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DHS video characterises middle-class Americans as the most likely terrorists

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Higher power: Viewers are told to simply alert security and the matter will be dealt with from there on.

A video released by the Department of Homeland Security urging people to report anything suspicious has caused outrage by characterising white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists.

The promotional video is part of Homeland Security’s $10million ‘See Something, Say Something’ programme as they believe it will help curb random acts of terrorism by individuals.

But the controversial video has angered some Americans due to the fact all the actors who play the would-be terrorists in the video are white, and the people who report them are either black, Asian or Arab.

What would happen – it is asked – if it was the other way about?

The ten-minute clip shows a number of scenarios in which different behaviours which could be characterised as terrorism are played out.

These include – wearing a hooded top, driving vans, opposing surveillance footage, using a video camera, talking to police officers and recording something on your smartphone, among others.

The voice over urges viewers not to consider a person’s race when making a decision on whether or not they are a terrorist.

According to infowars.com, who believe that the DHS chose white actors deliberately as a way to instil fear into American society, the department’s own internal documents list predominantly white conservative groups as the most likely terrorists, such as ‘Ron Paul supporters, gun owners, gold bullion enthusiasts, and a myriad of other comparatively banal political interests that are largely the domain of white middle class Americans’.

The site quotes Ohio University’s John Mueller, who collected figures to show that Americans are more likely to be killed by lightening strikes, accident-causing deer or severe allergic reaction to peanuts.

DHS has confirmed the video is theirs but adamantly deny there are any racial or politically correct overtones to it.


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3 Responses to " DHS video characterises middle-class Americans as the most likely terrorists "

  1. Vlad the Impaler says:

    they’ve still got the guns the americans unlike in europe… :(

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  2. Shadowhand18 says:

    The only terrorists are the ignorant power hungry officials who spread fear, and who constantly lust for money, and greed. America is, if not the only place in the world where the people are 150% constantly in a state of fear. I ask this question to all, What are you so afraid of??! When will you learn the only terror is those who wish to gain more power by using your lack of knowledge against you? Your average middle class American is not planning terrorist attacks, for the middle class only wishes to support their family by sharing the idea of equality, and by ending this economic depression by those such as big business and corrupt officials who only care about money, and power.

    We all share this planet and its about time we all open our eyes and realize that we need each other if we wish to have a future for our children and our world. The time for fear mongering, and deceit is over. I say this to any and all who read this, there is nothing to fear but your own ignorance.

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  3. James says:

    The jewish Bolsheviks declared the middle class Russians to be enemies of the state too. They murdered over 100 million Christians before they were through. They would have continued had the Russians not purged them.

    Chertoff, the first DHS Czar was the son of one such jewish Bolshevik couple. They were mass murderers.

    ITS name means “son of the devil”.

    Few seem interested in discovering the truth. They are more interested in finding “nazis” than the jewish Bolsheviks INFESTING this nation like a plague.

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