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Marine Le Pen ahead of Sarkozy in presidential poll

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Marine Le Pen the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen recently became leader of the National Front succeeding her father. She is turning out to be a slick operator. With the French presidential elections less than a year away she is polling ahead of President Sarkozy.

She doesn’t deny that there used to anti-Semitism in the party. Now she says she has only one thing to say to anyone with those views “ You’re wrong in this respect. Adieu” She insists that the NF is not racist or anti-Semitic. In contrast to her father she describes the Holocaust as the “ height of barbarism”

She has a number of significant policies. She want to leave the Euro reintroduce customs borders. But above all Le Pen is critical of immigration but unlike her father she focuses on attacking Islam. She speaks of the disintegration of society into ethnic groups and she criticises prayers on the streets.

Throughout Europe many main stream parties are concerned about the rise of fringe parties and their increasing popularity. Well instead of branding them in many cases as a bunch of “ Racist extremists” they should face up to the fact these new parties are reflecting the grave concerns of the many of their citizens. The main stream parties are the ones out of touch.


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