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London riots spread to other cities

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London riots have spread to other British cities of Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, and Kent, threatening to engulf the entire country.

London experienced the worst night of violence Monday, as looting spread across Peckham, Ladbroke Grove, Ealing, Catford, Chalk Farm, East Dulwich, Bethnal Green, Lewisham, Manchester, Clapham and Croydon, where one person was shot and injured.

Met Police said in a statement that armoured vehicles were deployed and some 6,000 officers policed streets across London on the third night of looting and violence and that 1,700 more police forces were in mobile units to respond to flashpoints.

However, the trails of violence have not been confined to the capital alone. Protesters also gathered through the center of Birmingham Monday evening and an unmanned police station was later set on fire in the Handsworth district of the city. Police arrested 100 demonstrators in Birmingham.

Disorder has also spread to Leeds and Liverpool, where people smashed windows, broke into shops and damaged police cars. A Merseyside Police spokesman said that there were “a number of isolated outbreaks of disorder.”

Turmoil also broke out in Bristol, as about 200 demonstrators rampaged through the city centre. Nottinghamshire Police stated that officers had to handle several disturbances in the St. Anne’s area of Nottingham. People attacked a local police station, damaged around 40 private cars, and set a container of 200 tyres on fire.

Police officers in Kent arrested scores of people for leading violence in the Medway area. People also set other fires across Chatham, Rainham and Gillingham.

The riots and looting that started on Saturday in the north London section of Tottenham right after hundreds of furious demonstrators descended on city streets demanding “justice” over the police killing of 29-year-old Mark Duggan on Thursday.

Protestors used petrol missiles, bottles, and bricks against police officers, including mounted police, setting on fire cars, smashing windows and looting dozens of shops.

Duggan was reportedly travelling in a minicab when he was stopped by the police. He was then killed during what the police claimed was an exchange of fire with officers. There have been no more details on incidents regarding Duggan’s killing.

Prime Minister David Cameron finally cut short his lavish holiday trip and returned home to chair a Cobra emergency committee over the spreading violence. Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg will also meet Home Secretary Theresa May and acting Scotland Yard Commissioner Tim Godwin.

Labour leader Ed Miliband welcomed the PM’s decision to hold a Cobra meeting and called for “the strongest possible” reaction against the riots.

“I am shocked by the scenes we are seeing in parts of London. This violence and vandalism is disgraceful criminal behaviour. What we need to see is the strongest possible police response to restore calm and security to our streets and for communities to work together,” Miliband asserted.


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10 Responses to " London riots spread to other cities "

  1. welders says:

    I think the end times are upon us. Everyone should start checking if the sky is falling.

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  2. Khaaan! says:

    Have the natives adopted the use of indiginous weapons,such as the Boomerang and Bullroarer?

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  3. Alexandre Söldann says:

    It comes the time in which all the european must wake up.

    Immigrants: GTFO!

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  4. Johnny already marched home.. says:

    Another Jewish shooter?

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  5. George Washing says:

    I sit here, trying to find a bit of sympathy for the people who live in the UK and who have lost their homes, their businesses, their most precious possessions and their very livelihood as a result of the violence all over the UK. Unfortunately, try as I might, I cannot find even a tiny morsel of sympathy for these crazy people.

    I have endured hours of Bullshit on BBC World, CNN and other news agencies and newspapers all over the world and you can’t REALLY expect me to believe that no-one can put their finger on the reasons for this appalling behavior. Even the biggest moron on earth can surely add together the FACTS regarding the behavior of these so-called youths.

    If you really ARE that stupid, let me lay it out for you : –

    Children – ALL children now, worldwide are protected game. Their parents cannot chastise them, cannot smack them or even shout at them with impunity. Had I even contemplated participating in this mindless violence, my father would have taken off his belt, and not only wouldn’t I have been able to sit down for a week, he would have cut off my pocket money and locked me in my room. If I HAD participated, after the belt, he would have personally taken me to the Police and told them to throw away the key.

    Children today have been brought up to show NO respect for anyone, not even their own parents. No longer are teachers called ‘Sir’ or employers ‘Mr …’, no longer are children taught to respect the Police (that would be very difficult the way the Police behave today), instead they are taught to treat adults and others with contempt.

