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Betrayal In The Far North - The Swedish Case

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In light of Norway’s recent “9/11” it is apparent that terrorism has now seriously infected the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway, however, was not the first country to get a taste of this. On December 11, 2010, suicide bomber Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly blew himself up on the busy shopping street Drottninggatan, in Stockholm, Sweden. So what exactly connects Anders Behring Breivik with this Islamic fundamentalist? At first glance, they appear to come from opposite sides of the spectrum. At closer inspection, things are not quite what they appear. In the same way that Breivik’s globalist connections raised many questions about the validity of the official story presented by the mainstream media, “the lone bomber attack” in Sweden raised many of the same questions. People who happen to know the facts of both cases are invariably led to the conclusion that Operation Gladio is likely back in business.
Shortly after the suicide bomb shook Sweden, it was reported by the Swedish news agency TT that an employee within the Swedish Defense Department knew of the present danger and, several hours in advance, had warned a friend to stay away: “If you can, avoid Drottninggatan today. Many things can happen there… Just so you know.” Erik Lagersten, the Public Relations Director of the Defense Department, later released a written statement in response: ”The Defense Department has had no prior knowledge of the plans or the surrounding circumstances of the incidents. If that had been the case, Säpo (Note: The Swedish Security Service) which is the responsible authority for matters like these would have been notified immediately.” Unfortunately, that also seemed to be the end of media’s investigation into the matter…

In order to get a clearer picture of the situation, and to better understand this little peculiarity, it is essential to go back to the days of the Cold War. Looking back at Sweden’s history during this era, it is apparent that the country never actually was neutral, as it claimed to be. Just like the NATO countries, Sweden too had a branch of the paramilitary Stay Behind movement that worked closely with the United States and its European allies. Officially, the Swedish branch was active only during the 1950s and 60s, during which time (1951-1953) William Colby was the US Ambassador to the country. This man later became head of the CIA. Considering that the Soviet Union remained a threat during the ensuing decades, is this official story really plausible? Did the CIA/NATO operatives just pack their bags and go home? Not likely.

So, just as how Swedes a few decades ago were recruited for Stay Behind, a movement which is on record to have staged false flag attacks on their own people and all over Europe via Operation Gladio for political gains, is it not possible that someone like Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly also could have been recruited by powerful forces, possibly unbeknownst even to himself?

Documents released by Wikileaks reveal that the Swedish government also in present day has had a secret cooperation with United States’ Intelligence, in effect an executive branch of the Military Industrial Complex owned by the banking elite who are responsible for the Globalist Agenda. The documents expose how the Swedish government requested that those Americans stationed in the country should keep their information gathering on an informal level in order to avoid scrutiny by parliament. The reason for this request was that they wished to keep discussions about “anti-terror operations” away from public scrutiny.
With striking similarities to the stories of the recruitments of Richard “The Shoe Bomber” Reid, and Umar Farouk “The Underwear Bomber” Abdulmutallab, Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly also became radicalized in the UK, more precisely in Luton. This is of particular importance because it was within those circles that the wanted terrorist (and unofficial CIA asset) Anwar al-Awlaki recruited Jihadists. What are the odds that al-Abdaly was actually recruited there by al-Awlaki? Who knows, but it is a documented fact that US Intelligence aided Abdulmutallab, even though he was considered a threat by them, similar to how the Swedish Intelligence was aware of al-Abdaly’s nefarious intents. The easiest explanation for how these stories could be so similar and why nothing was done to prevent them can only be that these two men were used as, at least, pawns in covert intelligence operations. Pentagon document “Field Manual 30-31B,” outlines how false flag operations are to be executed against nations who aren’t responding effectively enough to the threats they want the public to perceive. In this case, it is “Terrorism”, which of course is the main excuse to bring a global police state into power.

