the English cities have at least two reasons. One is fundamental: it’s the death of multiculturalism, a eulogy which the heads of Germany, France and Great Britain have recently delivered. The value of tolerance, or in other words the value of difference, has been accepted neither by ‘indigenous’ Europeans nor by immigrants,” Margelov said. “The two sides merely tolerate each other. And patience is the kind of thing that runs out from time to time.”

Over 1,000 people have been arrested, and at least four killed, in the violence which began in the British capital’s northern district of Tottenham on Saturday, following the fatal shooting of a young man by police. On Sunday and Monday, it spread to other areas in London and Birmingham and Bristol, and then to other cities.

Margelov said, “the foolishness with which Europe regards its historical past has led to the filling of its cities with migrants from the former ‘Third World,’ many of whom do not give a damn about not only European values, but simply about the rules of conduct on the streets of Paris, Brussels, London, and Cologne.”

The common “myth of responsibility” in Europe toward third world countries and their migrants does not promote tolerance, Margelov said, as Europeans have to work both for themselves for those from the third world, who may “not give a damn” about European values and laws.

“The Myth of responsibility compels European governments to put migrants on social allowances, but it does not promote tolerance. The French, Belgians and English should work not only for themselves but also for a guy who came from the third world with children and household,” the senator said.

Margelov cited the economic recession as one more reason for the riots.

“The economic crisis bedeviling the economy of the West in its fourth year, with no end in sight, is one of the causes of the events in British cities,” Margelov said.

Margelov claimed migrants will not easily give up the social benefits they have in Europe.

“Migrants will not be easily taken away from the European social ‘freebie’ and sent back home,” Margelov said. “Therefore, there is no escape from the riots there, even if the present British Cabinet resigns, which is problematic, by the way.”


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  • Vlad the Impaler

    he is damn right,the russian!!

  • Hermann Bauer

    Die Immigration der Industrieländer ist moderner Sklavenhandel.

  • J

    Russia is a third world shithole and will continue to be because of its intolerance and bigotry. America is great because immigrants contributed immensely to its technology, educational and entertainment sectors. Russia will continue to be a total wreck of a country because you all are racist pigs. Bunch of losers who think they are superior.

    • Joe

      J.What immigrants are you talking about?Indians from India?A few of them contribute tremendously in technology.The Mexicans contribute tremendously in the restaurant industry as cooks and food servers and dishwashers because to many American men and women don’t want to do this kind of work.Have to been to Russia?Did you know that the Scandinavian countries and Australia are having a problem with immigrant men(mostly Muslims)raping young white adult women and girls as young as eleven years old?UK has Pakistani Muslim men that are sexually grooming young teenager white girls and share them with their friends.That information is on eu times.net.We are having a problem with Somalian Muslims in Minnesota and Maine and a few other states.Google”Minnesota’s Somalia Madness”and you will see the problems this country is having with Somalian Muslims.

    • Robbie

      J – you cannot even spell your name you stink black-ass nigger. Go back to Africa and “contribute” there your skills to break and destroy.

      Russia is already in a better position than the USA firstly because it’s mainly a white man’s land. Secondly, they don’t waste money interfering in other countries. They are not in debt, but have a huge credit balance.

      Your president will pull the USA quickly down to third world status. You are much likely too stupid to realize that your welfare receptions comes mainly from the white American taxpayer. I wait for the day that Obama start paying the mothers who are “unpriviledged” for having children – as they do here in South Africa.

      Wake up white Americans! The niggers are going to “outbreed” you – something they can do very well. Where are the KKK to take control ?

      • Joe

        @Robbie.If Obama and his associates succeed in turning America in to a third world cesspool or close to it,those welfare mothers with children will be living in homeless shelters and will be standing in food lines waiting to receive their weekly supply of food and toilet paper!The niggers are going to out “breed”you.-something they can do very well.This is the problem with most non whites.They have to many babies and life becomes miserable for the parent(s) and the children.This over “breeding”perpetuates the cycle of poverty and dependency on the public assistance programs.They live in urban decay and in crime ridden ghettos.The young black women living in poverty that are living in the U.S.A. have opportunities to enhance their job propects if only they would not get pregnant and have some will power.

