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Riots, looting rock northern London

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There were scenes of chaos in the early hours of Sunday morning as sustained looting spread from Tottenham to other nearby areas of Haringey.

Chaos reigned in London after Saturday riots over the police fatal shooting of a man as looters attacked the shops damaged during the violence across Haringey area of the city.

Officers dispersed hundreds of demonstrators who gathered outside a police station in Tottenham in protest to the killing of the 29-year-old black man Mark Dugan.

However, demonstrators poured into nearby roads late on the night with rioters looting Aldi supermarket to the north of Tottenham as well as a carpet shop. They then set both shops on fire.

To the west of Tottenham, rioters looted shops in Wood Green area that continued into the early hours of Saturday.

Meanwhile, groups of rioters gathered in other areas near Tottenham with sticks, bottles and hammers breaking into buildings and setting rubbish bins on fire to form barriers.

The protests were triggered by the shooting of Duggan, a father of four, who was killed by the police on Thursday and demonstrators demanded justice over the shooting of the black man.

On Sunday the police were still dealing with “a small number of people” protesting in different parts of Tottenham.

Yet reports said there has been no police presence in Wood Green high street that was the scene of the most serious looting.


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  • Baron Gifilte

    The City have a rival?


  • Joe

    I would like to have the ghettos and Tottenham remain in ruins until the immigrants,Muslim and non Muslims leave the country.These immigrants made the decision to “make a mess”of their cities,then they should live in that mess.When will the “white nations”learn that when destitute black Africans and destitute middle-eastern Muslims are allowed to immigrate as refugees and asylum seekers that have nothing but the “clothes on their back”that have no job skills will be dependent on the government welfare agencies and the tax payers to support them indefinitely.They have nothing better to do than to cause trouble and attack the police and one of the immigrants gets shot and dies and they throw a hissy fit and make a mess out of their own communities.

    • Jude

      You are a moron.

      • Joe

        I have looked up the definition of moron.Some one who is affected with a mild mental illness or some one who is foolish.This doesn’t include me.I would say that it is the British politicians that are the morons.Did my privious post offend you?Are you a Negar from Africa or Muslim from Pakistan?

        • Jude

          Apologies for my earlier post. It wasn’t my most articulate moment. I was still reeling in shock from the realisation that small-minded, ignorant, barbaric, Nazi subhumans like you still existed in the 21st century. No I’m not African or Pakistani, I’m a white doctor from Scotland. I just have openness, compassion and backbone enough not to fear those who are different from me. Maybe one day you’ll grow up from this reductionist, ‘us and them’ view of the world. Although I doubt it. Because you’re a jerk.

          • jiles blandeth

            Jude YOU NAIVE PILLOCK.WAKE UP.WE ARE BEING ATTACKED. WE HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS.You insulting pillock.Wakey wakey.I am blond we are NOT safe. You self centered BLONDS have got to dye their hair these day. TRAITOR! I am not safe in my own country.

      • Vlad the Impaler

        you fuckin’ cunt

        • Jude

          So’s your face.

      • Vlad the Impaler

        Jude,go out and suck niggaz bolts

        • Damien

          Yo mama already has.

    • Jiles Blandeth

      Unfortunately they attacked white people and their businesses.

  • The Good Ol’ Boys

    Jewish spokeswoman for the Government laid claim to it.

  • Northern Rock Looting London,Riots

    Ain’t it amazing.

  • William Tell

    It’s pretty obvious that the sheep in the UK know nothing about Africans and Blacks in general. The Muslims (many Blacks adopt Islam as the ‘religion’ of choice because it gives them total control of their ‘white bitches’) have the same characteristics. The majority of them are parasites and consumers and if they get the slightest chance they do the only thing that Blacks do really well – destroy, loot, rape and pillage.

    The crazy idiot whites in South Africa built schools for them, so they burned them down, so the idiot whites rebuilt them again and again and they burned them again. I absolutely agree with Joe, everywhere they burn, rob and loot should be left to rot, they should be left to live on the street and if they continue to burn, loot and pillage the police should use live ammunition and shoot them all. That won’t happen, the brainwashed, mentally castrated ‘sheep’ in the UK, will spend billions to rebuild everything, so they can burn it down again. If a dog bites the hand that feeds it, it gets destroyed, but the Black and Muslim immigrants actually get rewarded, by building them new and better places to burn and destroy.

    This is a result of “multiculturalism”. I bet there were quite a few whites also involved who have seen that the Blacks can get away with their shenanigans, so why shouldn’t they? I see that there were hundreds of ‘arrests’, but you can bet all the money you have that only a tiny handful will be actually charged and if / when they appear in Court they will get a slap on the wrist and a suspended sentence.

