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Police detains 450 in London unrest

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The deputy mayor of London, Kit Malthouse, said Met Police have made over 450 arrests liked with the violence and disturbances across London, among which 100 have been charged.

Defending the performance of the London Metropolitan police in the last three nights of massive violence in the capital, Malthouse said: “It was a very stretching night. I feel for all those people who have woken up this morning to see the charred remains of their businesses, maybe their homes… There may be some people we didn’t get to very quickly and I’m sorry for that… We have to make sure we improve the performance this evening and get even more officers out there.

“I was urging the police to be as robust as possible. I also appealed for parents to get children out of the way and for people spectating to clear the way.”

As the demonstrations continued for the third night across London, there have been more clashes between the police officers and the protesters. The protest then turned to violence in several boroughs, from Brixton in the south to Enfield and Islington in the north and Walthamstow to the east.

Matlhouse also said that 6,000 officers were policing the streets in London last night and revealed that riot police from forces across England will be send to London to control the violence and to regain the control of the city.

Home Secretary Theresa May, just returned from her summer holiday to handle the mass protests accross the country, promised that more arrests will be announced on Tuesday.

“As we speak there will be officers combing through CCTV footage, identifying individuals and following up. That is robust policing. We can bring an end to this with robust policing, good use of intelligence and the help and support of the local community,” she said.


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2 Responses to " Police detains 450 in London unrest "

  1. Baron Gifilte says:

    Will they look again at the BBC’s agent provocateur licence,or will they find they do not recognise their own peoples crimes?

    I’ll wager they find themselves blameless,you wont find any bookees offering odds in my favour.

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  2. welders says:

    I think most will get off. Perhaps the English could look at this as a beautiful example of Emile Durkheims Anome and take from it inspiration to stop it occuring again by educating and nurturing the poor and underprivelidged instead of subduing and exploiting them.

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