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Gillard set to reject Kevin Rudd on Palestine

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Australia is almost certain to vote against a Palestinian state next month, despite an apparent push by Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd for Canberra to abstain from any such vote.

Leaders of the Jewish community reacted angrily yesterday to a report that Mr Rudd had written to Julia Gillard recommending that Australia abstain from the vote at the UN.

The diplomatic row came as Victorian Labor leader Daniel Andrews joined the Baillieu government’s attacks on the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, which led to 19 arrests in Melbourne last month when protesters targeted the Max Brenner chocolate store.

Consumer Affairs Minister Michael O’Brien confirmed that the state government had written to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission to investigate whether the protesters should be prosecuted under section 45D of the Competition and Consumer Act covering secondary boycotts.

The ACCC declined to comment. Campaign Against Israeli Apartheid spokeswoman Vashti Kenway said the next BDS protest in Melbourne was planned for September 9.

The Prime Minister is expected in coming days to confirm to Jewish leaders Australia’s traditional support for Israel at the UN. “I think Rudd will busily back off all of that now,” said one Jewish community leader. “The PM is very firm about opposing the (UN) resolution.”

Ms Gillard would not comment on whether Mr Rudd had written to her urging Australia to abstain. “At this time, no such resolution has hit the deck,” she said.

“There isn’t a resolution available for people to read or respond to. If such a resolution does hit the deck, then in deciding how Australia will vote, we will bring our very long-standing principles about questions in the Middle East. That is, we are long-standing supporters of a two-state solution.

“We are long-standing supporters of Israel’s right to exist behind secure borders and we have said for a very long time this question is only going to be resolved by people sitting around a table and negotiating it to resolution.”

Jewish leaders had a series of meeting with Mr Rudd two months ago and say they were left with the firm impression Australia would oppose any resolution.

Palestinian negotiators are claiming at least 122 of the 193 countries in the UN General Assembly will support the motion. Israel is concentrating on trying to win as many European votes as possible — Britain and France have suggested they may support the Palestinian motion.


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7 Responses to " Gillard set to reject Kevin Rudd on Palestine "

  1. Damien says:

    This will show how deep the Zionists have their fingers up in Aussie butts. From what I can see, it’s deep.

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  2. lydia daye says:

    Julia Gillard and the Firt Dude Tim Mathieson are well know to be up the snout in the trough of the Jewish Lobby.
    One would have expected the Government to support Israel continued suppression of the Palestinians by denying them Statehood.

    Unfortunately however for Gillard, in order to hang on to power she has had to court allegiance with the ‘Greens’ who have far more ethical standards than Gillard and who will not support Israel continued and blatant violations of some 250UN resolutions.

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  3. Baron Gifilte says:

    Actually the vote is about who is a useless piece of shit.

    Australians are apparenly no longer a nation and really just a bunch of assholes living in anothers country,so much so they to this day refuse to even look into how they were bombed into submission by the Brits at Maralinga.

    They too surrendered whatever they had to foreign traders,the same grabbers whom the featured turds represent.

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  4. Intel says:

    A racist soon to be arrested for money laundering and embezzlement.

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  5. Equal rights for us Niggers! says:

    This is our land and not yours!

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  6. Bumboybasher says:

    She is like homo hague,stands in the limelight laughing at the jewish semen dribbling out of her backside.

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  7. tony says:

    Antisemitism and those instigating it should be jailed or sent back to the middle east, we don’t need them here with their vitriolic hatred against people that have done nothing to them, it’s evil.

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