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Greek Sovereignty to be "Massively Limited" by EU and IMF

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The cost of a decision last week to allow globalist vultures to metaphorically hog-tie Greece while the EU and IMF commences a good old fashioned economic pillaging of her state assets is a total evisceration of the country’s sovereignty, according to Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker.

“The sovereignty of Greece will be massively limited,” Juncker told Germany’s Focus magazine, adding that “experts” are now descending on the country to oversee a huge fire sale of state assets to private companies, likening the situation to post-collapse East Germany when 14,000 East German firms were sold off between 1990 and 1994.

Under the terms of the EU/IMF bailout, Greece has been forced to set up a privatization agency that will hand over real physical assets in return for little more than fresh air, in the form of a $17.43 billion bailout installment that amounts to nothing other than numbers typed into a computer screen.

As Gerald Celente likes to say, the money Greece will receive from the IMF is not worth the paper it’s not printed on, but the globalist vultures will get their hands on thousands of genuine assets that have real value. Like a heroin junkie, the country will be dependent on continual bailouts simply to keep functioning, and the cycle will just keep on repeating.

Of course, what Greece should have done, were it not for cowardly politicians who have proved adept at selling out their own country, is to give the globalists the middle finger, announce bankruptcy, ditch the Euro and go back to a devalued Drachma. This would have brought the tourists flocking back, saved Greece’s state assets from globalist seizure, avoided crippling interest payments on a debt that could never have been paid off, and provided the nation with a workable opportunity to shake off the shackles of economic bondage.

But the European Union and the IMF will fight tooth and nail to prevent that from ever taking place because, as top Bilderberger and Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff made clear in a recent Financial Times piece, the future plan for a globalized currency system is wholly dependent on the survival of the Euro, which would almost certainly be destroyed if the Greeks were to default and ditch the single currency.

“The euro experiment has also brought us to a crossroads in the whole international monetary system,” wrote Rogoff. “Will our grandchildren inherit a world with a huge number of national currencies, or a very small number of multi-country currencies?”

That’s what’s at stake should Greek contagion erupt and infect the likes of Portugal, Italy and Ireland, which is why globalists are so desperate to keep the virus contained – it could kill off the entire European project and the wider move for global government that the Bilderberg Group and other affiliated power elites have worked so hard to craft for well over half a century.

With state governments already being forced to shut down in the U.S., everything we see unfolding in Greece is merely a portend of what the globalists have in store for America, with the IMF feverishly licking its lips at the prospect of unleashing its brand of financial terrorism as a final act of coup d’état against America.


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  • What you say about the selling of the Greek public assets to private investors for little more than fresh air is abusive. You should recall first the antecedents which caused the collapse of the Greek public Treasury like the nationalization of most large enterprises and the transformation of the workforce into an army of civil servants. The burden of such unproductive socialist economy has been served for decades by complacent EU officials with the support of the private banks financing both the EU budgets (through the national deficits) and the Greek deficit mascerading its statistical economic performance for the sake of the Masstricht Treaty. All the Greeks were fully aware of this generalised corruption at all levels of the State. Now that the wind has turned, they are compelled to return to a sounder vision of the economic reality, meaning that they have to produce the most part of what they spend in order to maintain their economic productivity. What the EU is implementing now as economic reforms is nothing more than a privatisation of the economic assets for increasing the growth potential of the Greek economy in order to put more rentable assets in front of the liabilities. This is exactly what the Germans did with a rough hand through the Treuhand Gesellschat which had been set up as an agency in charge of the dismembering of the soviet-style East German public sector into viable private assets submitted to an effort of rationalisation and profitability. The experience was indeed hard to live through for a whole generation of elederly civil servants wiped out by drastic reforms. But the results are there with the return to growth and profitability allowing a sustainable level of public endebtment. Indeed Greece is now ruled by German administrators, but is for its own sake and the common wellbeing of the EU member states community. In this sense the EU is doing the dirty job that the Greek State would have been unable to do, in case of an exit of the Euro zone plunging their country into a black hole with no financial support for performing the necessary State transformation and the restoration of a sound private sector.

    • banks should be nationalized and this would not happen

  • Nick

    Greece really needs to “Buck Up” and tell the EU “Sorry, no deal” thereby crashing the EU Project to own everything and everyone. It’s really a shame to witness the end of a proud society who’s Spartan ancestors charted their own fate the fate of their would be tormentors. That won those great men and woman alike the highest respect of all nations even two millenium later. Greece was once the pinnacle example of what a nation should be, and how a proud and passionate should act. Now we will look upon Greece as some looked upon France after 1940, as cowards.

  • Nicolas

    Present Greece has nothing to do with its glorious ancestors in the Hellenic times, both from an ethnical and cultural point of view. The former antiquated population has vanished because of its infertility and endemic diseases and then replaced by a mix of populations coming from central Europe and Asia. Besides Greece was once a prosperous commercants nation until the wars with modern Turkey and the second world war which has led to the takeover by the communist regime prompting the complete economic ruin and the subsequent nationalisation of its economy. The socialist governments since then have been saved thanks to the continuous support of their comrades in Bruxelles and the well understood complicity of the bankers always eager to make money while financing the public debts. Hence there is nothing to be proud in the current situation which is the climax of nepotism and corruption plaguing a State-controlled country where the individual economic liberties are crushed by omnipotent civil servants. Now is the time to go back to reality and to escape the economic nightmare through tough reforms including the rationalisation of the public sector and the reviving of the workforce through the creation of new economic activities producing more added value than tourism. Then and only then the Greeks could be proud again of their so called ancestors who were living with trade and agriculture. By the way the Spartian citizens were not living by their own hands but by slavery, which is excatly what the bankers are doing when their are producing fake value with the trading of assets produced by the real economy.

  • Leugner

    Hammer is to make a movie out of it,’Attack of the killer Jews’.

    • yeah, the fucking jews are in there somewhere

  • Frank

    There are winners and losers in the E.U. The loser nations get jobs in the hospitality industry such as maid, dishwasher, prostitute and the farm industry, such as migrant worker The winner nations control banking, information and high end manufacturing.

  • there are no good guys here. Greece has a right to protect itself from the IMF and World bank, both of whom should be banned

    Greece has itself to blame. Greeks are lazy good for nothing self important morons

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