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Gypsies Face Ghettoization in Romania

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In Arizona, politicians are trying to build a wall on the Mexican border to keep illegals out. Across the Atlantic, in an industrial city in Romania, a wall is being built to keep people in.

The local government of the city of Baia Mare in northern Romania is trying to erect a concrete wall in front of a Roma (Gypsy) neighborhood. The wall would separate the community from a main road, and human rights groups are saying that it is a government instituted attempt to “ghettoize” an ethnic community.

“Such initiatives belong to the Nazi era,” the Center for Legal Resources said in an open letter to Baia Mare mayor Catalin Chereches.

“The idea to separate a community with severe social problems… amounts to institutionalized racism.”

The Roma, also known as the Romani or Gypsies, form an ethnic group widely dispersed across Europe. Traditionally a traveling community with its roots traced to India, the Romani peoples are oft subject to extreme, institutionalized persecution.

Facing de facto discrimination in most European countries, the Gypsy community is economically troubled and many Romani live in slums, shanty-towns or in substandard housing. In the past, these communities have been subject to forced eviction and displacement.

Last year, the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca evicted 56 Romani families from their homes in the city center without giving them sufficient advanced notice. Similar events happen across central Europe. Last month Roma were relocated in the Czech Republic, and in April three Gypsy communities were evicted outside of Rome.

“When the authorities evict Romani communities against their will, without adequate consultation, notice or alternative housing, they are violating international treaties that the government of Romania has signed up to. This also applies to the resettlement of Romani communities to inadequate and segregated housing, ” Barbora Cernusakova, Amnesty International’s Researcher on Romania, said in a statement last week.

Mayor Chereches is denying that the construction of the six-foot high wall is motivated by any ethnic or racial considerations.

“It’s only aimed at protecting our citizens against car crashes,” Chereches told Reuters. “It’s made of coated concrete instead of wood to stop people using it to make a fire.”

Although the latest census reported that there were 500,000 Gypsies in Romania, some estimates put the number five times higher.

The per capita Roma population in Romania is among the highest on the continent.


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8 Responses to " Gypsies Face Ghettoization in Romania "

  1. Dorin says:

    I don’t think that there is any other country on the face of the earth that gives minorities so many rights as Romania.
    The problem with gypsies is that “their will” is mostly illegal, and “discrimination” is used as an excuse to resist law enforcement. Most gypsies will not obey any law other than “against their will”.

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  2. Adrian says:

    So many false things in this article…More of less…everything.Dorin is absolutely right…gypsies live in shanties because they DESTROY everything valuable in the neighborhood,put their(no mistake) doors and window frames on fire,don’t pay the bills don’t send their children to school even if it is FREE.And then wait help from the government.
    Eviction?Displacement? This is a joke.Not true.
    In Cluj Napoca city the houses they were evicted from never belonged to them.They were illegally occupying those houses and after the rightful owners won the case against them, they were forced to leave.Normal procedure in any country.Sad to say but it seems to me that now-days the majority is discriminated and not the minority.The writer of this article should ask himself WHY France threw out the gypsies?Why Italy? After all they are doing no harm right? Oh and the Center for Legal Resources should let them set up a camp in their back yard before talking.

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    • Andrei says:

      They are doing a lot of harm , clearly you don’t know what you are talking about.
      Romanian goverment actually gives them more rights then is necesary , i mean no one in romania gives a fuck if you are a gispy and go to school , you don;t get thrown out ,, they even have special places in school reserverd for them .. like .. they are handicaped .. and still DON’T GO TO SCHOOL they PREFER , to live in tents AND STEEL and kill and make some realy weird organized crime!

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  3. Shey says:

    I have just returned last night from Cluj Napoca, where I saw with my very own eyes the conditions under which these HUMAN BEINGS are living under. I walked between and in these “houses”, saw the children walking without shoes, unclothed, unbathed, living in inhabitable homes, without proper running water etc. etc. Words cannot describe the inhuman conditions under which these people are living. They are HUMAN BEINGS they are not garbage. However, they are living amongst garbage and being treated like garbage!

    There is absolutely no reason that would justify any living HUMAN BEING living in these conditions, and altough I do not live in that city, I ask myself, how can I return home and not do something to help these men, women, children and elderly people. And I ask myself another question, how can people in a city that knows this is happenning live knowing there is another HUMAN BEING living like this at their door steps? Does society no longer have compassion for another HUMAN BEING? Has nothing been learned from the world’s past?

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    • Jon says:

      Take them to your home if you are so sorry for them. You do not understand that they do not want to work!They only make children and steal!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. geo says:

    Just today on the romanian news it said that a truck flipped over and spilled its cargo on the road. Within 10 minutes hundreds of gipsies jumped on the truck and stole EVERYTHING from the trailer! Everything! Now if anyone from Europe things that gipsies can be civilized , I invite him/her to adopt them and civilized them! PLEASE ACCEPT THESE FUCKING GIPSIES TO YOUR COUNTRIES. We surely HATE THEM with a passion! Any volunteers?

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  5. takion says:

    at least now westerners will realise that gypsies and romanians are not the same. if you pity gypsies so much you can keep them with you

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  6. Lies says:

    You know, here in Romania, there are millions of ROMANIAN peoples who live under unimaginable conditions. Without electricity, without current water, without any revenue. There are hundreds of thousands of this kind children, who go to school and work after school (even minors). The gypsies only steal and ask for their rights. That’s all what they do. People, don’t be naïve!!

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