    Children are longer brought up by their mothers or fathers. Mothers are encouraged to have careers and forget about their offspring. Children can be brought up by some drooling moron that lets them do anything they like, teaches them about homosexuality and that Black kids and Muslim kids are a superior and protected species. Kids that are lucky (or unlucky) enough to have fathers either have one who is a thug and a drunk or a Dad who is so busy working hours of overtime to avoid being fired by his greedy Boss and replaced by an ‘asylum seeker’ who will work for less, that he has no time for his children at all.

    As the kids get older, they go to school where their teachers spend most of their time teaching them to have no manners, no respect, how to be politically correct and to vote for any left-wing party. They don’t bother to teach them how to spell, how to form sentences or how to do even the most elementary math. They teach them that all men are equal and to make them believe this, the standard of education has been dumbed down so that racial groups which are incapable of higher education and original thought can be made to believe that they are “equal”. There is NO discipline, children can’t even play, in case they graze a knee and if a teacher tries to comfort them or put a plaster on it, they are fired as pedophiles.

    As they get older, youngsters are taught that their ambition must be to go to University where they can get drunk every night, have sex with as many women as possible and take ‘recreational drugs’. In turn the Universities offer them meaningless subjects like Dance, Medieval History, Social Psychology, 14th Century French Poetry and other such bullshit subjects. No longer are Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology the main subjects taught. Kids now get “Science” and to make sure they hate it, they have to wear rubber aprons, safety goggles, rubber gloves and if there is even a slight smell, the laboratory is evacuated, thanks to the fools in Health and Safety. Those that still can’t get into a University because they are too dumb, are taught to feel cheated and why should they have to pay for anything? Aren’t these places of learning built by “fat cats” who just have to hold out their hand and money falls into it? Isn’t it the DUTY of these teachers to waste their time trying to teach a bunch of kids whose sole interest is in sex, booze and drugs?

    In the past years, youngsters have been taught by the so-called teachers, the Labour Government and the Trade Unions to take to the streets and ‘protest’. Orchestrated violence is encouraged, because this will discredit any non-Labour Goverment. So stop pluuting ALL the blame on the kids, your Government and precious Trade Unions taught them to do that. Remember Arthur Scargill?

    The kids who didn’t get to ‘Varsity and get their ration of sex, booze and drugs feel cheated and now the White kids can’t find jobs, because the Government have poured in millions of immigrants. Their Youth Clubs have been closed; there are notices everywhere “No Cycling”, “No Skateboards”, “No Smoking”, “No Loitering”, “No Ball Games”, in fact no anything. Adults are reluctant to offer their services to form clubs or encourage children and youths to take part in any group activity, because they are labeled as pedophiles and they know that they will be sued if one of their charges even breaks a fingernail. Whilst these kids are denied of work, and recreation, they watch successive Governments pouring money into India and Pakistan, so they can improve their space programs and buy more explosives for their Islamic terrorists and throwing money at African despots and to feed people who are too dumb and lazy to make any effort to help themselves!

    The ones leaving University with a Degree in such trash as Medieval History or Socio-Economics find that they can’t get a job because their knowledge of math and English is so bad that they have problems working out discounts in a shop or being able to write even a simple letter or CV because they can’t spell and know nothing about punctuation. The BBC helps to compound the problem by using phrases such as “1 in 4” and “3 out of 10”, instead of 25 per cent or one third and my own personal favorite “I can’t wait”. Anyone who uses an expression like this is a complete idiot and this phrase is repeated on UK TV dozens of times a day.

    Now we have to add the millions of Black immigrants in Britain to the equation. Take a look at riots in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Congo, Ruanda, Rhodesia, South West Africa, Nigeria and all over Africa. Violence, murder, rape, theft, gangs with bush knives, weapons of all kinds and wholesale death and destruction is a major part of their ‘culture’ and they have been carefully taught that in the UK, they can do as they please because to attempt to stop them is “Racial Hatred” and anyone who tries to deter bad Black behavior is labeled “Racist”. The Police are taught to ignore Blacks behaving badly because if they take action its ‘Racism’. Are people in the UK so bloody stupid that they can’t see that most of the shootings and stabbings and violent crimes are carried out by Blacks and Muslims?

