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Truth from Mainstream Media is a Welcome and refreshing thing to see

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Leave it to KGO, San Francisco’s most historic broadcast station, to be one of the only mainstream U.S. media groups to tell what appears to be, a fair story about the Greek authorities blocking of the Gaza blockade breaker: Freedom Flotilla II.

KGO has always been a hallmark of media freedom on both radio and television. Today it is clear that a spirit of greatness still resides in this in their newsroom and studio.

Regarding Freedom Flotilla II, our regular readers already know that this latest effort is well underway and also that Israel would be there to do everything possible to thwart the flotilla’s success, including enlisting the Greek government, so they can maintain their illegal siege of this section of Palestine that has for years, been under Israeli attack.

To their great dismay, Israel has not been able to keep human activists and reporters out of Gaza, and it will never be able to. No human population can exist under these conditions without strong resistance and support from inside and out.

One of the only defences Israel has is that the people it endlessly attacks are terrorists, and there is not a bigger line of bullshit in media on this planet. We’ve shown the faces of the slaughtered children, we’ve allowed people to get to know their

Our writer Ken O’Keefe was on the ground in Gaza for several months, others like Yousef Al-Helou and Vera Macht and Joe Catron keep our readers up to date on all of the horrific events that are consistently ignored by mainstream media.

We had Vittorio Arrigoni contributing but he was killed in April. Still, Israel has been fully unable to keep the information from getting out, so they rely on influence they wield over U.S. mainstream media groups to simply restrict the information and always ensure that the angle favors Israel, not its victims.

So while the activists labor on the ground, and on the flotilla, and in Internet newsrooms, we see a changing of the tide and KGO rises to the challenge and passes the truth test, I only wish it weren’t so unusual.

The people of San Francisco have the ability to turn on their TV sets and see honest objective reporting. It is a good day in the Bay Area, I’m sorry activists have to go to such efforts to get their attention, but something worked this time. Let’s hope it continues.

As for what could have been better about this report, it would be the reference to last year’s deadly attack in which Israeli commandos killed nine unarmed peace activists aboard the Turkish flagged ship Mavi Marmara of the Freedom Flotilla.

Israelis shot people aboard the ship with sniper rifles before they were ever aboard. One false statement after another was released by Israel in regard to what happened.

The United Nations Human Rights Commission determined that Israel’s actions were a series of war crimes. One of the dead was a 19-year old American/Turkish citizen, a photographer named Furkan Dogan. The handsome young man who was a pre-med student, was shot between the eyes.

Our Ken O’Keefe who is one of the leading activists for Gaza, also a native Southern Californian, is an ex-Marine and that night Ken personally disarmed two of the Israeli commandos. For this Israel would officially designate Ken as a terrorist.

We laugh in their face over such remarks that are in fact the total opposite of what is true. If trying to save human lives is terrorism, then the word no longer matches the dictionary’s description.

KGO mentioned in a single sentence that nine activists were killed and nine Israeli soldiers injured. They didn’t mention that among the activists were dozens of severely wounded gunshot victims, or clarify that none of the Israelis were seriously hurt.

Mainstream media always overlooks the fact that Ken O’Keefe had weapons in his hands that he took off the Israeli commandos he captured. One was a 9mm pistol and one was a sub machine gun. None of the activists attempted to kill the Israelis but if they had wanted to, they would have easily been able to.

Our documentary short, ‘Mavi Marmara Witness’, is below on the right and it features O’Keefe and Neish discussing the terrible details from that night. Israel didn’t just willfully attack unarmed activists, they denied medical care, which is status quo for Israel. To learn more about Israel’s suppression of medical response crews, watch the documentary featured in this report, Vittrorio Arrigoni ‘Stay Human’ – the Story in Gaza from Beyond the Grave.; featuring the current story of Gaza from our late friend Vik Arrigoni.


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2 Responses to " Truth from Mainstream Media is a Welcome and refreshing thing to see "

  1. AWatchman4Him says:

    In the Last Days Evil shall become Good and Good Evil. There is absolutly no truth to this story. The flotilla activist are backed by known terrorist and in fact some (if not all) of the activist ARE KNOWN TERRORISTS and that includes the lying media. Liar’s and hypocrites! You guys couldn’t speak the truth if the Most High in heaven was standing in front of your face. Print this! But being the Cowards you are you probably wont.

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  2. Tediam says:

    @ AWatchman4Him:
    Don’t use my flag to represent you. Use the star of david. You people have shown your true colors throughout the world. Anyone can look at YouTube and see how you heathens treat the Palestinians. You can’t show one iota of false reporting in the above article. But that’s your MO. If anyone wants to know what the true jew is they must read Martin Luther’s 75,000-word thesis: The jews and Their Lies. Or watch ‘My Father, My Lord’. About 30 minutes in you’ll begin to understand their mindset when the rabbi tells of ‘the lesson of the cat’. They truly are a twisted and dangerous bunch since the time of abraham the slaver, who raped his woman slave, Hagar. But what do you expect from a people who derive their laws from a mass murderer (moses).

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