      • J

        @ Robbie, you racist small dick need to shut your stink butt up. Why do you assume I am black when you know absolutely nothing about me? Newsflash: I am white and not a racist like your sorry stink butt small dick. What do you mean I cannot spell my own name? “J” is the first letter of my surname you dimwit.Hahahaha… why do you even assume that I am on welfare, dirty ass? I have a good job and a beautiful family, shithole. By the way, I know a lot of Mexicans, Africans and African Americans who are well-educated with decent jobs. Your stink butthole should go out often so that you can know other races better. It’s ironic that your racist stink butthole is spewing racist comments from S. Africa. Get a life jerk! Go bathe and clean you smelly ass up.

  • Good Ol’ Boys

    A great Success for Communism and the Usurers behind it.

  • sky

    Immigrants contribute to what? They contribute to stealing our jobs and safety; for sure, but contributing to inventions, education, and entertainment? The days of Ellis island are long gone. Back then people came here to become Americans, today people come here to take advantage of us(as Conquerors). Most of our illegal immigrants cannot read or write their own language, much less contribute to educating others.

    Multiculturalism is a failure, because cultures can only exist separate from each other. Diversity is the biggest social failure in history.

    • Joe

      I agree with you.Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison and Minnesota senator Norm Coleman help Somalian Muslims immigrant as refugees and get them resettled in their districts so that the refugees and asylum seekers can vote these politicians in public office and keep re-electing them.

  • direita

    os imigrantes que construíram os EUA foram os brancos de origem anglo saxâ ,a imigração pòs 65 tem levado este ,outrora ,grande pais a cada vez mais se parecer com o terceiro mundo!

  • Vlad the Impaler

    “J” piece of shit,better you shut your zionist muzzle up.go and learn from this sand monkeys how to yell “UHH-UUHUU-UHHUU” u piece of crap you do not represent america fucking prick,aren’t ya?

    • J

      “Vlad” is a pool scum and a sorry excuse for a human being. The fact that you and many of your misguided minions here blame the current economic crisis and social disorder in the western world on immigrants is very laughable to say the least.In case your pea brain hasn’t figured this out,legal immigrants contribute to the American economy by increasing the tax base, opening small businesses and increasing the revenues of American companies through their purchases. Stop being bitter and petty by hating the wrong people for America’s problems.The real culprits are the bankers and the lobbyists who are selling America to the highest bidder. Stop being a piece of shit and stop hating on the wrong folks!!! By the way, I am an American and know exactly who the culprits are.

      Mullticulturalism hasn’t failed,the western governments have undermined it by fighting useless wars overseas and going on a spending binge. Wars and overspending have literally bankrupt western countries which means they have to drastically cut social programs. These cuts are the reasons why many people like Vlad have resorted to bigotry and bitterness. Stop being a fool!!!

      • Joe

        I agree with you about the bankers and lobbyist selling out to the highest bidders and the endless wars and spending.About multiculturalism,not every culture is compatible with each other.Example,Somalian Muslim refugees and other Muslims.There was a Somalian man that tried to rape his wife and got in to an argument and then he killed his four children.He slashed the throats of his three daughters and I believe he stab his son to death.He is in prison in Kentucky.Then there are honor killings in the Muslim immigrant communities through out America.There are many Muslim refugees that have been employed in meat packing plants in Nebraska and Minnisota and they disrupt production because they want a prayer room to pray in.In Lewiston,Maine there is a Somalian community where there have been racial attacks by young Somalian boys and men.Thet rob and knock down white people and take any thing of value,money,cell phones etc.These types of immigrants have no value to America.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    “J” zionist jew, I am not talkin’ about current economics etc,you fucking prick. you write a lot of bullshit,arent you? the shitty zionist lobby is brainwashing the white europeans and forcing upon them this marxist crap with the name of “multiracism against whites”. on behalf of whom is america fighting and the sheeple is paying for,ah? tell me the name of the fucking country somewhere in the middle eatst??

    • libra

      Заткнись дебил, не позорь всех нас, русских, своими нападками на русскоязычных нормальных людей еврейской национальности! Они, что, тебе в борщ насрали? Выёбываешься перед этими засратыми шахтёрами(чёрными), козёл!