Next to Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly’s body was a PMR Radio (walkie-talkie), which has ignited speculation that he, as in the case of Anders Behring Breivik, could have had accomplices. Though, for argument’s sake, if al-Abdaly was the only one in control of the bombs why, then, didn’t he blow himself up at a more crowded place? The official explanation was that the bombs must have accidentally detonated prematurely. There is no way to disprove this, which makes it a perfect alibi: A dumb wanna-be terrorist who crossed the wrong wires… Or could it be that the attack was designed to primarily create shock, rather than devastation? Though, such a decision would hardly have originated or resonated with the suicide bomber himself, considering his final aggressive message which he sent to the Swedish news agency TT, in which he described how Swedish children, sisters and daughters would die. Is it therefore not more likely that al-Abdaly could have been betrayed by his co-conspirator(s)? And if so, who were they? Only two people were ever detained: His wife who claimed to have had no knowledge and a man in the UK, who obviously was too far away to detonate the bomb via the short range PMR radio. Furthermore, is it believable that another fellow Jihadist, who shared his hatred for the West would sabotage the plot? So, if it wasn’t another genuine Jihadist, who had the motive to betray al-Abdaly?

The released Wikileaks documents tell how the current Swedish political climate makes it difficult to come to a formal agreement concerning methods of scrutiny in obtaining terrorist related information. Wouldn’t a terror attack on Swedish soil therefore benefit those who want a major security agreement to happen, by assisting to turn public sentiment in favor of it? To find out the opinion of the Swedish government one could perhaps also simply ask Karl Rove, who secretly has worked as their advisor. For those who don’t know, Rove is most known for having served as the Senior Advisor (2000-2007) and Deputy Chief of Staff (2004-2007) to the George W. Bush administration; the same administration who, in order to invade Iraq, faked evidence about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction.
The Wikileaks documents further reveal how the United States received advice from a high-ranking official within the Swedish Defense Department in regards to how the Americans could better influence Sweden’s top decision makers to deploy troops to Afghanistan. In the months after the suicide bombing, Sweden’s expenses for the war in Afghanistan increased significantly. From 2009 to 2010, the Swedish government’s contribution to the cause in Afghanistan rose 50% to a whopping 1.5 billion Swedish kronor.

The trend in Swedish politics is to increasingly ignore the will of the people. This has especially accelerated since the population was conned into joining the European Union through a Bilderberger maneuver, involving George Soros and former prime minister Carl Bildt and, of course, the reactive sentiment of allegiance that occurred after September 11, 2001. Even though Sweden has more than two political parties, they have been blocked together into two factions. It was only a few years ago that the “Moderates,” which had traditionally been the main opposing party to the Social Democrats, was re-branded as the “New Moderates” and Fredrik Reinfeldt (Sweden’s Tony Blair) came onto the scene as a serious political player. It is evident that this change came from the very same playbook that turned the British Labour Party into “NuLabour”, or as in American, conservatives became neo-cons. Meanwhile, those Swedes who oppose heavy immigration as well as the EU (Globalist) Agenda, have turned out in droves to elect the nationalistic and recently considered fringe Sweden Democrats which, since the last election, is the only political force genuinely challenging the current, rigged, political system. And naturally, because of the threat this third party poses to the establishment, the Sweden Democrats and everyone associated with them have been ostracized, smeared and attacked incessantly by the compromised mainstream media, as well as by the other political parties whose leaders and representatives have vowed never to work with them in any way. That is democracy Swedish style.

Of major significance to many is that the Swedish population was never given the chance to vote on whether their (at least imagined) neutrality should be abandoned or not, in favor of sending troops to countries far away from the country’s borders. At the end of October 2009, the support for the Swedish military presence in Afghanistan was 34% according to Synovate’s poll. In February 2010, it was claimed that the support had increased to 48%. This was a complete manipulation since the question asked was: “Are you for or against Sweden’s participation in the United Nation’s military effort in Afghanistan?” Fact is, there were (are) no UN troops in Afghanistan. Because there is no strong public support for a Swedish military presence, is it then implausible that a false flag was created, or at the very least were allowed to happen, as a pretext to turn public opinion in favor of continuing to fight the evil terrorists in their own backyard? In December 2010, barely a week after the terrorist attack on Drottninggatan, the parliament predictably decided to prolong the Swedish troop presence in Afghanistan.

