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Iran deploys missiles in Persian Gulf

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A photo of an Iranian-built naval cruise missile system.

Iranian commander Brigadier General Ali Razmjou says the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has deployed short and medium range missiles in the Persian Gulf.

“A considerable number of speed vessels, and vessels that can carry different kinds of missile and torpedo launchers have joined the IRGC’s Navy,” Razmjou said on Sunday.

He said supplying the IRGC forces with advanced equipment was aimed at increasing “Iran’s defensive and deterrence power” in order to “maintain the stable security of the strategic area of the Persian Gulf.”

“The powerful presence of the IRGC in the Persian Gulf, including its speed vessels and missile stations on the isles and shores has caused the foreign naval fleets to change their routes and travel towards the south of the Persian Gulf,” IRNA quoted the Iranian commander as saying.

Referring to the IRGC policy of holding military drills in the Persian Gulf with the aim of ensuring that the forces are always ready as well as to establish stable security in the region, Razmjou said a “new maneuver would be staged in the [coastal] waters of Bushehr Province in the future.”

IRGC started the 10-day Great Prophet 6 drills on Monday and unveiled underground silos meant to protect the country’s missiles and fired Fateh (Conqueror)-110 medium-range ballistic missiles, which have been fitted with improved precision targeting.

On the second day, the military successfully launched 14 surface-to-surface missiles.

On the third day of the exercises the Armed Forces were equipped with the Ghadir radar system, which can monitor a radius of 1,100 and a height of 300 kilometers.


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