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US Vows to Arm Philippines to Fight China

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Philippine Army

Clinton Calls for Restraint, Announces More Weapons Transfers.

With the disputes over the unpopulated Spratly Islands continuing to grow, the Obama Administration has announced that it is preparing a major increase in arms shipments to the Philippines to prepare the nation to fight a war with China.

The announcement came at a meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario, who is pressing for the US to lease equipment to allow them to modernize their navy.

The islands have historically been irrelevant, but are believed to contain large amounts of oil and natural gas. They also are viewed as strategically valuable for both China and the US, as the South China Seas are heavily trafficked.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged “restraint” on all sides over the region, but the promise of more equipment and “defensive” help for Philippines troops to back up claims in the region are likely going to convince all sides that the issue is getting more serious.


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8 Responses to " US Vows to Arm Philippines to Fight China "

  1. Joe says:

    U.S.government and the military industrial complex needs to stay away from global conflicts.Especially if the conflicts involve oil and natural gas.

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  2. james says:

    China is a parasite…First they come here in Philippines as an illegal immigrant during the mid 60s-80’s coz of their struggle in their contry..Now they are eating the Philippines..Now they want to take our islands…SIck! but we will fight against this CHINa the SLeeping bad breath Dragon!

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    • Sovereign Soul The Domain says:

      Do some research on Hillary Clinton before you start to think, then you realize the manipulation of the US and why they wanted to do this.

      One cannot fight China. Not even the US dared to directly. China is backed by Putin. No matter how much weaponry a country has, China will NOT back down on a full scale war. It is a lose-lose business.
      Get out of the enslaved mind and free your thinking. That is the only salvation from enslavement.
      The Spratlys is a business opportunity that needs to be negotiated and all countries involved seem to think sovereignty. What is the use of a few islands they they cannot benefit from ?.

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  3. juan says:

    we all know what kind of insects this stupid chinese…..the earlier the better well slum this assholes…………

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  4. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    Perhaps USA want first to make money: arms are very expensive…

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  5. lol says:

    if China will invade Philippines

    at least the government of the Philippines
    would be CHINA..

    not the corrupt Philippine government
    every FILIPINO hates


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  6. Filippino Bob says:

    I live in Palawan, Puerto Princessa City (Spratlys are part of Palawan province)and regularly check the lights in hotel rooms of this city.
    My conclusion: Rooms are mostly (70%) empty at night.
    So, what’s the purpose of the recent hotel building spree if rooms are going to be empty?
    My answer: The Spratly’s war is coming and the Generals, Colonels and high ranking officers need a decent place where to stay.
    The people with money, those who are investing into hotels, together with the military are getting ready to reap the BIG-dream-like profits from war while the poor soldiers get killed and the corrupt mainstream media plays the national unity songs.
    Wow!!! How Wonderfully CORRUPT it is.

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  7. secret says:

    Mga intsek nga kayo na andito sa Pilipinas, magsilayas nga kayo dito kunyari ka Filipino.. pweeet mo

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