  • Peter

    One of the negative outcomes of multicultural experiment was the creation of separate communities of immigrants – the trend that the British PM described earlier this year and that caused the gradual destruction of the national values and traditions within the given communities. I think the only solution to eliminate these trends is to integrate the immgrants coming to Canada into our cultural system. We think of ourselves as being tolerant of multiculturalism but a certain kind of assimilation is clearly inevitable in today’s world.

    • Robbie

      You have no idea what you are talking about. It has been proven all over the world that “borders brings piece”. Even many blacks, irrespective of education level, will tell that a “colorblind society” is a dream. Seperation of races is the only recipe proven thru-out history that minimize problems and tension.

      Unfortunately, many white people who grew up in a white society find this very difficult to understand.

  • Joe

    Before refugees and asylum seekers from Islamic/Muslim countries arrive to Canada and U.S.A. and other countries like Australia and New Zealand,they should go through an orientation program.Canada and U.S.A. and Australia and New Zealand and European countries should stop taken in impoverished refugees and asylum seekers from the Islamic/Muslim countries.The governments of these host countries need to have a “culling program” for the refugees and asylum seekers after a few months.The refugees andasylum seekers that can’t assimilate for one reason or another in to the host country should be deported back to their home land.Any refugees or asylum seekers that can successfully assimilate in to the host country should be put on probation for a few years before they and their families receive full citizenship.If they commit certain types of crimes then they will be deported along with their families.They need to be a productive refugee or asylum seeker,no welfare from the government when they arrive in to the host country.Let private donors and private donations help assist the new refugees and asylum seekers.They need to have an incentive if they want to live in the host country permenatly.

  • sgt.pepper

    It ROP that’s a failure.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Joe,your proposal is foolish.it aint gonna work. they will never assimilate and there is no need of these sand monkeys. if canada needs workforce,they better do their shopping in eastern europe. the point of this cabal-marxist agenda is to destroy the white race! what do u mean by “private donors”? you want the sand monkeys from saudia arabia to finance the building of mosques etc?? are you sane??

    • Joe

      I gave you thumbs up!Of course my proposal is foolish.But as long as the dhimmitutes keep allowing these S/M into Canada and other white nations then there needs to be a “weeding out”the undesirables.I agree with you that they will never assimilate and there is no need for them.Canada and N.Z. and Australia that have an immigrant population should have whites from Eastern Europe and America and the UK as their
      first choice.What I meant by private donors,as long as Canada and other white nations keep taken in these destitute S/M then the financing of their living in the host nations should be done by private citizens through private donations and not with government subsidies with tax payer’s money.No I don’t want S/M from Saudi Arabia to finance the building of mosques.

    • libra

      Заткнись дебил, не позорь всех нас, русских, своими нападками на русскоязычных нормальных людей еврейской национальности! Они, что, тебе в борщ насрали? Выёбываешься перед этими засратыми шахтёрами(чёрными),козёл!

  • Damien


    STFU! Noone wants to hear your racist words. Would you be kind enough to fuck off?

  • Baron Gifilte

    Poofters could be to blame,gayboy Hague for example,a mincing faggot!

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Damien,if I am not a prick as u r, you call me racist? i do not give a damn shit for your marxist deffinitions,full stop.I’ll be kind enough to tell ya to go out there and do a blow-work,you fucking poof!

  • “Multiculturalism” is a Zionist invention designed to destroy the native culture of any host nation foolish enough to fall under its sway.

    Like usury; it is one more tool of the Zionists for destroying the nation-state concept, in order to pave the way for the ascendancy of a Big Brother Jew police state and one world government ruled by the oligarchy.

    Most Americans consider Russia a friend and admire Vladimir Putin for throwing the Jewish oligarchs out of Russia.


    Iceland has arrested the banking swindlers who preyed on that nation.

    Soon, all nations of the world will realize the true enemy of mankind, the international banking cabal.

    The great task of ALL nations of the globe which desire to prevent World War III, is the destruction of fractional reserve banking and the outlawing of usury.

    At the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, Rabbi Reichorn makes the following revealing statement:
    “Thanks to the terrible power of our international banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews,
    since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over one hundred million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars and the end is not yet.”


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