It is also disconcerting that the population in 2008, though with great support from politicians from both sides of the false left-right spectrum, never had a real say in regards to the introduction of the FRA law, Sweden’s equivalence to the Patriot Act, which allows the government without any warrant to tap the citizens’ and residents’ phone calls as well as read their text messages and emails. Sweden, a country known to the rest of the world for its peaceful ways, is heading fast in the direction of becoming a covert police state.

It seems the only time the political aristocracy is concerned about the voice of the people is around election time. In reality, however, this is a two-step dance where the politicians, in turn, take the law into their own hands. An example of this is how Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, according to Sweden’s Constitution, committed treason when he signed the Lisbon Treaty and later again when he denied the population the right to vote on revising the Constitution. History will know that this is how Sweden officially became a “Multicultural” country. As many readers of this article already know, “Multiculturalism” is Orwellian double speak for culture-destroying Globalism. The political aristocracy knows it too, of course. Yet, they do it for the simple reason they do not primarily represent the interests of the Swedish people. This is evident by the fact that former Prime Minister and now Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt (Sweden’s Dick Cheney), along with Minister for Finance Anders Borg, among others, are members of the globalist—neo-imperialist— Bilderberg Group. In other words, they are nowadays taking their orders from the top rather than the bottom, and it is of course (and on record) the very elite who was responsible for Operation Gladio, and its terrorist activities.

By Henrik Larsson

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5 Responses to " Betrayal In The Far North - The Swedish Case "

  1. neyli nabil says:

    i would like to find a sample room in oslo for one month .thanks

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  2. Henrik says:

    Hi Shanti, I wrote the article, but felt the need to also plug infowars. smile Anyway, interesting info you added and thanks for reading it! smile

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  3. Shanti Ritam says:

    Hello Henrik!
    My deepest thanks for a very well written artikel laugh
    With respect I need to ad that several winess testimony from Norway describe a second murderer.
    A 180 cm tall man with thick black hear and nordic looks.
    In civilian clothes with a rifle on his back and a pistol in his hand.
    Even his M.O. was observed as almost hectic but very carefull that all his victims were dead before moving on to the next.
    Other vitness testimony talked about gunfire being heard on two places on the island simultaniously.
    The testimony was published in mainstream norwegian newspaper(s) and the witnesses were named.
    According to an article in Veterans Today Brevik made some 10 mobile calls mainly to the norwegian anti-terror police whilst shooting the defenseless youngsters ending his last call with the following words…

    ““Breivik. Commander. Organized in the anticommunist resistance movement against Islamization. The operation is completed and will surrender to the Delta. “

    This ”not so cryptic” message from Berwick, claiming to be a ranking member of police or counter-terrorism forces, a message never intended for accidental public distribution, could either be signs of paranoid delusion or a widespread sinister plot!

    1 minute after ending the call Brevik was arrested without any resistance or other violance.

    If this was not enough the total media psi-op of neglecting those evidence makes a screaming statement that THIS WAS NOT A LONE NUT CENARIO!

    Finally I want to point out that in the early morning news sweedish anti terror expert Magnus Norell said that the Oslo bombing seemed to be a car bomb. However he said “Since there is no crater it is a little strange” I emediatly contacted local people in Oslo to get proof of if there were or were no crater. Till now I have not seen any proof?
    Again I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Henrik Larsson <3

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    • Shanti Ritam says:

      I apologize :oops:

      I have worked all night on the computer and realised to late that Henrik Larson wrote a coment and not the whole articel laugh I thank him for that and direct myself to The European Union Times in grattitude laugh

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  4. Go to infowars.com for more information on the global tyranny which is unfolding!

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