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London riots spread to other cities

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London riots have spread to other British cities of Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, and Kent, threatening to engulf the entire country.

London experienced the worst night of violence Monday, as looting spread across Peckham, Ladbroke Grove, Ealing, Catford, Chalk Farm, East Dulwich, Bethnal Green, Lewisham, Manchester, Clapham and Croydon, where one person was shot and injured.

Met Police said in a statement that armoured vehicles were deployed and some 6,000 officers policed streets across London on the third night of looting and violence and that 1,700 more police forces were in mobile units to respond to flashpoints.

However, the trails of violence have not been confined to the capital alone. Protesters also gathered through the center of Birmingham Monday evening and an unmanned police station was later set on fire in the Handsworth district of the city. Police arrested 100 demonstrators in Birmingham.

Disorder has also spread to Leeds and Liverpool, where people smashed windows, broke into shops and damaged police cars. A Merseyside Police spokesman said that there were “a number of isolated outbreaks of disorder.”

Turmoil also broke out in Bristol, as about 200 demonstrators rampaged through the city centre. Nottinghamshire Police stated that officers had to handle several disturbances in the St. Anne’s area of Nottingham. People attacked a local police station, damaged around 40 private cars, and set a container of 200 tyres on fire.

Police officers in Kent arrested scores of people for leading violence in the Medway area. People also set other fires across Chatham, Rainham and Gillingham.

The riots and looting that started on Saturday in the north London section of Tottenham right after hundreds of furious demonstrators descended on city streets demanding “justice” over the police killing of 29-year-old Mark Duggan on Thursday.

Protestors used petrol missiles, bottles, and bricks against police officers, including mounted police, setting on fire cars, smashing windows and looting dozens of shops.

Duggan was reportedly travelling in a minicab when he was stopped by the police. He was then killed during what the police claimed was an exchange of fire with officers. There have been no more details on incidents regarding Duggan’s killing.

Prime Minister David Cameron finally cut short his lavish holiday trip and returned home to chair a Cobra emergency committee over the spreading violence. Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg will also meet Home Secretary Theresa May and acting Scotland Yard Commissioner Tim Godwin.

Labour leader Ed Miliband welcomed the PM’s decision to hold a Cobra meeting and called for “the strongest possible” reaction against the riots.

“I am shocked by the scenes we are seeing in parts of London. This violence and vandalism is disgraceful criminal behaviour. What we need to see is the strongest possible police response to restore calm and security to our streets and for communities to work together,” Miliband asserted.


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