    Black ‘culture’ is being imported into the UK by the million. Britain is the Promised Land, the land of milk and honey. They sit in Ostend, Calais, Dunkirk and Boulogne with placards reading “UK or bust”! They openly tell interviewers that they are going to Britain “for a better life – on benefits”. As more and more of this ‘culture’ stream in and more and more Blacks are recruited into the police by ‘positive action’ this culture will soon replace what bit of British culture that’s left and this kind of behavior will be the norm

    The ultimate aim of these people is a Black government and Black empowerment. Then the UK will become like the rest of Africa and the inhabitants will soon realize that they need a ‘better life’ because there won’t BE any benefits, work food or jobs. Then they will be eyeing any country still having a White government and they will flood into that one for another ‘better life’ until that also has a Black government. They don’t really want the work, just the money. The fallacy that Black labour is cheap is just that – a fallacy. You just have to look in any workplace like a Town Council, where Blacks are employed to see important papers covered in tea stains and grease, chicken bones thrown under the desks, filth everywhere and the total arrogance of these people who know that they can “do as they like” and get away with it.

    What will the White morons do – NOTHING! Many of them who are drooling, left-wing liberal morons, will stand up and demand that they be “empowered”.

    You idiots deserve everything that you allow your ‘government’ to get away with. Bring in a few million from the famine-stricken Somalia. They turned that country into a desert long before the weather did, so they are just itching for a ‘better life’ in the UK, where they can loot, rape and pillage and turn Britain into a similar desert as well.

    • Anthony Cloud

      William, in a REAL world, not populated by raving lunatics, you would be correct, but we don’t live in a REAL world, we live in a world viewed through rose-colored spectacles. A world with two opposite sets of standards.

      In the world we ACTUALLY live in, you can only compare the riots in London with the riots in Libya. In Libya a bunch of uneducated, bloodthirsty rabble, led by Muslim extremists decided to riot, loot and pillage, but here’s where the double standards begin.

      The rabble in Libya want ‘democracy’ – Islamic democracy, where body parts can be chopped off at will, where women can be stoned to death, beaten by their husbands, raped by anyone who cares to rape them and be treated like cattle in general. A ‘democracy’ where the men are forced to attend mosque and have their businesses confiscated if they stay open during prayers to their satanic ‘god’.

      Britain and France decided that this was a GOOD thing and so they got NATO and America to start a bombing campaign, killing untold thousands of innocent people who didn’t WANT the rabble to destroy their country. Why? Because Islamic ‘democracy’ is a GOOD thing!

      So what’s the difference between the riots in London and the riots in Libya? In London, a bunch of uneducated, bloodthirsty rabble, led by Black (and probably Muslim extremists as well), decided to riot, loot and pillage to bring ‘democracy’ to Britain, either Black ‘democracy’ like we have in Zimbabwe or Islamic ‘democracy’ like we have in Saudi Arabia. The same riots are happening daily in France as well, but here’s where the difference begins. In the UK and France, instead of being a GOOD thing, it’s now suddenly a BAD thing!

      If Blacks and Muslims in their own lands want to riot (and if their country happens to have oil or other resources that the UK and the USA want to get their greedy bloodstained hands on), trying to stop them is a WAR CRIME and we must bomb and kill the supporters of the government in the hope that the ‘rabble’ are stupid enough to allow them to plunder their land of all their oil if they win.

      If the Government supporters in the UK try to stop them from achieving Black or Islamic ‘democracy’, they police can attack them with batons, dogs, horses, tear gas, rubber bullets and whatever. Unfortunately, no-one demands that NATO start a bombing campaign against the UK to help the rabble achieve the ‘democracy they want. They gave all their oil away for a mess of pottage; they no longer manufacture anything that is of any value. They sold all their gold off for peanuts, so there is nothing of any value in the UK that the USA and Israel want. The bottom line is that the same ‘democracy’ that the UK rabble want is a BAD thing.

      I hope the riots in London and Paris spread UK-wide and that they achieve their aims to have a Black or Islamic ‘democracy’. The Police in the UK and France should allow them to continue, lest they be accused of ‘racism’, ‘islamophobia’, or ‘racial intolerance’. The UK government and its people should embrace the Black and / or Islamic ‘democracy’. After all, Islam is the ‘religion’ of love, peace and tolerance. A great many businesses and local Governments are now run by Indians, Blacks and Muslims, so it’s only a matter of time before you get an Islamic or Black government in your country, like it or not. In the meantime, keep the immigrants coming, keep ‘outsourcing’ all your work to India and Pakistan, keep all the money stolen from the taxpayers by tax dodgers and benefit frauds flowing into India, Africa and Pakistan and above all, keep increasing the “aid” you send to Africa, India and Pakistan, so they can buy more explosives for the suicide bombers and develop better space programs and nuclear bombs, whilst white kids in the UK are homeless, jobless and penniless.

