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Riot Police, SWAT Teams Called on Dancers at Jefferson Memorial

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Editor’s note: After the report below was filed, the Park Police in DC sent in a SWAT team. “As the monument was cleared of participants and press alike, several people remained, dancing gleefully in front of SWAT team members who had arrived,” reports The Daily Caller.

In addition to the SWAT team, the cops erected a fence around the monument. A report from the Tenth Amendment Center:

“At 12:17 p.m., police, some wearing hard helmets, formed a line and began moving most of the protestors out of the inner chamber. But numerous people remained inside, continuing their silent dance. Others filtered back in, and the rotunda quickly filled again.

Police announced the memorial was closed and put up fences, leaving just one route of exit. Officers would not answer questions as to why the fences were erected. At 12:30 p.m., police were aggressively pushing people out of the monument, but refrained from using excessive force.”

According to the Associated Press, “dozens” of people showed up at the Jefferson Memorial today to protest the thuggish behavior of cops in response to an earlier attempt to protest a federal court ruling prohibiting freedom of expression at the monument.

A photo posted on the NBC website, however, shows far more than a few dozen.

Park Police kept a low profile after they came under withering criticism for the heavy-handed way they responded to the dancing protesters last Saturday. At today’s event, an officer stood watch carrying an assault rifle.

“We were physically assaulted by some men in some blue costumes and put in a cage for a couple hours,” Adam Kokesh, an Iraq war vet and Russia Today host told the Baltimore Sun on Wednesday. “We are not going to stand for this.”

“This about standing up to a police state that is out of control and no one is safe from,” said Kokesh from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.


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4 Responses to " Riot Police, SWAT Teams Called on Dancers at Jefferson Memorial "

  1. Doggs says:

    ABSURD is right Hazel. Dumb hippies went looking for a fight, the Park Police seem incredible restrained in these videos. Actually an insult to the hippies to call these loons hippies.

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  2. John says:

    I can’t stop laughing. Can you define irony. A group of people dancing around a jefferson statue with disobey t-shirts talking about revolting. Is this not the blind leading the blind.

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  3. Hazel says:

    ABSURD…totally and completely absurd…come on Washington, choose your battles…this is such a waste of time and money…we the people in the United States of America have the right to freedom of speech
    .. Dancing at the monument is expressing joy and respect. We the people deserve the respect of the police department and security who are employed to serve the people. Some retraining needs to happen here. This is all wrong!

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  4. Sovereign says:

    This is so good to see!! People MUST start defying the ever increasing police state if any progress is to be made to halt the eroding of the Constitution.

    Of course they already THINK that they have done so via the SCAM and LIES that is Maritime Law. By getting Maritime/Commercial/Contract law to apply to everyone in the US through lies, trickery, subterfuge and linguistic tricks of the law via the 14th Amendment, they have unknowingly gotten people to sign off and give up their rights without ever knowing it.

    That’s because law is a fiction and it’s SO picky that the slightest change in a word is all that it takes under Contract law to take away your rights. THIS is how they have duped everyone and people MUST fight back via education, knowledge AND resistance such as this when necessary… and it’s VERY necessary now!!

    Learn more here;


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