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Saudi women launch Women2Drive campaign

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Women in Saudi Arabia have been openly driving cars in defiance of an official ban on female drivers in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The direct action has been organised on social network sites, where women have been posting images and videos of themselves behind the wheel.

Saudi women have been encouraged to challenge the status quo and get behind the wheel Friday.

The initiative is called “Women2Drive,” a campaign demanding the right for women to drive and travel freely in Saudi Arabia, informs CNN.

Women in Saudi Arabia face an array of constraints, ranging from having to cover from head to toe in public and needing a male guardian’s permission to travel, to having restricted access to jobs because of strict segregation rules, says Fox News.


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3 Responses to " Saudi women launch Women2Drive campaign "

  1. Cactuar says:

    Why not emigrate to the country running these aggro networks?

    Drive wherever you like,except beyond the checkpoints.

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  2. Cactuar says:

    They want to be the same as every other miserable bastard behind a wheel.

    That’s the truth of it,they all want a go on the dodgems,the licence to kill,so empowering!

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  3. Rhonda says:

    I think it is wonderful that the women in Saudi are pushing for more rights. Just don’t go too far because now in America we have so many rights men treat us with kid gloves because they are afraid they will be sued if they say or do the “wrong” thing like open your car door. LOL

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