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US Minorities Becoming Majority

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Ethnic minorities now make up a majority of babies in the United States.

For the first time, ethnic minorities make up a majority of babies in the United States, official figures show.

The change reflects a growing age divide between mostly white, older Americans and predominantly minority youths that could reshape government policies.

Preliminary census estimates also show the share of African-American households headed by women – made up of mostly single mothers – now exceeds African-American households with married couples, a sign of declining US marriages overall but also continuing challenges for black youths without involved fathers.

The findings, based on the latest government data, offer a preview of final 2010 census results being released this summer that provide detailed breakdowns by age, race and householder relationships such as same-sex couples.

Demographers say the numbers provide the clearest confirmation yet of a changing social order, one in which racial and ethnic minorities will become the US majority by the middle of the century.

Currently, non-Hispanic whites make up just under half of all three-year-olds, which is the youngest age group shown in the Census Bureau’s October 2009 annual survey, its most recent. In 1990, more than 60% of children in that age group were white.

The preliminary figures are based on an analysis of the Current Population Survey as well as the 2009 American Community Survey, which sampled three million US households to determine that whites made up 51% of babies younger than two.

After taking into account a larger-than-expected jump in the minority child population in the 2010 census, the share of white babies falls below 50%.

By contrast, whites make up the vast majority of older Americans – 80% of the over-65s and roughly 73% of people aged 45-64.

Kenneth Johnson, a sociology professor and senior demographer at the University of New Hampshire, noted that much of the race change is being driven by increases in younger Hispanic women having more children than white women, who have lower birth rates and as a group are moving beyond their prime childbearing years.


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  • Anonymous

    Her medical bills are funding by the struggling white middle class. I guess the USSR won the cold war, afterall.

  • Joe

    More non white babies mostly born from young Hispanic women like you see in the news photo.She is probably an illegal a peasant from between Mexico to Nicuragua.This wave of non white babies being born in the past few years are not going to have the same education and employment/career opportunity as those older whites that are retired or are presently retired.Why I say this is because of the changes in the U.S. Economy.There has been to much out sourcing of manufacturing jobs.I see on the tv news that there are jobs available in some types of the manufacturing industry but those jobs require special training/skills for those manufacturing jobs.These manufacturing companies need skilled employees now,not twenty years from now.Looks like these types of decent paying jobs won’t be available in the next ten or twenty years for the recently newly born Hispanic and black children when they turn eighteen years of age because the better educated minority white children and Asian/south east Asian children that tend to be better educated will have those jobs or those jobs will be done in some where in Asia or some other continent.These young non white women should do what their white peers are doing,don’t have no more than one baby and focus on a career instead of being a “baby making machine”.Young women of any race and ethnicity should make sure that the boy friend first becomes her husband and have a steady job and a roof over their heads before having any babies from him.I am pessimistic about the future employment scene.Unless these new born non white babies go to charter schools or upscale white schools to get better educated and properly prepared for the job market,they will be stuck in less than desirer able jobs and will be miserable and the cycle will continue.

    • Brian

      totally agree with you, and this comes from a Korean American who has lived in Latin America (Costa Rica and Nicaragua) for over 12 years and the rest 14 years in New York

  • Joe

    When the non white children become of voting age,they should vote in conservatives tea party politicians that have the same mind set as Ron&Rand Paul and Herman Cains and Allen West and Mark Rubio and radio talk show host Neal Boortz.There is nothing to gain from voting in left wing Marxist/communist and community organizers like Obama and Pelosi and Boxer.

  • Cactuar

    The federal Reserve does not want these old cattle anymore,they are too wary of captivity,they want all new cattle without ideas above their station.

    In essence the Federal Reserve does not want to be removed.

  • Truth

    America is not the white mans country so i dont know what the fuck your all moaning about. in this case prima nocte is a good idea lol

    • Joe

      Who’s moaning?You say America is not the white man’s country but you can see who is calling all the shots.It’s the wealthy white liberals and some conservatives and a few CBC members in the congress and the senate that are making the decisions for most of the country.You sound like an angry young black man.Whiteys in charge of the economy and the federal reserve bank.Looks like to me that America will be a “white man’s” politicaly and economically speaking for the forseeable future.All those CBC members with the exception of Allen West should not run for re-election because they don’t do any thing positive for their black communities.

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