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Gaza freedom flotilla stuck in Greece

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The Gaza-bound aid boat "Audacity of Hope" is escorted by the Greek coastguard ship in the town of Peramat, near Athens, Greece, July 1, 2011.

The audacity of hope, the US boat in the Gaza freedom flotilla, makes a break for freedom out of the harbour in Athens. It’s quickly intercepted by the Greek coastguard, and escorted into a naval base, where it’s now trapped.

The Greek government has officially made it clear that it’s enforcing Israel’s blockade, and has instructed its coastguard and navy to use all available means to prohibit flotilla boats from leaving its shores.

“The Tahrir is no different. Its passengers have been ready for a week, its paperwork is in order, its passed all the extraordinary safety checks imposed by the Greek authorities, and its fuel tanks are full. But still, it’s going nowhere.”

Organisers of the Canadian boat say they’re using all available avenues to get their boat freed. They plan to challenge the government’s order over the next few days through legal and direct action.

And the vast majority of passengers onboard the Tahrir are ready to wait it out, their determination still palpable.

Earlier the passengers rallied through the town of Agios Nikolaos in Crete, where the boat is docked to express their fury at the government’s decision.

And despite their government’s position, many Greeks support the effort.

But the hidden hand of Israel has been revealed. And the flotilla’s hopes that the Greek government would support its mission, given the Greek people’s history of opposition to imperialism and support for Palestine, has fallen by the wayside. But the passengers say too much hope, love and finance have been invested by millions around the world to give up now.


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  1. Ilan says:

    LOL,I hope these moronic provocators will drown at sea

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  2. Baron Gifelte says:

    It’s too late.

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