      After that, Billy Tell is spot on. Russia, China and Korea, stand by – they’ll then be coming to YOUR country and it won’t be long before they want to spread their brand of ‘democracy’ to you as well!

      • jiles blandeth

        Anthony Cloud, read up on the eurabian agreement. Also don’t let it slip your mind that , Czech women are being forced/held captive in your country for prostitution by muslims. Why are you not objecting to that?

  • Derek

    The Brits have been mislead by their Media Barons to believe that you can have a wild dog in your back yard without any problem. Sorry chaps(‘n Gals), but you’ve been sold out by a broke and corrupt Winston Churchill in 1940 already. Talk to the late Winnie’s owners(Zion), maybe they’ll smirk at you.

  • Northern Rock Looting London,Riots

    Actualy it has more to do with police torching cars and blocking fire brigade access,because they are twerps who take their orders from the jew and queer subversives known to surround the ‘Jewish King’Cameron.

    The guy who authorises child killing,embezzlement and a lot of other illegal stuff.

    Including crass propaganda..

  • Good Ol’ Rebel

    So much for the apolitical it’s the law police.

  • Baron Gifilte

    So in reality it is the Urbanite equivalent of the Yokels shaking trees and scrumping apples.

    Maybe if the country invaded the cities you would not see a problem.

  • Jess

    Wow. Joe, Vlad the Impaler, William Tell:

    If you had actually paid any attention to the news what so ever instead of vaguely glancing at a headline and then incorporated it into your brain dead political ideologies, you will have noticed that the riots have been from all ethnic backgrounds here in the UK – and largely white. If you bothered to look a little deeper, you will also find out that it has been people from ethnic minorties – especially Turkish and Kurdish Muslims – who have been at the forefront of defending inner city communities from the rioters.

    There is nothing to do with race going on here. This is what happens when people – white, black, asian, whoever – who are left to rot by a society that cares nothing for them. The government doesn’t invest in their areas, takes money away from their schools, hospitals, closes the local jobcentres. Society tells them they are scum. Then big businesses relentlessly tries to sell them things they have no money to buy, on the premise that they are nothing unless they have the new xbox/trainers/wide screen TV etc. They have nothing, no future, yet they see others making fat piles of cash off their backs getting everything. So they get angry. They go on a mindless, unfocussed rampage.

    But of course these are complex issues it takes someone with half an intellect to understand. You’re thinking exactly what the media want you to think. Exactly what the politicians want you to think. Exaclty what Anders Breivik wants you to think.

    So Joe, Vlad, William: all I can say is there are pieces of tissue that I have used to wipe my arse and flushed down the toilet this morning that have probably thought more deeply about this situation than the lot of you.

    Think for youselves.

    • Jude


    • Joe

      If the British government doesn’t want to invest in the minority communities and takes away money that should be used for hospitals and health care services and schools and closes the local job centers then maybe the immigrants and the first generation of immigrant parents should go back to their home lands.There should be no more immigrants allowed in to Britain that do NOT have any marketable job skills and can’t speak English and have no significant amount of money to support them selfs when in Britain.Only selective immigration of highly skilled migrants with a statement in writing from the prospective employer should be required of the British government.

    • Centurian

      Jess, your reply is atypical of the verbal diatribe that can only be spouted be a naïve middle class liberal white person, with absolutely no experience of living in a highly populated ethnic area. “Riots – largely white” Oh please……

      There is something sinister that is happening to indigenous white people that treacherous people like your self continually deny.

      All the areas (Hackney, Tottenham, et el) that rioted are in the process of rapidly becoming majority black and ethnic origin people, due to high birth rates and child benefit.

      Within a decade there will be less whites in those area and the ones that are unfortunate to be left will be at the merciless racism of ethnics. They will have to ‘ape’ their behaviour or be murdered for being white. Dr Starkey is correct whether you like it or not. White are becoming black.

      Caucasian ethnocide is a result of an aggressive social Marxism ideology, implemented by the Frankfurt school of sociology and adopted by the freemason run education system, politics, media and economics in Europe. It has little do with “wanting Xboxs” or generalising about disenfranchised “youth culture”

      Needless to say that this is all implemented by racist jews (Karl Marx- jewish socialism) and freemasons (Cameron + other jewish sympathisers) to break up the national identity of European countries so they can spiral into decay.

      They then can be exploited for their taxes and jews can remain unchallenged like they were until WW2. To prevent that situation from happening again they are flooding Europe with useless ethnics.

