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Darkest planet found: Coal-Black

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The newfound gas-giant planet TrES-2b is black with a slight red glow, experts estimate.

Scientists have discovered a Jupiter-size gas giant planet in our galaxy, dubbed Coal-Black planet, as the darkest world in the universe, which reflects almost no light.

Researchers indicate that the inky planet absorbs 99% of the light its star sends its way and reflects only one percent of the light that strikes it, Natural Geographic News reported.

According to the new study the ever known darkest planet, called TrES-2b, orbiting about three million miles out from its star, is so hot, heated to 980 degrees Celsius, it absorbs almost all the light from its star.

“Being less reflective than coal or even the blackest acrylic paint, the planet has been identified the darkest one ever discovered,” said the lead study author David Kipping.

“If we could see it up close it would look like a near-black ball of gas, with a slight glowing red tinge to it, a true exotic amongst exoplanets,” added Kipping, an astronomer at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Though it is not clear what is exactly responsible for making TrES-2b so extraordinarily dark, astronomers could uncover some facts about the dark truth for the planet.

The black planet’s atmosphere probably contains vaporized sodium and potassium, or gaseous titanium oxide that all these substances absorb light, though it wouldn’t alone account for the planet’s darkness, explained Kipping and co-author David Spiegel of Princeton University.

Meanwhile, NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, a satellite telescope to survey our Milky Way galaxy in search of Earth-like planets, provided the possibility for the scientists to obtain useful data about this newly discovered planet.


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