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Norway stunned by terror acts, at least 90 dead

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At least 90 people are now confirmed dead after a shooting spree at a Norwegian youth camp. That attack came just a matter of hours after a powerful blast in downtown Oslo claimed at least seven lives. The Norwegian Prime Minister said more democracy and openness is the answer to the violence. But Helge Luras from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs believes it’s the country’s polices of multiculturalism that turned the gunman against his own.

UPDATE: The death toll has recently reached 94.

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  • muhammad tahir

    hello, sir i said some words about norway terror.
    he is a animal human no pity on his.anders is big terrorist aftar laden .i loved all people of faimly who was killed.god bless all victims faimly.
    anders shame on you ……

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  • Baron Gifilte

    He did his duty though eh,blessing immigrant idiots with a seemingly legitimate excuse to to harass and harangue the male indiginous populace.

    Quite a success for the recruiters.

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