      The intention that their behaviour will lead to riots as proved effective recently. Immigration is designed to divide and subvert unwittingly white people like yourself and make money for jews (who hate W.A.S.PS) by shifting them around the world. This is in fact historically nothing new but the scale and speed that technology (jet planes) has allowed it to happen is unprecedented.

      White ethnocide is the denied crime of the 21st century. It is responsible for the white flight, and creates the scapegoat of unemployed white working class as an excuse to bring MORE useless ethnics in.

      It also seems to fool stupid whites into thinking the hard working tax paying eastern Europeans (your Caucasian cousins) also contribute to the downfall of the U.K., when in fact we have been sold out to the communist E.U. state since 1972 by the your beloved, treacherous queen and government.

      You now live in the socialist chaotic utopia the you, over educated and unsympathetic middle class whites have longed for. Don’t worry though, your pristine areas will also be flooded by ethnics who in time will cause your detached houses to devalue and you will move out. As per Communism you will not be allowed to privately own your property and ethnics are helping to do this.

      If you think that ‘race mixing’ (A result of proximity and normalising by the jew run media) will fend off the rabid ethnics, just remember that the offspring are always more black than white, so you lose.

      I’ll be laughing when you rationalise the demise of yourself as a natural result of ‘globalisation’. No doubt you will ‘turn’ Muslim because of your own ‘freewill’. “I believe in Mohammed as the true, blah blah blah” when the ‘moderate’ Muslims sell your white kids off as sex slaves in the E.U.rabia continent as it finally embraces Sharia law.

      Remember such ‘royals’ like Prince Charles would love your private/grammar schools to fully ’implement’ it. And if you haven’t noticed that some schools in the north/south are majority ethnic with whites in a 5% minority.

      Racism, what racism?

      Why don’t you “think for youself” and do some real research into the “complex issues” you are so “concerned” about?

  • Jess

    PS – Anthony, Derek, Northern Rock…

    oh dear. With your friends Vlad, Joe, Willy, I do feel sorry for you all. You must be so scared. So terrified. The world is all out to get you. Yes you! Quick! Run to the hills! Run! Yes, the Muslims, “the blacks” “the Jews” “the queers” are all coming for you! Yes, you! They really have nothing better to do! Quick! Go now, while you still have time! Run away! Bye! Byeeee! It was so nice to meet you! Enjoy yourselves in your whites only enclave up a cold mountain somewhere!

    • Joe

      Jess.I am a black American man.How about you,are you a black English men?I am very anti Islam.The looters rioted because it was a black man that had been shot by the police.I understand that he was a drug dealer and belong to a gang.There was no logical excuse for the destruction of the cities.This mark Duggan must of had done something wrong to have the policeman firing a fatal bullet in to him.Seeing that you live in England you should know more about Mr.Duggan.I have been reading about the English government letting in third world immigrants from any where in the world.England was once a colonial power and the ruling elites feel that today’s white people need to pay for the sins of the past that was done by white men to Africans and Pakistan.It is called “reverse colonialism”There is no logical excuse for this.When I first heard about the rioting,I thought that it was Muslims and blacks because there is a large population of these people.I am not surprised that there were whites involved in the rioting.I do know that there are many” anti-white” Muslims and blacks living in those cities that were trashed.I read on other eu times threads about Mr.Cameron and parliament members wanting to replace whites in some political positions,mp.What is mp?It looks like to me that the white ruling elites want to have more blacks and Muslims in political positions.What these blacks and browns and whites did to business owners that are of the same racial and ethnic make up was not justified,I don’t care how much unemployment there is among these non whites.You say that the government does not invest in there areas and takes money away from their institutions and society(upper class,snoby rich whites)tells them that they are scum and business tries relentlessly sell them consumer goods but these riotors have no money.Many of my fellow Americans(blacks and whites) that are brain washed into accepting Marxism think that your country has utopia socialism,all that they know about England and Europe is that there is national health care.How’s that working out for you Europeans?I have never been to Europe but would like to visit one day and it would not be for a few weeks,more like a few months but I don’t have any money for vacations!I am not frugal!I see on the news two white English women looting saying that they are showing the rich people they can do what they want to.Why is there so much unemployment among the white people?I’ll tell you why!To many non whites have been allowed to immigrate to the U.K. and the whites have been pushed aside.I have read on the (Bare Naked Islam)web site about Afghanistan and Pakistan Muslim immigrants given generous housing allowances,some of these large Muslim families live in luxury homes worth £ one million that are in an up scale section of London while poor native whites live in unexceptible living conditions.I know what your thinking about me!A dumb and uninformed black American and yes believe me when I look into a mirror,All I see is a black American man I am not as black like a black African because there is some native American in my blood.I work on race tracks with horses(flats)and their are many English and Irish people living here because they have better employment opportunities in America than in a Marxist England.

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