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Ethnical issue becomes Britain's No.1 problem

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Still reeling with shock and anger over the worst rioting in decades, Britain has turned to a tough reckoning with the perpetrators, with courts sitting through the night and the police saying Thursday that over 1,200 people had been arrested, the bulk of them in London.

But, despite an apparent lull in the rioting that has ravaged London and other major cities, concern was growing about many of the ethnically segregated districts battered by the rampages, particularly Birmingham, Britain’s second-largest city, where the police and political leaders worried about a potentially explosive new pattern of interracial violence that could be set off by the past days and nights of mayhem, reports New York Times.

Police continued to make arrests linked to the disturbances, with the number of arrests in London alone climbing to 820. Courts were staffing around the clock to process alleged looters, vandals and thieves – including one as young as 11.

Even as Cameron promised not to let a “culture of fear” take hold, tensions flared in Birmingham, where a murder probe was opened after three men were killed in a hit-and-run drive as they took to the streets to defend shops from looting, says San Francisco Chronicle.

Outside the capital, in England’s second-largest city, Birmingham, police started a murder investigation into the deaths of the three men hit by a car. Residents said the dead men, ages 21 to 31, were members of Birmingham’s South Asian communities who had been patrolling their neighborhood to keep it safe from looters.

“They lost their lives for other people, doing the job of the police,” witness Mohammed Shakiel, 34, said. “They weren’t standing outside a mosque, a temple, a synagogue, or a church – they were standing outside shops where everybody goes. They were protecting the community”, informs Philadelphia Inquirer.


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  • Too many Jews in England

    There is your problem.

  • Came a Cropper

    Indeed,Camoron’s jewish question will become more apparent as more people know everyone knows their game is essentially the same as that which befel Russia during the Jewish revolution there.
    80% of government roles filled by jews,the other 20% by the jewish.

  • Came a Cropper

    Here today it’s 80% jewish and 20% jew so the balance of power is slightly different to the multicultural Soviet.

    No 8 million tonnes of pig iron,in fact no manufacturing base whatsoever,it has much to do with the dark satanic mills of the past and the shocking truth of the Tories desire for other peoples to pick oakum.

  • Joe

    Sinister Jews trying to bring multiculturalism to European countries.To many black Africans and Pakistanis sexual grooming young white British teenage girls.Looks like England is going to an island of mulattos and Muslims and muds permanently redundant and on the dole!To many industries and jobs have been out sourced which means not enough jobs for these mongrels!Pakistanis that don’t have any job prospects should be deported back to Pakistan.The same thing for blacks from African and the Carribean countries.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    the issue number one is,when the white from accrosds europe will rise from their knees???


    We have a jew group of thugs protecting jew businesses,the sikhs can stand in the street mob-handed,armed with knives,swords and baseball bats to protect thiers,the same is true for the muslims,all with police approval ,but when a group of white English people patrol thier streets,the police arrest and threaten them,good thing that we are all equal,innit,meanwhile the notting hill apefest had 245 arrested and 86 hospitalized ,with one serious stabbing,which the press described as “peacefull”and never the suggestion that it should be banned,but let whitey try and celebrate st georges day and he is a “racist”.

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