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Polish government asks Vatican to censure outspoken priest

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Poland's ambassador to the Vatican delivered a message to the Holy See urging it 'to take action to stop Father Rydzyk harming Poland's reputation abroad'.

Poland’s government has asked the Vatican to censure a radical and influential Polish priest after he described Poland as uncivilised and governed by a “totalitarian” regime during a meeting at the European Parliament.

The comments made by Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, the controller of a radio station infamous for its anti-Semitic and xenophobic content, caused consternation in Poland after he was invited to speak in Brussels by Polish politicians belonging to the European and Conservative Reformists Group (ECR), the same parliamentary club of the Conservative Party.

Poland’s ambassador to the Vatican delivered a message to the Holy See urging it “to take action to stop Father Rydzyk harming Poland’s reputation abroad and damaging the Church in Poland”.

The priest made comments about Poland being governed by Poles who are not true Poles, which have been interpreted as a veiled reference to Jews.

Radek Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister, also spoke with senior Vatican officials about the priest, who has faced frequent accusations of propagating anti-Semitism and xenophobia through his media empire that comprises both radio and television stations and a national newspaper.

Earlier, Mr Sikorski had warned the priest that “the Polish state would react” to the comments, made after a seminar on renewable energy organised under the auspice of the ECR.

Father Rydzyk’s presence and the ensuing row have come as an acute embarrassment to the Conservatives, who share an at-times uneasy alliance with Law and Justice, the Polish party that organised the priest’s visit to Brussels.

MEP Timothy Kirkhope, the ECR’s deputy chairman, issued a statement distancing the Tories from the seminar, saying the European parliament was no place for people promoting anti-Semitic and homophobic views.

Julie Girling, another Conservative MEP, who was billed to appear alongside Father Rydzyk dropped out at the last minute owing to “toothache”.


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One Response to " Polish government asks Vatican to censure outspoken priest "

  1. Ed says:

    During WWII, Stalin had many of his officers infiltrate Poland’s cities and villages(ones that were left standing to some degree, anyway) where they proceeded to assimilate and climb the power structure. They told the native Poles their own villages had been decimated and devised various cover stories of where they came from. It worked.

    But, from what I’ve read about Stalin he was a staunch anti-semite. If not for that I would probably believe what Rydzyk says about jews infiltrating Poland’s power structure because that’s what jews have been doing since abraham directed them to “become kings of all nations”, several thousand years ago. Practice makes perfect. Look at how close they came to becomming the totalitarian government of Egypt thousands of years ago. Joseph infiltrated their power structure and made it all the way to second in command of all of Egypt. He was vizier: Second only to the Farroh. They had been supplanting the population and were on the verge of ‘taking over’ until the Egyptians figured out their game. It’s a long, long story about the true jews – nothing you’ll find in their ‘bible’ that they forced upon Europe via the Roman empire and constantine the great fool.

    Too bad they didn’t stay home and tend to ‘their own gardens’ instead of infiltrating every country’s governing body they encountered that was too big to outright slaughter a people and take what they wanted, (like what they did in Jericho). If you believe they’re good people – then you haven’t done your research. Go to YouTube and look at what they’re doing in Palestine. They take what they want and then use the media (which they own most of) to whitewash everything. Radio, newspapers, TV, the text books they author that your schoolkids study, the ‘word of god’ they teach in their churches to the Goyim (oh yes, christianity is a jew owned institution since its inception), and all the rest of the “MEDIA” that you rely on to form your worldview is owned pretty much by them. Look what they did in Europe once they commandeered the Roman Empire’s soldiers and forced their bible on everyone – instantly abolishing our own heritage and supplanting theirs in its place.Do you have a heritage of say – one thousand years ago to speak of? Guess who does.

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