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First Pictures of the Next Generation of Jet Fighters

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US Air Force chief scientist Mark Mayberry briefed the AirVenture symposium on the future of electric flight this morning, allowing your blogger the pleasure of one of our favorite games: Spot the funny-looking aircraft on the AFRL briefing slides! Hey, it’s one way to survive death-by-PowerPoint.

1. F-X is the new name for the USAF’s very preliminary programme (see this story) to replace the Lockheed Martin F-22, and here’s the picture that Mayberry used to illustrate it. I haven’t seen this one before. Can anybody place it?

2. Boeing’s well-publicized concept design for a next generation air dominance fighter, another F-X candidate, illustrated the slide about the INVENT programme (see more on this here).

3. We’re pretty sure we’ve seen this on AFRL slides before, but here it was labeled a “fractionated and survivable” unmanned aircraft system (UAS) in Mayberry’s presentation. Perhaps an early concept for MQ-X?

4. We all know about the Long Range Strike (LRS) programme, but were you aware there is apparently an “LRSII” and “LRSIII” programme?


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    How many will be booted into tent shanties?

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  2. 1%china says:

    it is joke.f-35 is pareparing for iran. you gain or you loss,show us.

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