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Strauss-Kahn released without bail

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What was all of this, a consensual political boost so he could get the sympathy of French voters?

Former International Monetary Fund chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has walked out of court free without bail. His release came after prosecutors raised doubts over the credibility of the hotel housekeeper who has accused him of sexual assault.

Prosecutors agreed to release the former IMF head on his own recognizance, meaning he must simply promise to appear in court.

Prosecutors acknowledged that there were significant credibility issues with the hotel housekeeper who accused Strauss-Kahn of trying to rape her in May in New York.

Though the charges against Strauss-Kahn have not been reduced, the move signals that prosecutors do not believe the accusations are as iron-clad as they once seemed.

Benjamin Brafman, Strauss-Kahn’s Lawyer, said, “We believed from the beginning that this case was not what it appeared to be and we are absolutely convinced that while today is a first giant step in the right direction, the next step will lead to a complete dismissal of the charges,” Brafman told reporters outside court.

Investigators have come to believe that the accuser lied about some of her activities in the alleged attack and about her own background.

Prosecutors suspect she lied about details on her application for asylum in the US.

The accuser’s attorney said she went to the district attorney with information that her application was flawed because she was concerned she could be deported to her native Guinea.

Ken Thompson, Accuser’s Attorney, said, “The victim, from day one has described a violent sexual assault that Dominique Strauss-Kahn committed against her. She has described that sexual assault many times, to the prosecutors and to me, and she has never once changed a single thing about that account. The D.A. (District Attorney) knows that, that was true the day it happened, it is true today.”

The maid’s attorney also slammed media reports that she was involved with a drug dealer.

The New York Times quoted law enforcement officials as saying the woman was recorded on the phone with a jailed man around the day she made the sexual assault allegations.

The newspaper said the man had been arrested on marijuana possession charges and had deposited cash in the woman’s bank account.

The next court hearing is scheduled for July 18th.


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2 Responses to " Strauss-Kahn released without bail "

  1. Baron Gifelte says:

    Racist,rapist,usurer,that’s all three strikes.

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  2. Sister Ch says:

    Sounds very suspicious, like ‘they’ are trying to discredit the woman to let him off. Even if she did have a drug dealing boyfriend who put money in her account, which I doubt, does that mean she couldn’t have been a victim of violent rape. Now if it was violent, there must have been much physical evidence. This guy is a financial rapist of us all and a very probable physical rapist.

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