    Now add the Muslims to this mix and if you take the trouble to read the Koran, their ‘religion’ teaches them to kill anyone who refuses to bow to their ‘god’. It teaches them that lying and cheating is OK as long as it furthers their goal to world domination. Their way of life and ‘culture’ is diametrically opposed to present day Christianity and it’s the biggest disgrace on earth for the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury to say that Islam is good and that Sharia Law is desirable.

    Black schoolgirls drop their knickers to the white kids so that they are encouraged to chase the ‘easy’ Black women and the Black boys don’t even bother with such subtleties they just rape the white girls and threaten to kill them if the tell anyone. The media carefully and subtly encourages mixed race marriages between two completely different ‘cultures’. Kids are taught that it’s not only good and politically correct to marry a different species, but that all humans are the same and mixing races is a good thing. No-one bothers to point out that Lions and Leopards are both cats, but they don’t mate together. Blackbirds and pigeons are both birds but they don’t interbreed either!

    Most animals live in packs and humans are no exception, they need to be part of a pack as well. Going back in time, we had packs of motorcyclist, fishermen, chess clubs, debating societies, Judo Clubs, Boy Scouts, and Girl Guides. That’s been replaced with street gangs, because civilized pastimes have no interest at all to Blacks and Muslims, the male Black kids teach their ‘White Bitches’ how to behave like them and to adopt the Black ‘culture’, the Black girls jeer and encourage their “White Honkies” to also adopt Black ‘culture’ and to rob, steal, kill, rape and pillage like they do.

    What else can these youths do? Police patrol the streets of the UK looking for any tiny thing they can to harass young people, especially White ones. They see a youth on a mini-motorcycle and they take a huge delight in harassing him and taking his possession away and breaking it up. They stop youths in cars and arrest them for even a tiny bit of cannabis. They treat young White people like dirt with a sneer or a grin on their faces and take huge delight in humiliating them. They arrest kids for being drunk. WHAT ELSE CAN THEY DO? The kids have no respect for anyone, they have no job, only money that they can steal, no future and they know that if they hang out with Blacks they can get away with a lot more than if they try to have a bit of fun on their own. If I had been brought up with no discipline, no respect and no work, no money and nothing to do, and I saw that there were marauding gangs of Blacks and whites who could defy authority, I would probably have been one of them! In the UK, even trying to date a girl is a hazard, because they will be accused of sexual harrassment or date rape. Little wonder there are so many homosexuals in the UK today.

    So all those with this kind of culture, that are being bussed into the UK and Europe by the million either as immigrants or ‘refugees’, feel that they can ‘do as they like’ with impunity. They see nothing wrong in burning, looting, stealing, killing and disfiguring. They’ve been doing that to each other for thousands of years and believe me that will NEVER change. It’s like trying to teach a scorpion not to use its sting.

    With your drooling liberal Dr. Spock bullshit, political correctness, Health and Safety, mass immigration of a totally foreign set of cultures and “austerity measures”, which make people’s life even worse than it already is and whilst you pour money to India, Pakistan, Israel, Africa, China, Korea and waste billions on illegal wars, it’s little wonder than youth is so completely pissed off.


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  6. Baron Gifilte says:

    Another Jewish shooter!

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  7. Alexandre Söldann says:

    I don´t know if these people are here that say “another jewish shooter” are white or not, but it is because of this kind of “multiculturalist” thought that the Europe is as it is.

    No, I´m not a fucking jewish: the Gods forbid me! But I am a proud white, someone who loves his race, people, culture and fatherland.

    If you were really european (or true whites), you would understand waht I´m speaking here.

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  8. The Good Ol' Boys says:

    Racist,delusions of grandeur,a jewish activist,likely recruitable..

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  9. Alexandre Söldann says:

    Likely a drugged anarchist.

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  10. Alexandre Söldann says:

    This kind of idiot yet makes me laugh. Goodness!

    I can´t believe there is someone that still believes in what the zionist media says.

    U jelly? Likely a mental illness .

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